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2 جيّر He plastered a watering-trough or tank with جَيَّار. (TA.) جَيْرِ, with kesr to the ر, (S, Mughnee, K, &c.,) like أَمْسِ; (Mughnee;) and جَيْرَ, like أَيْنَ; and sometimes جَيْرٍ; (Mughnee, K;) or this, where it occurs, is for جَيْرِ إِنَّ, and is properly written جَيْرِنْ, إِنَّ in the sense of نَعَمْ being a corroborative of جَيْرِ, and its hemzeh and sheddeh and final vowel being here suppressed: (Mughnee:) a form of oath, (S, K,) or put in the place of an oath, (IAmb, TA,) meaning Verily, or truly; syn. حَقًّا: (S, K:) or a responsive particle, (Mughnee,) meaning yes; syn. نَعَمْ [which is most approved as responsive to an interrogation], (Mughnee, K,) or أَجَلْ [which is most approved as responsive to an affirmation]; (Sharh et-Tesheel, K;) not a noun in the sense of حَقًّا, for were it so it would be an inf. n.; nor in the sense of أَبَدًا, for were it so it would be an adv. n. of time; and if it were a noun it would be decl., and would admit the article ال, and would not have إِنَّ for a corroborative, nor have لَا opposed to it, as it has in the saying, إِذَا تَقُولُ لَا ابْنَةُ العُجَيْرِ تَصْدُقُ لَا إِذَا تَقُولُ جَيْرِ [When the daughter of El-'Ojeyr says لا, she speaks truly: not when she says جير]: (Mughnee:) or it is a verbal noun, meaning I know; syn. أَعْرِفُ; as is mentioned by Ibn-Abi-r-Rabeea, and by Er-Radee on the authority of 'Abd-El- Káhir. (MF.) You say, جَيْرِ لَا آتِيكَ Verily, or truly, [&c.,] I will not come to thee. (S.) and جَيْرِ لَا أَفْعَلُ ذٰلِكَ Verily, or truly, [&c.,] I will not do that. (K, * TA.) And لَا جَيْرِ لَا أَفْعَلُ No, verily, or truly, [&c.,] I will not do [that]. (K.) جِيرٌ Gypsum; syn. جِصٌّ. (IAar, TA.) [In modern Arabic, Lime: see also what next follows.]

جَيَّارٌ Quick lime, and the mixtures thereof, with which are plastered watering-troughs or tanks, and baths; syn. صَارُوجٌ: (S, K:) quick lime and gypsum mixed with ashes: (IAar TA:) or quick lime alone. (TA. [See also جِيرٌ.]) A2: [A limeburner: so in the present day: see أَتُونٌ.]

A3: Heat in the chest, by reason of rage or hunger; as also ↓ جَائِرٌ: (S, K:) or cough, or the like. (Ham p. 56.) It is app. of the measure فَعَّالٌ; or it may be of the measure فَيْعَالٌ; or فَوْعَالٌ [originally جَوْيَارٌ]. (IJ, TA.) b2: Strength, or vehemence. (TA.) جَائِرٌ: see جَيَّارٌ.

مُجَيَّرٌ A watering-trough or tank made small: or made deep: or plastered with gypsum. (K.)
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