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حَفِثٌ (S, K) and حِفْثٌ and ↓ حَفِثَةٌ (K) [A certain portion or appertenance] of the stomach of a ruminant animal, that which has طَرَائِق [meaning either furrows or streaks, but more probably the former], as though it, or they, (كَأَنَّهَا,) were the coverings (أَطْبَاق) of the feces in the stomach: (Az, L:) or that [part] which has coverings (أَطْبَاق [or probably this signifies here folds, one above another,]) at the lower part of the stomach of a ruminant, towards the side of the latter, from which the feces of the stomach never pass forth: [app. meaning the third stomach, or omasum; commonly called the manyplies, because of its many plies, or folds, and strata super strata; and by some, the millet; from which the food, being already ruminated, does not pass out again to the mouth, as it does from the first and second stomachs:] it pertains to the camel, and to the sheep and goat, and oxen; or, accord. to IAar, [only] to the sheep and goat: (L:) the حَفث of the stomach of a ruminant; (S;) i. q. قِبَةٌ, (S, K,) or قِبَةٌ: (TA:) or that which is with the stomach of a ruminant, and which resembles it: (T, TA:) or that which has طَرَائِق, by the side of which is the قبة, another thing, which has not طرائق: it is called حَفِثٌ and حَثِفٌ and حِفْثٌ and حِثْفٌ and فَحِثٌ and, as some say, فِثْحٌ and ثِحْفٌ: (AA, TA:) pl. أَحْفَاثٌ. (K.) b2: Also the first, A certain great kind of serpent, resembling a جِرَاب [or traveller's provision-bag]. (K.) حَفِثَةٌ: see above.

حَفَاثِيَةٌ Big, bulky, or corpulent. (K.) حُفَّاثٌ A certain kind of serpent, that blows, but does not hurt: (S:) a kind of serpent larger than that called حَفِثٌ, (K, TA,) speckled with black and white, party-coloured; that eats herbs, or dry pasture, and threatens, but does not hurt any one: (TA:) or, accord. to Sh, a bulky serpent, with a large head, red, speckled with white and black, resembling that called الأَسْوَدُ, but not the same as this latter; if one irritate it, its jugular vein becomes distended: accord. to ISh, it is larger than that called الأَرْقَمُ, but is speckled with black and white in the same manner as this latter: pl. حَفَافِيثُ. (Az, TA.) [Hence,] اِحْرَنْفَشَ حُفَّاثُهُ (tropical:) His external jugular veins (أَوْدَاجُهُ [likened to serpents]) became distended by rage, or anger. (TA.)
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