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1 جَاهَهُ بِالمَكْرُوهِ, (S,) or بِمَكْرُوهٍ, (K,) [aor. يَجُوهُ,] inf. n. جَوْهٌ, (S,) i. q. جَبَهَهُ بِهِ [He met him, or encountered him, with, or he said to him, or did to him, or he accused him, to his face, of, that which was, or a thing that was, disliked, or hated]. (S, K.) And [in like manner,] جاههُ بِشَرٍّ He encountered him with evil [speech or conduct]; or confronted him therewith: whence لَا جِهْتَ, i. e. Mayest thou not be encountered with evil; said in chiding a he-camel: see جَاهِ below. (TA.) A woman of Ghatafán, being chidden by her son, and being asked why she did not reply against him, said, أَخَافُ أَنْ يَجُوهَنِى بِأَكْثَرَ مِنْ هٰذَا, meaning I fear that he would encounter me with more than this. (JK.) 2 جوّه and ↓ اجاه are rendered by Golius Ad dignitatem evexit: spectabilem reddidit: as on the authority of the S: but in my copies of the S the two verbs are اوجه and وجّه; and belong to art. وجه, though mentioned in the present art.]4 أَجْوَهَ see 2.]5 تجوّه He magnified himself; or was, or became, proud, haughty, or disdainful: or he affected rank, station, or dignity, not possessing it. (TA.) جَاهٌ Rank, station, or dignity, (S, K, TA, and JK in art. وجه,) with, or in the estimation of, the Sultán; (JK, TA;) as also ↓ جَاهَةٌ, (K,) on the authority of Lh, (TA, as from the K, [but not in my copies,]) or, accord. to Sgh, of Ks.: the former word [probably arabicized from the Persian جَاهْ; but] said to be formed by transposition from وَجْهٌ; this being first changed to جَوْهٌ; then, to جَوَهٌ; and then, to جَاهٌ: or, accord. to Lh, it is not from وَجْهٌ, but from جُهْت [app. جُهْتُ, first pers. sing. of جَاهَ, q. v.]; though he does not explain what is جُهْت. (TA.) You say, فُلَانٌ ذُو جَاهٍ [Such a one is possessed of rank, station, or dignity]. (S.) And لِفُلَانٍ جَاهٌ فِيهِمْ To such a one belongs rank, station, or dignity, among them. (Aboo-Bekr, TA.) The dim. of جَاهٌ [or of جَاهَةٌ] is ↓ جُوَيْهَةٌ. (TA.) A2: جَاهِ, indecl., with kesr for its termination; and, accord. to As, sometimes, جَاهٍ, with tenween; (S;) or جَاهِ جَاهِ, (JK, K,) and جَاهٍ جَاهٍ, and جَاهْ جَاهْ, (Lh, K,) and جُوه

↓ جُوه, or جَوْه جَوْه, (accord. to different copies of the K, but) indecl., with kesr for the termination, [i. e. جُوهِ جُوهِ, or جَوْهِ جَوْهِ,] mentioned in the M, (TA,) and ↓ جَاهِ لَا جِهْتَ, (IDrd, TA, [see 1,]) ejaculations used for chiding a he-camel, not a she-camel: (As, JK, IDrd, S, K:) or one says to a she-camel, عَاجٍ and جَاهٍ. (A 'Obeyd, TA in art. عوج: [or perhaps there is an omission here: I think it more likely that what A 'Obeyd said was that one says to a she-camel عَاجٍ, and to a he-camel جَاهٍ.]) جُوهٌ The face, or countenance: syn. وَجْهٌ; as also جِيهٌ: (Lh, K:) the latter with kesr: (TA:) so in the saying, نَظَرَ بِجُوهِ سَوْءٍ and بِجِيهِ سَوْءٍ [He looked with an evil face or countenance]. (Lh, K.) A2: جُوهِ جُوهِ, or جَوْهِ جَوْهِ: see the next preceding paragraph.

جَاهَةٌ: see جَاهٌ.

جُوَيْهَةٌ: see جَاهٌ.

تُجَاهَ and تِجَاهَ and تَجَاهَ: see art. وجه.
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