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حزو and حزى 1 حَزْوٌ, (As, S,) aor. يَحْزُو, (S,) inf. n. حَزْوٌ; (As, TA;) and حَزَى الشَّىْءَ, aor. يَحْزِى, (S,) [inf. n. حَزْىٌ;] He computed, or determined, the quantity, measure, or the like, of the thing; (S;) he computed by conjecture the quantity, &c. (As, S.) You say, حَزَيْتُ النَّخْلَ, (S, Msb,) inf. n. حَزْىٌ; and حَزَوْتُهُ, inf. n. حَزْوٌ; I computed by conjecture the quantity of the fruit upon the palm-trees. (Msb.) In the copies of the K, حَزَّى النَّخْلَ تَحْزِيَةً, meaning خَرَصَهُ, is erroneously put for حَزَى النَّخْلَ حَزْيًا, the words of As. (TA.)

b2: حَزَا, (Lth, K,) aor. يَحْزُو, (Lth,) inf. n. حَزْوٌ; (K;) and حَزَى aor. , يَحْزِى, (Lth, K,) inf. n. حَزْىٌ; (K;) and ↓ تحزّ, (Lth, K,) inf. n. تَحَزُّوٌ and تَحَزٍّ; (K;) He divined: (Lth, K, TA:) and particularly from the flight, or cries, &c., of birds. (K.) And حَزَا, (AZ, K,) aor. يَحْزُو, (TA,) inf. n. حَزْوٌ; (AZ;) and حَزَى, aor. يَحْزِ; (TA;) He chid birds, to make them rise and fly, or drove them away, and divined from their flight, or cries, &c.: (AZ, K, * TA:) and drove them: (K, * TA: but the error in the K, mentioned above, makes the verb in this case also, and in the next following, to be حزّى, and the inf. n. to be تَحْزِيَةٌ: TA:) [for] when a crow croaks in front of a man, and he desires to obtain some object of want, he says, “It is good,” and goes forth: when it croaks behind his back, he says, “This is evil,” and does not go forth: and when a thing passes by him from the direction of his right hand, he augurs good from it; but if from the direction of his left hand, he augurs evil from it. (AZ, TA.)

A2: حَزَا الشَّخْصَ, aor. يَحْزُو, (S,) inf. n. حَزْوٌ; (TA;) and حَزَى الشخصَ, (S, K,) aor. يَحْزِى; (S;) said of the سَرَاب [or mirage], It raised [to the eye] the figure of a man or other thing seen from a distance: (S, K, TA:) or, accord. to IB, the correct phrase is حزى الآل [which may mean that one should say, حَزَى السَّرابُ الآلٌ, or حَزَى الآلُ الشَّخْصَ: see آلٌ, in art. اول]. (TA.)

5 تَ1َ2َّ3َ see 1.

حَزَّآءٌ: see what follows.

حَازٍ One who computes by conjecture the quantity of fruit upon palm-trees. (Msb, TA.)

b2: A diviner: (Lth, TA:) one who examines the members, and the moles of the face, divining [from them]. (S, Har p. 170.) One says, عَلَى الحَازِى

هَبَطتَّ [meaning (assumed tropical:) Thou hast lighted upon him who is knowing]. (Har ib.)

b3: An astronomer, or astrologer; as also ↓ حَزَّآءٌ. (TA.)

b4: The pl. is حُزَاةٌ and حَوَازٍ. (TA.)
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