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Q. 1 جَمْهَرَ, (T, A, K,) inf. n. جَمْهَرَةٌ, (A,) He collected together (T, A, K) a thing, (TA,) or earth, or dust, (T, A, TA,) one part upon another. (T, TA.) b2: جمهر القَبْرَ, (S, Msb, K,) inf. n. as above, (S,) He collected the earth, or dust, over the grave, (S, Msb, K,) not plastering it with clay, or mud, (S, K,) nor making it even, or level. (TA.) b3: جمهر المَتَاعَ He took the main part of the household-goods, or commodities: and in like manner the verb is used in relation to plants, or herbage. (Kitáb el- Addád, TA.) b4: جمهر عَلَيْهِ الخَبَرَ, (Ks, S, K,) or لَهُ, (Lth, TA,) or إِلَيْهِ, (AZ, TA,) He acquainted him with a part of the news, or story, and concealed what he desired, or meant: (Ks, S, K:) or he acquainted him with a part of the news, or story, incorrectly, or not in the proper manner, and omitted what he desired, or meant: (Lth, TA:) or he acquainted him with a small portion thereof, omitting most of what was necessary for him to know, and relating it in a manner different from the proper way: (AZ, TA:) and accord. to the Kitáb el-Addád of Abu-t-Teiyib the Lexicologist, it seems to have a contr. signification; for he says that جَمْهَرْتُ لَكَ الخَبَرَ means, I acquainted thee with the main part of the news, or story. (TA.) Q. 2 تَجَمْهَرَ عَلَيْنَا He held up his head with an assumption of superiority over us; domineered over us; or exalted himself above us. (TA.) جَمْهَرَةٌ [originally inf. n. of جَمْهَرَ]: see the next paragraph.

جُمْهُورٌ (not جَمْهُورٌ, which is a form of the word mentioned by Et-Tilimsánee, MF) A quantity of sand rising above what is around it, (S, Msb, K,) and collected together; (S;) as also ↓ with ة; (L;) so called from its abundance and height: (Msb:) or a large quantity of sand, heaped up, and extensive: (Lth, TA:) and ↓ with ة, sand compacted together, and extending in an oblong form upon the surface of the earth. (TA.) b2: The generality, or main part, of men, or people: (S, A, K:) and the eminent, elevated, or noble, of them: (TA:) and a great number of people: (Msb:) pl. جَمَاهِيرُ; (A, Msb;) which signifies also collective bodies of men. (TA.) You say, هٰذَا قَوْلُ الجُمْهُورِ This is the saying of the generality, or main part. (A.) b3: The generality; the greater, main, or chief, part; the main body, main, gross, mass, or bulk; of anything; (K;) as also ↓ جَمْهَرَةٌ. (W 95.) b4: Also, (K,) or ↓ جُمْهُورَةٌ, (TA,) A noble, or high-born, woman. (K, TA.) جُمْهُورَةٌ: see جُمْهُورٌ, in three places.

جُمْهُورِىٌّ An intoxicating beverage: (AO, K:) or [beverage of the kind called] نَبِيذ made of grapes, that is three years old: (K:) or i. q. بُخْتَجٌ; (TA;) which is expressed juice [of grapes] cooked (Mgh voce بختج, and TA) so as to be reduced to one third, (Mgh,) such as is lawful to be drunk: (TA:) or the beverage called بختج to which what has gone from it has been restored, and which is then cooked, and put into vessels, and becomes very potent: (AHn, and Mgh ubi suprà, and TA:) or juice of grapes cooked until half of it is gone and half remains: (KL:) called جمهورىّ because used by most men. (TA.) جُمَاهِرٌ Large, big, bulky, or corpulent. (TA.) مُجَمْهَرَةٌ A she-camel compact in make; (K;) as though she were a جُمْهُور of sand. (TA.)
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