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1 جَلِهَ, aor. جَلَهَ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. جَلَهٌ, (Sudot;, * Msb, TA,) He was, or became, bald in the fore part of the head: (S, K:) or in the greater part of his head. (Msb.) [The latter seems to be the correct meaning: see جَلَهٌ below.] b2: جَلِهَتْ سَاحَتُهُ His court, or yard, was, or became, vacant, or void. (JK.) A2: جَلَهَ, (S, K,) aor. جَلَهَ, (K,) inf. n. جَلْهٌ, (TA,) He uncovered a thing; or removed it [from a thing that it covered or concealed]. (K, TA.) b2: He raised the turban, while folding it, from the side of his forehead (عَنْ جَبِينِهِ), (K, TA,) [like اِجْتَلَى,] and from the fore part of his head. (TA.) b3: He removed the pebbles from a place. (S, K.) b4: He turned back a person from a difficult, or hard, thing or affair. (K.) جَلَهٌ, (JK, S,) or ↓ جَلْهَةٌ, (K,) Baldness in the fore part of the head; (S, K;) which is the beginning of صَلَعٌ; like جَلَحٌ: (S:) or baldness of the greater part of the head; (Msb;) more than جَلَحٌ, (JK,) and more than صَلَعٌ, which is more than جَلَحٌ. (Msb in art. جلح.) جَلْهَةٌ: see جَلَهُ.

A2: Also The part that faces one of the brows, or brinks, or edges, of a valley: (S:) or the side of a valley; (K, TA;) the bank, or border, thereof: (TA:) or elevated parts in the interior, or lower part, of a valley, rising above the water-course, so that, when the valley flows with water, the water does not reach them: (ISh, TA:) and, some say, the mouth of a valley: and some, a part of a valley uncovered by the torrents, and so made apparent: (TA:) and [the dual] جَلْهَتَانِ, (JK, M, TA,) or جَلْهَتَا وَادٍ, (S,) the two sides, or borders, of a valley, (S, M, TA,) when there is in them hardness: (JK, M, TA:) occurring in a trad., or, as some relate it, ↓ جَلْهَمَتَانِ, with an augmentative م: (TA:) pl. جِلَاهٌ. (S.) b2: A great round rock. (JK, K.) b3: A large [hill, or the like, such as is called] قَارَةٌ; as also ↓ جَلْهَمَةٌ, with an augmentative م. (TA.) b4: The place of alighting and abiding of a people, or company of men: (JK, K, TA:) and a yard, or wide space, in front, or extending from the sides, of their dwelling. (JK.) b5: And A meadow in which water collects and stagnates: pl. as above. (JK.) A3: Dates, (K, TA,) of which the stones have been picked out, (TA,) macerated and mashed with milk, (K, * TA,) then given to drink to women; (TA;) having a fattening property; (K, TA;) as also ↓ جَلِيهَةٌ. (K.) جَلْهَمَةٌ: see جَلْهَةٌ, in two places.

جَلَهِيَّةٌ A mode of wearing the turban, in which the جَبِين [or side of the forehead] is uncovered, so that the part where the hair grows is seen. (JK, Sgh.) جَلِيهَةٌ A place from which the pebbles have been removed. (JK, S, K.) A2: See also جَلْهَةٌ, last sentence.

أَجْلَهُ Bald in the fore part of the head; (S;) i. q. أَجْلَحُ: (TA:) or [it denotes more than the latter; meaning] bald in the greater part of the head: fem. جَلْهَآءُ: pl. جُلْهٌ. (Msb.) [See جَلَهٌ.]

b2: Large in the forehead, having the places of growth of the hair receding. (K.) b3: (assumed tropical:) A bull having no horn; (Ks, JK, S, K;) like أَجْلَحُ. (Ks, S.) مَجْلُوهٌ A tent, or house, or chamber, (بَيْتٌ,) in which is neither door nor curtain. (JK, K.)
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