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1 حَقَاهُ, [aor. حَقُوَ,] inf. n. حَقْوٌ, He, or it, hit, or hurt, his حَقْو [i. e. waist, or flank]. (K.) b2: Also, said of water, It reached up to his حَقْو. (Fr, TA.) A2: حُقِىَ He (a man, S) was, or became, affected with the pain of the belly termed حَقْوَة: (S, K:) and, inf. n. حَقًا, [which, as well as the part. n. حَقٍ, suggests that the verb is حَقِىَ, like فَرِحَ, though it is said in the CK to be like عُنِىَ,] he had a complaint of his حَقْو: (CK, but wanting in MS. copies of the K:) or ↓ تحقّى has this latter meaning. (So in a copy of the K.) 5 تَحَقَّوَ see above.

حَقٍ Having a complaint of his حَقْو. (CK, but wanting in MS. copies of the K.) حَقْوٌ The waist; syn. خَصْرٌ: (S:) [or] the place (in the side, TA) where the [waist-wrapper called] إِزَار is bound; (S, Msb, K, * TA;) i. e. (Msb) the flank; syn. خَاصِرَةٌ, (A 'Obeyd, Msb, TA,) or كَشْحٌ: (K:) there are two [parts], called together حَقْوَانِ: (A 'Obeyd, TA:) and the [waist-wrapper itself that is called] إِزَار; (S, M, Msb, K;) because it is bound upon the [part of the body called] حَقْو; (Msb, * TA;) as also ↓ حِقْوٌ; (M, K;) which MF asserts to be also a var. of حَقْوٌ as syn. with كَشْحٌ; of the dial. of Hudheyl: and in the K is here added, or the place of the tying thereof; as also ↓ حَقْوَةٌ and ↓ حِقَآءٌ; [the latter written in the CK حَقاء; but said in the TA to be like كِتَابٌ;] whereas this is the primary signification: (TA:) pl. (of pauc., S, TA) أَحْقٍ, (S, Msb, K,) originally أَحْقُوٌ, (S, TA,) and أَحْقَآءٌ (K) and (of mult., S, TA) حُقِىٌّ, (S, Msb, K,) [originally حُقُوٌّ,] of the measure فُعُولٌ, (S,) like فُلُوسٌ, (Msb,) and حِقَآءٌ, (Msb, K,) which is pl. of حَقْوٌ and of حَقْوَةٌ, as well as syn. with the latter in a sense pointed out above. (TA.) Hence, عَاذَ بِحَقْوِهِ (tropical:) He had recourse to him for refuge, protection, or preservation. (TA.) [See an ex. in a verse cited voce سَمْعٌ.]

b2: (tropical:) The part of an arrow which is the place of the feathers: (K:) or the slender part of the hinder portion, next the feathers; (S, TA;) or, as in the A, below the feathers. (TA.) b3: (tropical:) A rugged place elevated above a torrent; (M, K, TA;) pl. حِقَآءٌ: (K:) or (assumed tropical:) any place which a water-course reaches: (As, TA:) and ↓ حَقْوَةٌ signifies (assumed tropical:) the like of the [elevated piece of ground termed] نَجْوَة, but higher, upon which the animals of prey preserve themselves from the torrent; and its pl. is حِقَآءٌ. (TA.) Accord. to En-Nadr, (assumed tropical:) An elevated piece of ground; an acclivity; pl. أَحْقٍ and حُقِىٌّ: accord. to Z, (assumed tropical:) the سَفْح [or lowest part, or face, &c.,] of a mountain: (TA:) also (tropical:) [each of] the two sides of a ثَنِيَّةٌ [or long mountain traversed by a road; or a part of a mountain that requires one, in traversing it, to ascend and descend; &c.]: (K, TA:) Lth says that when you look at the head of a ثَنِيَّةٌ of a mountain, you see its prominence to have what are termed حَقْوَانِ. (TA.) حِقْوٌ: see حَقْوٌ.

حَقْوَةٌ: see حَقْوٌ, in two places.

A2: Also A pain of the belly, (S, M, K,) which affects a man, (S, M,) from eating flesh-meat, (M, K,) occasioning diarrhœa; (M;) or occasioning an inflation in the حَقْوَانِ [or two flanks]; (T;) and so ↓ حِقَآءٌ: (M, K:) or i. q. هَيْضَةٌ [generally meaning cholera]. (TA in art. طسأ.) b2: And A certain malady in camels, in consequence of which the belly is rent by the [affection of the lungs termed] نُحَاز, [which occasions violent coughing,] (K, TA,) and the animal voids not the urine nor dung, (K in art. فقأ,) often, also, having the veins and flesh choked with blood, and becoming swollen, or inflated, often to such a degree that the stomach bursts in consequence thereof. (TA in that art.) The word is mostly used in relation to a human being. (TA.) حِقَآءٌ: see حَقْوٌ, with which it is syn. in one sense pointed out above; and of which it is also a pl., as well as of حَقْوَةٌ. b2: Also The cord, or the like, with which the horse-cloth is bound upon the belly of the horse when he is made to run a heat or two heats and then covered over to make him sweat and to reduce his fat, [see 1 in art. حنذ,] by way of preparing him for racing or the like. (TA.) A2: See also حَقْوَةٌ.

مَحْقُوٌّ (S, K) and مَحْقِىٌّ (K) applied to a man, (S,) Affected with the pain of the belly termed حَقْوَةٌ. (S, K.) And Having a complaint of his حَقْو. (CK, but wanting in MS. copies of the K.)
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