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1 حَلَجَ القُطْنَ, (S, A, Msb, K,) aor. حَلِجَ (S, Msb, K) and حَلُجَ, (S, K,) inf. n. حَلْجٌ, He separated, or cleared, the cotton from its seeds, with the wooden implement termed مِحْلَج: (Msb:) or he separated and loosened the cotton (نَدَفَهُ) with the مِحْلَاج upon the مِحْلَج, (TA,) or upon the مِحْلَجَة. (A.) [Golius describes the operation thus: “ e nucibus parum excerptum, inter ferramenta duo (quorum superius, axiculo seu specillo simile, ceu torno vertitur, inferius quiescit, simul autem inter sese arcte cohærent,) attrahitur et à semine duriore segregatur: ” but see مِحْلَاجٌ and مِحْلَجٌ.] b2: [Hence,] حَلَجَ signifies also (tropical:) He made a cake of bread round (A, K) [by rolling it] with the مِحْلَاج. (A.) b3: And (tropical:) He mixed, and stirred about, and beat, what is termed تَلْبِينَة, or هَرِيسَة. (A, TA.) b4: And (tropical:) He beat another with a staff, or stick. (A.) b5: (tropical:) He twisted a rope. (A, TA.) 5 تحلّج السَّحَابُ (assumed tropical:) The clouds became in a state of commotion, and lightened. (K.) b2: مَا تَحَلَّجَ ذٰلِكَ فِى صَدْرِى (tropical:) That [thing, or affair,] did not become agitated to and fro in my mind, so that I should doubt respecting it. (TA.) and مَا تَحَلَّجَ فِى صَدْرِى مِنْهُ شَىْءٌ (tropical:) [Nothing of it was doubtful in my mind;] I doubted not respecting aught of it. (A.) You say, دَعْ مَا تَحَلَّجَ فِى صَدْرِكَ and ما تَخَلَّجَ (tropical:) [Leave thou that which has been doubtful in thy mind]. (Lth, TA.) تحلّج فِى

صَدْرِى and تخلّج mean (tropical:) I doubted respecting it: (As, TA:) or both mean nearly the same. (Sh, TA.) The saying of 'Adee, (K,) [or,] correctly, the saying of the Prophet to 'Adee Ibn-Zeyd, (TA,) لَا يَتَحَلَّجَنَّ فِى صَدْركَ طَعَامٌ ضارَعْتَ فِيهِ النَّصْرَانِيَّةَ, or ↓ لا يَحْتَلِجَنَّ, [accord. to different copies of the K, in the CK ضارَعَتْ فيهِ النَّصْرانِيَّةُ,] means (tropical:) Let not aught [of doubt] enter thy heart on account of it; [i. e., on account of food in respect of which thou hast resembled those who follow the Christian religion;] i. e., it is clean. (Sh, K, TA.) Accord. to IAth, this is from ↓ حَلْجٌ, signifying motion, and commotion, or agitation: and it is also related with خ [in the place of ح], meaning the same. (TA.) 8 إِحْتَلَجَ see 5.

حَلْجٌ: see 5, last sentence.

سَحَابٌ حَلُوجٌ (assumed tropical:) Lightning clouds. (K.) حَلِيجٌ and ↓ مَحْلُوجٌ Cotton upon which the operation signified by the verb حَلَجَ has been performed; (S, K;) cotton separated, or cleared, from its seeds. (Msb.) b2: For the former, see also حَلِيجَةٌ.

حِلَاجَةٌ The art, or business, of performing the operation, upon cotton, signified by the verb حَلَجَ. (K.) حَلِيجَةٌ (assumed tropical:) Milk in which are dates: (K:) milk in which dates have been macerated, steeped, or soaked; (S, TA;) and which is sweet: (TA:) or clarified butter [poured] upon pure milk: or dregs squeezed from a butter-skin (عُصَارَةُ نِحْىٍ

[or perhaps the latter word is a mistranscription for نَحًى, and, if so, the meaning is the expressed juice of the species of dates termed نَحًى]): (S, K:) and the expressed juice of حِنَّآء: and some fresh butter milked upon: (K:) pl. حُلُجٌ: accord. to the T, حُلُجٌ signifies dates with milk: (TA:) and accord. to Kr, ↓ حَلِيجٌ, without ة, is a name given to dates milked upon, and then mashed with the hand. (ISd, TA.) حَلَّاجٌ One whose business is to perform the operation, upon cotton, signified by the verb حَلَجَ. (S, K.) مِحْلَجٌ The thing on which is performed the operation, upon cotton, signified by the verb حَلَجَ; (S, K;) as also ↓ مِحْلَجَةٌ: (S, A, K:) it is of wood or of stone. (TA.) b2: See also مِحْلَاجٌ. b3: Also (assumed tropical:) The axis (مِحْوَر) of the sheave of a pulley. (K.) مِحْلَجَةٌ: see مِحْلَجٌ.

مِحْلَاجٌ The thing with which is performed the operation, upon cotton, signified by the verb حَلَجَ: (S, A, K:) or ↓ مِحْلَجٌ is the name of the wooden implement [with which that operation is performed, or] with which cotton is separated, or cleared, from its seeds. (Msb.) b2: Also (assumed tropical:) An implement of wood, (K,) or of stone, (TA,) with which a cake of bread is expanded; (K;) a rolling-pin for dough: (A, TA:) pl. مَحَالِجُ and مَحَالِيجُ. (TA.) b3: And (tropical:) A bull's horn. (A, TA.) مَحْلُوجٌ: see حَلِيجٌ.
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