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1 جَمَزَ, (S, A, &c.,) aor. جَمِزَ, inf. n. جَمْزٌ (S, Msb, K) and جَمَزَى, (K,) or the latter is a simple subst., (Msb,) said of a camel, (S, K,) and of a man, (A, K,) [He went at a gentle trot or run;] he went a pace quicker than that termed عَنَقٌ, (S, A, Msb, K,) but not so quick as that termed حُضْرٌ, (K,) or not so quick as a vehement حُضْر; (TA;) he went the pace with which corpses are conveyed [to the tomb; which, according to the practice prescribed by Mohammad, is a quick pace]: (TA:) or simply, he went, or went along: (Msb:) and he ran; syn. عَدَا: (Mgh, Msb:) and he went quickly. (Mgh, Msb, TA.) Yousay, جَمَزَ بِالْجِنَازَةِ He went a pace quicker than that termed عَنَقٌ [with the corpse upon its bier]. (A.) And جَمَزَ الرَّجُلُ فِى الأَرْضَ The man went away into, or in, the country or land. (Kr, K.) 2 جمّز, if used, He rode a camel such as is called جَمَّازٌ or جَمَّازَةٌ. See the act. part. n., below.]

جَمَزَى a subst. from جَمَزَ; [signifying A gentle trot or run; a pace quicker than that termed عَنَقٌ, but not so quick as that termed حُضْرٌ, or not so quick as a vehement حُضْر; &c.] (Msb.) You say, هُوَ يَعْدُو الجَمَزَى, (A,) and النَّاقَةُ تَعْدُو الجَمَزَى, and in like manner الفَرَسُ, (Ks, S,) [He, and the she-camel, and the mare or horse, runs at the pace termed جَمَزَى.] b2: See also جَمَّازٌ, in two places.

جَمَّازٌ, applied to a he-camel, (S, K,) and جَمَّازَةٌ, applied to a she-camel, (K,) That is ridden by the مُجَمِّز; (S;) that goes the pace described above, [voce جَمَزَى and] voce جَمَزَ: (K, TA:) [the latter is also said in the TA to be من آلَات المحامل; but the correct reading seems to be مِنْ أُولَات المَحَامِلِ; and the meaning, of those that carry the vehicles called محامل, pl. of مَحْمِل.] b2: حِمَارٌ جَمَّازٌ An ass that leaps, jumps, springs, or bounds, quickly: (K:) and حِمَارٌ

↓ جَمَزَى a quick ass; (S, K;) or an ass that leaps, jumps, springs, or bounds, quickly, and is swift; (TA;) the latter word in this phrase used as a masc. and fem. epithet, though its final letter is a denotative of the fem. gender. (Ham p. 277.

[See below; and see also حَيَدَى.]) Umeiyeh Ibn-Abee-'Áïdh (S, TA) El-Hudhalee (TA) says, كَأَنِّى وَرَحْلِى إِذَا رُعْتُهَا جَازِئٍ بِالرِّمَالِ ↓ عَلَى جَمَزَى

[As though I and my she-camel's saddle, when I frightened her, were upon a swift wild ass satisfied with green pasture, so as to be in no need of water, in the sands]. (S, TA.) He likens his she-camel to a wild ass, to which he applies the epithet جمزى, that is, swift; meaning, عَلَى حِمَارٍ

جَمَزَى. (TA.) As says that this is the only epithet of the measure فَعَلَى heard by him applied to a male; and that IAar cited the verse above to him saying حَيِّدٍ بِالدِّحَالِ, meaning عَنِ الدِّحَالِ, [i. e., “shying and turning aside from the hollows, narrow at the top but wide below, in the ground: ”

but this is probably a reading of some in the place of حَيَدَى بِالدِّحَالِ, which ends the next verse, agreeably with what is said in the L in art. حيد:] Az says that عَلَى جَمَزَى may be explained as for عَلَى عَيْرٍ ذِى جَمَزَى, i. e., upon an ass having the mode of pace termed جَمَزَى; and نَاقَةٌ وَكَرَى has a similar meaning. (TA.) b3: See also مُجَمِّزٌ.

جُمَّيْزٌ (S, K) and ↓ جُمَّيْزَى (K) [The sycamorefig: and the sycamore fig-tree: ficus sycomorus; also called the Egyptian fig:] the male fig; (K, TA;) which is found in the Ghowr, or Ghór, [here meaning the Valley of the Jordan,] (TA,) and is sweet: (K, TA:) this is the yellow: the black makes the mouth bleed: (TA:) it is of various colours, or kinds, (أَلْوَان,) (K, * TA;) abundant in Syria and in Egypt: n. un. جُمَّيْزَةٌ: (TA:) [a fruit] resembling the تِين [or common fig]: (S:) AHn says, of the kinds of fig is the fig of the جُمَّيْز, a sweet, moist fig, which has long fruit-stalks, and which is dried in the sun: and there is another species of the جمّيز, the fruit of which is like the fig in make, but its leaves are smaller than those of the fig, and its figs are yellow, of a small size, and black: it is found in the Ghowr, or Ghór, and is called the male fig: the yellow is sweet: the black makes the mouth bleed: and its fig has no stalk, but cleaves to the wood. ('Abd-el-Lateef, Account of Egypt: White's ed., entitled Abdollatiphi Historiæ Aegypti Compendium: p. 22. See also De Sacy's notes to his transl. of that work, pp. 82—86.) b2: [الجُمَّيْزَةُ also signifies (assumed tropical:) The pudendum muliebre: opposed to التِّينَةُ as meaning “ the anus. ”]

جُمَّيْزَى: see جُمَّيْزٌ.

جُمَّيْزِىٌّ A seller of جُمَّيْز. (TA.) مُجَمِّزٌ One who rides the camel called جَمَّاز, (S, * TA,) or who rides the she-camel called جَمَّازَة; (K, * TA;) as also ↓ جَمَّازٌ. (TA.)
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