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ى1 حَسَى حِسْيًا: see 8.

A2: حَسِيتُ الخَبَرَ i. q. حَسِسْتُ [i. e. I knew the news certainly; or knew somewhat of the news; see 4 in art. حس]; as also الخَبَرَ ↓ أَحْسَيْتُ. (S, TA.) And حَسِىَ مَا فِى

نَفْسِهِ He knew what was in his mind; as also ↓ احتساهُ. (K.) One says also, مِنْ ↓ هَلِ احْتَسَيْتَ فُلَانٍ شَيْئًا, meaning Hast thou found, or discovered, [or learned,] anything from such a one? (Az, TA.) 4 أَحْسَىَ see 1.8 احتسى He dug out the sand from a حِسْى

to procure the water beneath: (S:) he dug out the earth for the water to come forth: (TA:) and احتسى حِسْيًا (T, K) he fetched out, by digging, the water of a حِسْى; so as heard by Az from more than one of Benoo-Temeem: (TA:) or he dug a حِسْى; as also ↓ حَسَاهُ. (K.) b2: [Hence,] (assumed tropical:) He asked, or sought, information, news, or tidings. (TA.) b3: See also 1, in two places.

حَسْىٌ: see what next follows.

حِسْىٌ (T, S, K) and ↓ حِسًى (Ahmad Ibn-Yahyà, AAF, K) and ↓ حَسْىٌ, accord. to the K, but this is unknown, and the correct word is حَسًا, [or rather ↓ حَسًى,] mentioned by IAar, (TA,) Water which the earth imbibes from sand [above it], and which, when it reaches what is hard, is arrested thereby: one digs out the sand from over it, and draws it forth: (S:) or accumulated sand, beneath which is hard rock, so that, when the sand is rained upon, it imbibes the water of the rain, which, reaching the rock beneath, is arrested thereby, and the sand prevents the heat of the sun from drying up the water; wherefore, when the heat is vehement, the upper portion of the sand is dug out from over the water, and it wells forth, cold and sweet, and is taken by little and little: (Az, TA:) or soft, or plain, ground, in which water remains and collects: or rugged ground, over which is sand, that collects the rainwater; so that whenever a bucketful is drawn forth, another collects: (K, TA:) so in the M: (TA:) pl. [of pauc.] أَحْسَآءٌ (S, K) and [of mult.] حِسَآءٌ: (K:) أَحْسَآءٌ is syn. with كِرَارٌ. (S.) [See also حَشْرَجٌ.] b2: حِسْىٌ also signifies A small quantity of water; and so ↓ حَسَآءٌ. (Th, TA.) حَسًى: see حِسْىٌ.

حِسًى: see حِسْىٌ.

حَسَآءٌ: see حِسْىٌ.
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