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أ1 حَلَأَهُ, aor. حَلَاَ; and ↓ أَحْلَأَهُ; He applied the collyrium called حُلَآءَة and حَلُوْء to his eyes: (K:) or, accord. to AZ, ↓ أَحْلَأَهُ, inf. n. إِحْلَآءٌ, signifies, he rubbed for him powder from two stones, and applied their powder as a collyrium to his eyes when they were diseased: (TA:) and accord. to ISk, حَلَأَ لَهُ حَلُوْءًا signifies he rubbed for him a stone upon another stone, then put the powder [thus obtained] upon the palm of his hand, and rubbed off with it the rust of a mirror, [see صَدَأَ and صَدَّأَ, the mirror being of bronze, or other metallic substance,] then applied it as a collyrium to his eyes. (K, * S.) A2: حَلَأَهُ, inf. n. حَلْءٌ, He flogged him with a whip. (S.) b2: And, as also ↓ حَلَّأَهُ, He struck him with a sword, (S, K,) or a staff or stick. (TA.) b3: حَلَأَ بِهِ الأَرْضَ He threw him down on the ground, prostrate: (K:) like جَلَأَ به الارض, which, accord. to Az, is a dial. var. of حلأ. (TA.) b4: حَلَأَهَا (tropical:) He lay with her; or compressed her. (K, TA.) A3: حَلَأَهُ, (S, K,) and ↓ حلّأهُ, (K,) and ↓ احلأهُ, (TA,) He gave him money. (AZ, S, K.) [Hence,] مَا حُلِئْتُ مِنْهُ بِطَائِلٍ

[I gained not, or derived not, any great profit from him, or it]. (T.) [See also 1 in art. حلى.]

A4: حَلَأَ الجِلْدَ, aor. حَلَاَ, inf. n. حَلْ ءٌ and حَلْأَةٌ, He (a currier) shaved the hide; (S, K;) i. e., removed what remained of the flesh. (K.) b2: Hence the prov., حَلَأَتْ حَالِئَةٌ عِنْ كُوعِهَا [A woman shaving a hide grazed the shin of the extremity of the bone of her fore arm next the thumb: see also حَزَّ]: for the dexterous woman sometimes hurries, and so grazes the skin of her wrist-bone. (S.) The prov., however, is differently explained: see حَالِئَةٌ. (TA.) b3: حَلَأْتُ الصُّوفَ, inf. n. حَلْءٌ; as also حَلَتُّهُ; I tore the wool from the sheep. (Lh, TA in art. حلت) A5: حَلِىءَ الأَدِيمُ, inf. n. حَلَإٌ, The hide had in it what is called تِحْلِىءٌ. (S.) b2: حَلِىءَ He had pustules (حَلَإٌ, for which is put in the K تِحْلِىءٌ) upon his lips after a fever. (TA.) And حَلئَت الشَّفَةُ The lip broke out with pustules after an illness; (S, K;) as also حَلِيَت. (T.) 2 حَلَّاَ see 1, in two places.

A2: حلّأ, inf. n. تَحْلِىْءٌ and تَحْلِئَةٌ, He drove away, and debarred, (camels or other animals, S, or people, TA,) from the water. (S, K.) حَلَّيْتُمْ occurs in a trad. for حَلَّأْتُمْ, like قَرَيْتُ for قَرَأْتُ, contr. to analogy; it being a rule not to change hemzeh into ى unless the next preceding letter is meksoor. (TA.) A3: حلّأ السَّوِيقَ, inf. n. تَحْلِئَةٌ; as also ↓ احلأ; He sweetened the سويق [or mess made of the meal of parched barley]: but hemzeh does not properly belong to this verb; for it is from الحَلْوَآء. (Fr, S, K.) [See 2 in art. حلو.]4 أَحْلَاَ see 1, in three places: A2: and see also 2.

حَلَأٌ Pustules breaking out upon the lips after a fever. (S, K.) [See also حَلًا, in art. حلى.]

حَلُوْءٌ: see حُلَآءَةٌ.

حَلَآءَةٌ A land abounding with trees: (K:) or the name of a certain place, (K,) intensely cold; (TA;) as also حِلَآءة. (K.) حُلَآءَةٌ and ↓ حَلُوْءٌ What is rubbed between two stones, to be applied as a collyrium (S, K) for a pain in the eyes: (TA:) [but see the verb, in the explanations of which this collyrium seems to be more correctly described:] or حَلُوْءٌ is a stone which a person with diseased eyes uses as a remedy: (K:) or, accord. to ISk, a stone that is rubbed upon, and then used as a collyrium; [i. e., its powder is so used.] (TA.) تُحَكُّ ↓ حَلُوْءَةٌ بِالذَّرَارِيحِ [A powder for the eyes, that is rubbed together with cantharides,] is a prov., applied to him whose words are fair, and whose actions are foul. (TA.) b2: حُلَآءَةٌ also signifies That which a currier shaves off from the inner side of a hide. (S, K.) حَلُوْءَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

حَالِئَةٌ A malignant serpent, (Sh, K,) the action of which, in poisoning him whom it bites, is like that of the oculist who rubs powder [form two stones] for him who has diseased eyes, and applies it to them. (Sh.) [Hence, accord. to some, the prov. above mentioned, as is stated (but without explanation) in the TA.]

تِحْلِىءٌ and ↓ تِحْلِئَةٌ The hair on the surface of a hide, and its dirt, and blackness: (K:) or what is pared off from the back of a hide. (Lh, TA in art. بشر.) b2: Also What the knife spoils, of a hide, in the process of shaving it. (S, K.) b3: رَجُلٌ تِحْلِئَةٌ (tropical:) A heavy, or dull, or troublesome, man, (TA,) who sticks to another [like dirt], and vexes him. (K.) تِحْلِئَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مِحْلَأٌ: see what next follows.

مِحْلَأَةٌ A currier's knife, used for shaving the inner surface of the hide: (K:) and ↓ محْلَأٌ the iron instrument, or stone, with which one shaves off the تِحْلِىء of a hide, and with which one skins. (TA voce مِحْمَرٌ, q. v.)
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