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1 جَفَنَ نَاقَةً, (K,) inf. n. جَفْنٌ, (TA,) He slaughtered a she-camel, and gave her flesh for food (K, TA) to the people, (TA,) in bowls (جِفَان). (K, TA.) 2 جفّنوا They made bowls (جِفَان [probably meaning they prepared bowls of food: accord. to Freytag's Lex., جفّن means “ apposuit scutellam; but he does not name his authority]). (TA.) A2: جفّن and ↓ تجفّن It (a grape-vine) attained to the state of having an أَصْل [i. e., app., a stock]. (TA.) 5 تَجَفَّنَ see 2.

جَفْنٌ The eyelid; both the upper and the lower: (S, Msb, K:) of the mase. gender: (Msb:) pl. [of pauc.] أَجْفَانٌ and أَجْفُنٌ and [of mult.] جُفُونٌ. (K.) b2: The upper surface, and the lower, of a cake of bread: both together being called جَفْنَا الرَّغِيفِ. (Lh, TA.) b3: The scabbard, or sheath, (غِمْد, S, K, or غِلَاف, Msb,) of a sword: (S, Msb, K:) [or] the case, or receptacle, in which is [put] the sword together with its غمد and suspensory belt or cord: (S voce قِرَابٌ:) [but the former signification only is commonly known:] and [it is said that] ↓ جِفْنٌ signifies the same; (K;) but this is doubted by IDrd: (M, TA:) pl. [of pauc.] أَجْفَانٌ and [of mult.] جُفُونٌ. (Msb.) b4: The أَصْل [app. here meaning stock] of a grape-vine: (K:) or a grape-vine itself, in the dial. of El-Yemen; (T, TA;) so called as being imagined to be the receptacle of the grapes: (Er-Rághib, TA:) or a species of grape: (ISd, K:) or the skin of the grape, in which is the juice: (IAar, TA:) or a climbing shoot of a grape-vine: (AHn, TA:) or the shoots of the grape-vine: (T, S, M, K:) n. un. with ة: (T S, M:) or, accord. to IAar, جَفْنَةٌ is syn. with كرعة [app. a mistranscription for كَرْمَةٌ a single grape-vine]: or, accord. to some, as ISd says, the leaves of the grape-vine. (TA.) [Hence,] مَآءُ الجَفْنِ The juice of the vine; (A, TA;) wine: (TA:) [or it may originally mean tears; then, rain; and then, wine: for] wine is also called مَآءُ السَّحَابِ: and جَفْنُ المَآءِ means the clouds. (TA.) b5: A kind of tree, of sweet odour. (AHn, K.) b6: A certain plant, of the kind called أَحْرَار, that grows in a spreading manner, and, when it dries up, contracts; having grains like the حُلْبَة [or fenugreek]. (AHn, TA.) جِفْنٌ: see جَفْنٌ.

جَفْنَةٌ A [bowl of the kind called] قَصْعَة: (K:) or like a قصعة: (S:) the largest kind of قصعة; (Ks, S in art. صحف, M;) next to which is the قصعة [properly so called], which satisfies the hunger of ten [men]; then, the صَحْفَة, which satisfies five; then, the مِئْكَلَة, which satisfies two men, and three; then, the صُحَيْفَة, which satisfies one man: (Ks, S in art. صحف:) it is peculiarly applied to a receptacle for kinds of food: (Er-Rághib, TA:) pl. [of mult.] جَفَانٌ (S, Msb, K) and جِفَنٌ (Sb, TA) and (of pauc., TA) جَفَنَاتٌ (S, Msb, K.) [Hence,] كُفِئَتْ جَفْنَتُهُ [His bowl was turned upside-down; meaning] (tropical:) he was slain; a phrase similar to هُرِيقَ رِفْدُهُ. (A in art. رفد.) b2: (assumed tropical:) A small well; (K;) as being likened to the جفنة for food. (Er- Rághib, TA.) b3: (tropical:) A generous man: (K:) جَفْنَةٌ غَرَّآءُ is an appellation applied to a generous man who entertains many guests and feeds many: (IAar, TA:) he is called جفنة because people are fed in the جفنة, and the epithet غرّآء is added because of the whiteness of the camel's hump in the جفنة. (TA.) b4: Also i. q. خَمْرَةٌ [meaning Some wine, or a kind of wine: see also مَآءُ الجَفْنِ, voce جَفْنٌ]. (IAar, TA.)
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