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1 حَذَّ, aor. حَذُّ, (L, Msb,) inf. n. حَذٌّ, (L, Msb, K,) He cut, or cut off, a thing: (Msb:) or cut, or cut off, quickly; (IDrd, A, L;) as also هَذَّ: (A:) or cut off quickly and utterly: (L:) حَذٌّ is syn. with جَذٌّ. (K.) حَذٌّ (assumed tropical:) Quickness in speech and actions. (TA.) حُذَّةُ A piece of flesh-meat; (A, * L, K;) as also حُزَّةٌ. (A, L.) حَذَذٌ, an inf. n. having no verb, (Az, L,) Lightness of the tail: (S, L, K:) lightness of the hair of the tail of a horse: shortness of the tail of an ass; and of a bird of the kind called قَطًا; or lightness of the feathers of the tail thereof; or (assumed tropical:) lightness and quickness of the flight thereof: (L:) and lightness of the beard. (L.) b2: (assumed tropical:) Lightness of hand. (S. [See أَحَذُّ.]) (assumed tropical:) Quickness: or quickness and lightness or agility. (L.) حُذْ حُذٌ and حُذْ حُذَةٌ A short woman. (L.) قَرَبٌ حَذْحَاذٌ (assumed tropical:) A quick [night-journey to water]; (S, L, K;) like حَثْحَاثٌ: (S, A, L:) and farextending, or distant; as also ↓ حُذَاحِذٌ. (L.) And خِمْسٌ حَذْحَاذٌ (L) and ↓ أَحَذُّ (K) [A journey of five days whereof the second and third and fourth are without water] in which is no languor, or flagging; (L;) and quick. (K.) حُذَاحِذٌ: see what next precedes.

أَحَذُّ Deprived of an arm, or a hand, &c., by amputation: fem. حَذَّآءُ: [pl. حُذٌّ:] thus أَحَذُّ اليَدِ means having the arm, or hand, amputated: and [hence] (assumed tropical:) not having the means of acquiring eminence, or nobility. (L.) [Hence, also,] أَصُولُ بِيَدٍ حَذَّآءَ, in a trad. of 'Alee, means (assumed tropical:) Shall I assault the enemy with a short arm, that will not attain to that which I desire? or, accord. to one reading, it is جَذَّآءَ, meaning amputated: alluding to his companions' falling short of their duty, and keeping back from the war. (L in arts. حذ and جذ.) [Another meaning of أَحَذُّ اليَدِ will be found below.] b2: A light-tailed camel: (S, L:) a horse light, or scanty, in the hair of the tail: (A, L:) or having it (the tail, Msb) cut off: (A, Msb:) a short-tailed ass. (L.) قَطَاةٌ حَذَّآءُ A bird of the kind called قَطًا having a light, or scanty, tail; having a tail of which the feathers have become light, or scanty; (S, L;) having few feathers in the tail: (A:) or short-tailed: (L:) or (assumed tropical:) light and quick in flight. (A, * L.) And لِحْيَةٌ حَذَّآءُ A light, or scanty, beard. (L.) b3: Lean, lank, or light of flesh; or slender; or lank in the belly. (K.) b4: Smooth; (Kh, Msb;) a thing to which nothing clings, or attaches. (Msb, * TA.) وَلَّتِ الدُّنْيَا حَذَّآءَ, in a خُطْبَة of 'Otbeh Ibn-Ghazwán, means (tropical:) The world hath retired, passing away quickly, (A, * L, K *) nothing clinging to it [so as to retard it]: (L, K:) or the people thereof not clinging to aught of it [so as to retard it]: (A:) or quickly; its latter part being cut off. (Az, L.) b5: A sword quick in cutting. (A.) b6: (tropical:) Light-handed; (S, A, L, K;) quick-handed; (L;) i. e. thievish; or quick in getting, or attaining: (A:) [and so أَحَذُّ اليَدِ, as is implied in the S and L.] El-Farezdak uses the expression أَحَذَّ يَدِ القَمِيصِ, (S, L,) meaning thereby أَحَذَّ اليَدِ. (L.) نَاقَةٌ حَذَّآءُ (assumed tropical:) A she-camel quick in pace. (A.) b7: قَلْبٌ أَحَذُّ (assumed tropical:) A sharp, quick, active mind. (L.) b8: سَيْرٌ أَحَذُّ (tropical:) A very quick, unpleasant journey or pace. (A.) See also حَذْحَاذٌ. b9: أَمْرٌ أَحَذُّ (tropical:) An affair, or event, quick in passing: (L:) or decisive and quick: (TA:) or severe and abominable; (A, L, K;) without a parallel: (A:) or as though it eluded every one, so that he could not attain to it, and was not sufficient for it: (A:) pl. حُذٌّ. (L, K.) b10: يَمِينٌ حَذَّآءُ (tropical:) An oath which a man takes quickly: (S, K:) or an abominable, severe oath, whereby one decides a right, or due: (A, L:) some say جَذَّآءُ. (S.) It is said in a prov., تَزَبَّدَهَا حَذَّآءَ (tropical:) He swallowed it [i. e. took it, namely, an oath, hastily,] like as one swallows butter. (TA.) b11: عَزِيمَةٌ حَذَّآءُ (tropical:) An energetic and effective resolution, from which one does not turn to anything. (A.) b12: حَاجَةٌ حَذَّآءُ (tropical:) A light want, quickly accomplished. (A, L.) b13: رَحِمٌ حَذَّآءُ (tropical:) A bond of relationship [cut, or severed, or] not made close by affection; expl. by إِذَا لَمْ تُوصَلْ: (Fr, S, K:) as also جَذَّآء [q. v.]. (Fr, S.) b14: أَحَذُّ أَبَذُّ: see بَذٌّ.
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