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1 حَزَقَ, (S, K,) aor. حَزِقَ, inf. n. حَزْقٌ, (K,) He tied, or bound, a thing (S, K) with a rope: (S:) he tied, or bound, it strongly with a rope. (TA.) b2: He bound, or bound round, a foot, or a man. (K, accord. to different copies.) b3: He strung a bow. (TA.) b4: He pulled, or drew, a bond, and a bow-string, hard, or vehemently. (K.) b5: He, or it, squeezed, pressed, compressed, or pinched, a thing. (K.) You say of a tight boot, حَزَقَ رِجْلَهُ It compressed, or pinched, his foot. (K.) b6: He straitened; made strait, or narrow. (TA.) b7: حَزَقُوا بِهِ They surrounded, encompassed, or encircled, him, or it. (TA.) A2: He broke wind: (K:) said of an ass. (TA.) Hence the saying of 'Alee, in disparagement of the schismatics, حَزْقُ عَيْرٍ حَزْقُ عَيْرٍ; meaning “ the case is not as ye assert: ” said by El-Mufaddal to be a proverbial phrase, applied in relation to a man who relates a piece of information that is not complete nor realized. (TA.) 4 احزقهُ, (K,) inf. n. إِحْزَاقٌ, (TA,) He prevented, withheld, debarred, or forbade, him, (Az, K,) عَنْهُ from it. (TA.) 5 تحزّق i. q. تجمّع [It became collected, brought together, &c.]. (TA.) 7 انحزق i. q. انضمّ [It became drawn, collected, or gathered, together; or drawn and joined, or adjoined; &c.]. (TA.) حِزْقٌ and ↓ حِزْقَةٌ and ↓ حَازِقَةٌ and ↓ حَزِيقٌ and ↓ حَزِيقَةٌ (S, K) and ↓ حَزَاقَةٌ (K) A collection (S, K) of men, and of birds, and of palm-trees, &c. : pl. of the second حِزَقٌ. (S.) حَزَقٌ [Niggardliness, or tenaciousness, of that which is in one's hands]: see حُزُقٌّ.

حِزْقَةٌ: see حِزْقٌ: b2: and see also حَزِيقَةٌ.

حَزُقٌّ: see the next paragraph.

حُزُقٌّ and ↓ حُزُقَّةٌ Short: or short in step by reason of the weakness of his body: (K:) or short, and short in step: (S:) or narrow in judgment: (K:) so As, in explanation of the latter word; applied to a man and to a woman: (TA:) or this signifies short: and short and ugly: and the former, narrow in power and judgment, and avaricious, niggardly, or tenacious: (Sh, T, TA:) and the latter, (AO, TA,) or both, (K,) large-bellied and short, and, in walking, turning about his buttocks; as also ↓ أُحْزُقَّةٌ and ↓ حَزُقَّةٌ: [the last in the CK without teshdeed:] or [in the CK “ and ”] the first two words, and ↓ حَزُقٌّ and ↓ حَزُقَّةٌ, a short man who is short in step by reason of his shortness or of the weakness of his body: or a man niggardly, or tenacious, of that which is in his hands; and the subst. [signifying the quality thus denoted] is ↓ حَزَقٌ: (K:) also evil in disposition, (IAar, K,) and niggardly: (IAar, TA:) and straitened in circumstances: (Sh, K:) or الحُزُقَّةُ [in the CK الحُزَقَةُ] signifies [sometimes] a sort of game; (K;) as in a trad., in which it is said of some girls, لَعِبْنَ الحُزُقَّةَ [They played at the game of الحزقّة]. (TA.) حُزُقَّةٌ حُزُقَّهْ تَرَقَّ عَيْنَ بَقَّهْ (S, TA) is a saying of the Arabs, (S,) explained as meaning Short in step by reason of thy weakness, short in step &c., climb up, [O eye of a gnat or musquito;] and was said, as is related in a trad., by the Prophet, in dancing El-Hasan and El-Hoseyn; whereupon the child would climb up until he placed his feet upon the Prophet's chest: (TA:) حُزُقَّةٌ is for أَنْتَ حُزُقَّةٌ, or يَا حُزُقَّةُ: (IAth, TA:) and تَرَقَّ means اِرْقَى, from رَقِيتُ فِى الدَّرَجَةِ: (S:) and عَيْنَ بَقَّهْ is an allusion to smallness of the eye, (IAth, TA, and Har p. 619,) as being likened to the eye of the gnat or musquito; or denotes smallness of person. (Har.) حَزُقَّةٌ: see حُزُقٌّ, in two places.

حُزُفَّةٌ: see حُزُقٌّ.

حِزَاقٌ Anything with which one ties, binds, or makes fast. (TA.) [The meaning of بِالضُّرُوَرة assigned by Golius to حِزَاقًا is a mistake, occasioned by his misunderstanding a passage in the K, where it is said of a woman that she used حِزَاقًا by poetic license (لِلضَّرُورَةِ) for حَازِوقًا, a proper name of a man.]

حَزِيقٌ: see حِزْقٌ: b2: and see also حَزِيقَةٌ.

حَزَاقَةٌ: see حِزْقٌ.

حَزِيقَةٌ: see حِزْقٌ. b2: Also, (K,) and ↓ حِزْقَةٌ, (TA,) A part, or portion, (K, TA,) [of a swarm] of locusts; (TA;) as also خِرْقَةٌ; (K and TA in art. خرق;) or of anything; (K, TA;) even of wind: (TA:) pl. of the former حَزَائِقُ and حُزُقٌ (K, TA [in the CK حِزَقٌ, which is pl. of حِزْقَةٌ,]) and [coll. gen. n.] ↓ حَزِيقٌ. (K.) b3: And i. q. حَدِيقَةٌ [A walled garden; &c.]: (K:) or the like of a حديقة (Ibn-'Abbád, TA.) حَازِقٌ One who is pinched by a tight boot: (S, K:) of the measure فَاعِلٌ in the sense of the measure مَفْعُولٌ. (K.) One says, لَا رَأْىَ لِحَازِقٍ

[No counsel, or advice, is possible to one who is pinched by a tight boot]. (S, TA.) [See also حَاقِنٌ.]

حَازِقَةٌ: see حِزْقٌ.

أُحْزُقَّةٌ: see حُزُقٌّ.

إِبْرِيقٌ مَحْزُوقُ العُنُقِ A narrow-necked ewer. (A, Nh, K.) مُتَحَزِّقٌ Very niggardly or tenacious or avaricious. (S, K.)
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