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1 حَشَفَ, said of a she-camel's dug, Its milk became drawn up or withdrawn or withheld, or it went away, from it. (IDrd, L, TA. [See also 4 and 10.]) 2 حشّف عَيْنَهُ, inf. n. تَحْشِيفٌ, He (a man, TA) contracted his eyelids, and looked through the interstices of their lashes. (IDrd, K.) 4 احشف, said of a she-camel's udder, It became contracted, and like an old worn-out water-skin or milk-skin. (TA. [See also 1 and 10.]) b2: احشفت النَّخْلَةُ The palm-tree bore dates such as are termed حَشَف. (S, Mgh, Msb.) 5 تحشّف He wore old and worn-out clothing, (O, L, KL, TA,) such as is termed حَشِيف: (O, L, TA:) in the copies of the K, erroneously, ↓ استحشف. (TA.) 10 استحشف, said of an udder, (Jm, K,) It became contracted: (Jm:) or became dried up and contracted. (K. [See also 1 and 4.]) and استحشفت الأُذُنُ The ear became dried up (Mgh, Msb, K) and contracted. (K.) And استحشف الأَنْفُ The cartilage of the nose became dried up from want of natural motion. (Msb.) b2: See also 5.

حَشْفٌ Dry bread. (K.) حَشَفٌ The worst kind of dates; (S, Mgh, Msb, K;) that dry up without ripening, so that they have no flesh: (Msb:) or dates without firmness, having no stones; (K;) like شِيص: (TA:) or dry, or tough, bad dates; (K;) for when they dry up, they become hard and bad, without taste and without sweetness: (TA:) or of which the lower portion has become bad and rotten, while in its place: (IAar, TA in art. خشو:) n. un. with ة. (Msb.) [Hence,] أَحَشَفًا وَ سُوْءَ كِيلَةٍ, a prov., (S, Meyd, O,) meaning Dost thou combine the worst of dates and bad measure? applied to him who combines two bad qualities. (Meyd, O.) b2: A worn-out udder; (S, K;) as also ↓ حَشِفٌ: (K:) or an udder of which the milk has dried up, so that it has become contracted. (EM p. 67.) b3: A thing that is lean, and dry, or withered. (KL.) حَشِفٌ: see حَشَفٌ. — تَمْرٌ حَشِفٌ Dates having many such as are termed حَشَف. (TA.) حَشَفَةٌ The head [or glans] of the penis: (TA:) or the part of the penis, (S, K,) [i. e.] the part of the head of the penis, (Mgh,) that is above [i. e. beyond] the place of circumcision: (S, Mgh, K:) [accord. to the latter explanation, somewhat more than the glans:] the mulct for the cutting off of which is the whole price of blood. (TA.) حَشِيفٌ Old, and worn-out: applied to clothing or a garment. (S, K, TA.) نَخْلَةٌ مِحْشَافٌ [A palm-tree that bears dates such as are termed حَشَف]. (S and L voce مِعْرَارٌ.) مُتَحَشِّفٌ A man clad in old and worn-out clothing [such as is termed حَشِيف]: (S, TA:) a man in evil condition; slovenly in his person; threadbare, shabby, or mean, in the state of his apparel: or dried up, and shrivelled: or having his garment tucked up. (TA.)
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