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Q. 1 حَلْقَمَهُ, (S, K,) inf. n. حَلْقَمَةٌ, (TA,) He cut, or severed, his حُلْقُوم [or windpipe]; (S, K;) accord. to the K, meaning his حَلْق; but see the explanations of حلقوم below: (TA:) he slaughtered him in the manner termed ذَبْحٌ. (TA.) [Mentioned in the Msb in art. حلق.]

A2: حَلْقَمَ الرُّطَبُ [or rather البُسْرُ] (assumed tropical:) The dates began to be ripe next the base; as also حَلْقَنَ, in which the ن is asserted by Yaakoob to be a substitute for م. (TA.) Q. 3 احْلَنْقَمَ He left, or forsook, food; expl. by تَرَكَ الطَّعَامَ. (K.) حُلْقُومٌ The windpipe, or passage of the breath; (T, Mgh, TA;) by the cutting, or severing, of which, and of the مَرِىْء [or œsophagus] and وَدَجَانِ [or two external jugular veins], the lawful slaughtering of an animal is completed: (T, TA:) accord. to the S and K, [and to the Msb, in art. حلق, though it is there correctly and fully explained as meaning the windpipe,] i. q. حَلْقٌ: but in the M it is explained [agreeably with general usage] as the passage of the breath, and of coughing, from the جَوْف [or chest]; consisting of a series of successively-superimposed cartilages (أَطْبَاقُ غَرَاضِيفَ), before which, in the exterior of the throat, is nothing but skin; having its lower extremity in the lungs, and its upper extremity at the root of the tongue: from it pass forth the breath and the wind and the saliva and the voice: [see also another explanation voce حَلْقٌ, from Zj in his “ Khalk el-Insán,” and the Msb:] pl. حَلَاقِمُ and حَلَاقِيمُ. (TA.) Accord. to some, the م is augmentative: accord. to others, radical. (TA.) b2: [Hence,] they say, نَزَلْنَا مِثْلَ حُلْقُومِ النَّعَامَةِ, meaning (assumed tropical:) We alighted in a strait, or confined, place. (TA.) And حَلَاقِيمُ البِلَادِ means (assumed tropical:) The strait, or confined, parts of the country, or of countries: (Mgh:) or the lateral, and extreme, parts thereof. (TA.) حُلْقَامةٌ: see what follows.

رُطَبٌ مُحَلْقِمٌ [or rather بُسْرٌ محلقم] (assumed tropical:) Dates that have begun to be ripe next the base; (K;) [or that have become ripe to the extent of two thirds; (see حُلْقَانٌ in art. حلق;)] as also مُحَلْقِنٌ: (TA:) and ↓ رُطَبَةٌ حُلْقَامَةٌ [or rather بُسْرَةٌ حلقامة (in the CK حَلْقَامَةٌ)] is applied to a single date in this sense. (K, * TA.)
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