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1 جَسَرَ, (K,) aor. جَسُرَ, (TA,) inf. n. جَسَارَةٌ (A, K, KL) and جُسُورٌ, said of a man, (K,) He was daring, courageous, or bold: (A, KL:) he acted with penetrating energy, or sharpness, vigorousness, and effectiveness; syn. مَضَى and نَفَذَ. (K.) You say, جَسَرَ عَلَى كَذَا, aor. جَسُرَ, inf. n. جَسَارَةٌ, He ventured upon such a thing daringly, courageously, or boldly; (S, A;) as also ↓ تجاسر: (S:) and عَلَيْهِ ↓ تجاسر he emboldened himself against it, or him. (A, K.) And جَسَرَ عَلَى عَدُوِّهِ, (A, Msb,) aor. جَسُرَ, inf. n. جُسُورٌ and جَسَارَةٌ, (Msb,) He acted daringly, conrageously, or boldly, against his enemy. (A.) And لَا يَجْسُرُ أَنْ يَفْعَلَ كَذَا He dares not to do such a thing. (A.) A2: جَسَرَ, (K,) inf. n. جَسْرٌ, (TA,) He (a man) arched, or vaulted, a جِسْر [or bridge]. (K.) b2: It is said of [the giant] 'Ooj (عُوج), in a trad., وَقَعَ عَلَى نِيلِ مِصْرَ فَجَسَرَهُمْ سَنَةً, i. e., (tropical:) [He fell down upon the Nile of Egypt, and] became a bridge to them [for the space of a year]. (A.) b3: And one says, جَسَرَتِ الرِّكَابُ المَفَازَةَ, and ↓ اِجْتَسَرَتْهَا, (tropical:) The travellingcamels crossed, or passed over, the desert, (A, K,) as by a bridge: (A:) and السَّفِينَةُ البَحْرَ ↓ اجتسرتِ (tropical:) The ship crossed, or passed over, the sea: (A:) or rode upon, and passed through, the sea. (K.) 2 جسّرهُ, (A, K,) inf. n. تَجْسِيرٌ; (K;) [and ↓ اجسرهُ; (see أَغَرَّهُ;)] He encouraged him; emboldened him. (A, K.) 4 أَجْسَرَ see 2.6 تجاسر: see 1, in two places. b2: Also He stretched himself up, and raised his head. (K.) b3: تجاسر لَهُ بِالعَصَا He put himself in motion to him (En-Nawádir, K) with the staff, or stick. (K.) b4: تجاسروا They acted with mutual daring or courage or boldness. (KL.) b5: They journeyed [app. with boldness, or emulating one another in boldness]. (TA.) b6: الخَيْلُ تَجَاسَرُ بِالكُمَاةِ [for تَتَجَاسَرُ] (tropical:) The horses convey the brave armed men away, or along, or across. (A.) 8 إِجْتَسَرَ see 1, last sentence, in two places.

جَسْرٌ: see جَسُورٌ, in two places. b2: Also, applied to a he-camel, Sharp, spirited, or vigorous; syn. مَاضٍ [as contr. of بَلِيدٌ]; as also جَسْرَةٌ and ↓ مُتَجَاسِرَةٌ applied to a she-camel: or (so in the K accord. to the TA; but in the CK, “and ”) tall: (K:) or tall and bulky: and with ة, applied to a she-camel, it has this last signification; (TA;) or signifies strong, and bold to endure travel: (A, TA:) the masc. epithet applied to a he-camel is rare. (Lth, TA.) b3: Also Large, or bulky; applied to a camel, (S, K,) &c., (S,) or to anything, (K,) or to any limb, or member: (TA:) fem. with ة. (S, K.) b4: جَسْرَةُ السَّوَاعِدِ, and المُخَدَّمِ, Full or plump [in the fore arms, and in the place of the anklet]; applied to a girl, or young woman. (A, TA.) A2: See also what next follows.

جِسْرٌ and ↓ جَسْرٌ [A bridge; and a dyke, or causeway:] that on which one crosses over a river or the like; (S, Mgh, Msb, K;) as a قَنْطَرَة and the like; (TA;) whether built or not built: (Mgh, Msb:) and a bridge of boats; boats bound together, and tied to stakes in the bank, being over a river; see قَنْطَرَةٌ: (TA:) pl. (of pauc., TA) أَجْسُرٌ (K) and (of mult., TA) جُسُورٌ. (S, Msb, K.) [Hence,] المَوْتُ جِسْرٌ يُوَصِّلُ الحَبِيبَ

إِلَى الحَبِيبِ (tropical:) [Death is a bridge that conveys the friend to the friend]. (TA.) And جَعَلَ طَاعَتَهُ جِسْرًا إِلَى نَجَاتِهِ (tropical:) [He made his obedience a bridge to his safety]. (A, TA.) جَسُورٌ Daring, courageous, or bold: (S, A:) or courageous and tall; as also ↓ جَسْرٌ: (K:) or courageous; and also tall and bulky; applied to a man; and so ↓ جَسْرٌ: (TA:) fem. of the former without, and sometimes with, ة: (Msb:) and of the latter with ة: (TA:) pl. of the former جُسُرٌ and جُسْرٌ. (K, TA.) It is not applied to a hecamel; but with ة is applied to a she-camel, meaning Bold to traverse rugged, or difficult, tracts. (Msb.) جَسَّارٌ Very daring or courageous or bold. (TA.) مُتَجَاسِرَةٌ: see جَسْرٌ.
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