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1 جَشَبَ, aor. جَشُبَ; and جَشِبَ, aor. جَشَبَ; (K;) and جَشُبَ, aor. جَشُبَ, inf. n. جَشَابَةٌ; (TA;) said of wheat, or food, (طَعَام,) It was gross, or coarse: (K, TA:) it was badly and coarsely ground: (TA:) or it was without seasoning, or condiment, or anything to render it savoury. (K.) b2: and the first, It (a thing) was thick, gross, big, coarse, or rough. (TA.) b3: And جَشُبَ, aor. جَشُبَ, inf. n. جُشُوبَةٌ, He (a man, TA) was a foul, or bad, eater. (K, TA.) A2: جَشَبَهُ He ground it coarsely; namely, wheat. (K, TA.) b2: جَشَبَ اللّٰهُ شَبَابَهُ God caused his youth, or youthful vigour, to pass away: or rendered him vile and despicable (رَدَّأَهُ وَأَقْمَأَهُ): or may God cause &c. (K.) 12 اِجْشَوْشِبُو accord. to some, or اِخْشَوْشِبُوا accord. to others, occurs in a trad. of 'Omar; (TA in art. خشب;) [and J says, and so Az accord. to the TA,] the former, if used like the latter, is not improbably correct; but I have not heard it. (S.) [See art. خشب.]

جَشْبٌ: see جَشِبٌ جُشْبٌ The rinds of pomegranates: (K:) of the dial. of El-Yemen. (TA.) جَشِبٌ (S, K) and ↓ جَشْبٌ and ↓ جَشِيبٌ and ↓ مِجْشَابٌ (K) and ↓ مَجْشُوبٌ (S, K,) applied to wheat, or food, Gross, or coarse: (S, K, TA:) badly and coarsely ground: (TA:) or without seasoning, or condiment, or anything to render it savoury: (K, TA:) جشب [probably جَشِبٌ] signifies also anything disagreeable in taste, and choking: (TA:) and gross, or coarse, and dry, or tough: (IAth, TA:) and what is dry, or tough, of herbage. (TA.) b2: Also, the first, A bulky and strong camel: (ISk, TA:) a thickboned horse. (Ham p. 207.) جَشُوبٌ A rough, or coarse, (or, as some say, TA,) short woman. (K, TA.) جَشِيبٌ: see جَشِبُ. b2: Also Anything rough, gross or coarse, disagreeable to the taste, and choking. (K.) b3: A thick, rough, or coarse, garment, or piece of cloth. (S.) b4: A rough, or coarse, and old, worn-out, skin for water or milk. (TA.) b5: Rude, uncivil, unkind, rough, speech or language. (TA.) b6: And (applied to a man, TA) A foul, or bad, eater. (K, TA.) مِجْشَبٌ Big, or bulky, and courageous, brave, or bold. (IAar, K.) A2: [Also, accord. to Golius, as on the authority of Ibn-Maaroof, but in this case probably a mistranscription for مِشْجَبٌ, A wooden thing upon which clothes are put.]

مُجَشَّبٌ A man (Sh) coarse in his means of subsistence. (Sh, K.) مِجْشَابٌ: see جَشِبٌ b2: Thick, gross, big, coarse, or rough, (S, and Ham p. 207,) and short. (Ham ib.) b3: مِجْشَابُ البَدَنِ Thick, gross, or big, in body. (T, TA.) مَجْشُوبٌ: see جَشِبٌ.
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