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1 جَهڤضَ see 4, in two places.3 جاهضهُ, (K,) inf. n. جِهَاضٌ, (TA,) He endeavoured to prevent him, or to turn him away [from a thing]; and strove to be before him; syn. مَانَعَهُ and عَاجَلَهُ. (K.) Hence the saying, in a trad. of Mohammad Ibn-Meslemeh, relating his endeavouring to attack a man on the day of Ohod, فَجَاهَضَنِى عَنْهُ أَبُو سُفْيَانَ But Aboo-Sufyán endeavoured to turn me away from him (مَانَعَنِى

عَنْهُ), and put me away [from him]. (TA.) 4 أَجْهَضَنِى He overcame me in contending for the thing; as also ↓ جَهَضَنِى. (S.) You say, اجهضهُ عَنِ الأَمْرِ, He overcame him in contending for the thing, and made him to quit it, or put him away from it; as also عَنْهُ ↓ جَهَضَهُ, aor. جَهَضَ. (A, K.) And قُتِلَ فُلَانٌ فَأُجْهِضَ عَنْهُ القَوْمُ Such a one was slain, and the people were overcome so that he was taken from them. (S.) And صَادَ الجَارِحَةُ الصَّيْدَ فَأَجْهَضْنَاهُ عَنْهُ The beast, or bird, of prey caught the game, and we removed him, and overcame him in contending for that which he had caught. (S, A, * Msb.) b2: اجهض is also syn. with أَعْجَلَ. (A, K.) Thus, sometimes, (S,) أَجْهَضْتُهُ عَنْ كَذَا, (S,) or عَنِ الأَمْرِ, (Mgh, TA,) signifies I hurried him so as to prevent him from doing such a thing, or the thing; (S, Mgh, TA;) and made him to quit it. (Mgh.) b3: You say also, اجهضهُ عَنْ مَكَانِهِ He roused him, or made him to rise, from his place. (A, * TA.) and [elliptically] أَجْهَضْنَا العَدُوَّ We roused the enemy, or made them to rise, from their places; and removed them therefrom, or made them to quit them. (Mgh.) A2: اجهضت She (a camel, AZ, As, S, A, K) cast her young one: (S, A:) or cast her young one with its fur grown, (As, K,) before it was perfect: (As:) or cast her young one before its form was apparent: (AZ:) or in an imperfect state: (TA:) or اجهضت وَلَدَهَا, inf. n. إِجْهَاضٌ, she (a camel, and a woman,) cast her young one imperfect in form. (Msb.) جِهْضٌ: see جَهِيضٌ, in two places.

جِهَاضٌ [The act of a camel's, and of a woman's, casting an imperfect fœtus;] a subst. from اجهضت said of a camel and of a woman. (Msb.) جَهِيضٌ, applied to the young one, or fœtus, of a camel, (S, A, Msb,) and of a woman, (Msb,) i. q. ↓ مُجْهَضٌ [pass. part. n. of أَجْهَضَتْ, q. v.]: (S, A, Msb: *) or, (K,) as also ↓ جِهْضٌ, on the authority of Fr, being, as he says, like خِدْجٌ, in the K, erroneously, جَهِضٌ, (TA,) an abortion: or a young one perfectly formed, and into which the spirit has been inspired, without its living: (K:) or ↓ جِهْضٌ signifies the young one of a camel that is cast before its form is apparent. (TA.) مُجْهَضٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مُجْهِضٌ, applied to a she-camel, (S, Msb, K,) and to a woman, (Msb,) act. part. n. of أَجْهَضَتْ [q. v.]; (S, Msb, K;) as also with مَجَاهِيضُ: (Msb:) pl. مٍجْهَاضٌ. (K.)
 A she-camel that is accustomed to cast her young (S, A) in an imperfect state. (TA.)
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