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أ1 حَمَأَ البِئْرَ, (S, K,) aor. حَمَاَ, (K,) inf. n. حَمْءٌ, (S,) He cleansed the well of its حَمْأَة [or black, fetid mud]. (S, K.) In the T, this signification is assigned to البئر ↓ احمأ; and the signification assigned below to the latter is given to حمأ: but As says that he does not find this authorized by usage. (TA.) A2: حَمِئَ, aor. حَمَاَ, inf. n. حَمْءٌ and حَمَأٌ, It (water) was, or became, mixed with black, fetid mud, and so rendered turbid, (K, TA,) and altered in odour. (TA.) And حَمِئَتِ البِئْرُ, inf. n. حَمَأٌ, The well had in it black [fetid] mud (S, Msb) in abundance: (S:) and the like is also said of a spring. (TA.) A3: حَمِئَ عَلَيْهِ He was angry with him; (El-Umawee, S, K;) as also حَمِىَ. (Lh, TA.) 4 احمأ البِئْرَ, (ISk, S, K,) inf. n. إِحْمَآءٌ, (ISk, S,) He threw حَمْأَة [or black, fetid mud] into the well. (ISk, S, K.) b2: See also 1.

حَمْءٌ and حَمٌ and حَمُو [only used as a prefixed n. governing the gen. case (see حَمٌ in art. حمو)] and حَمًا (S, Msb, K) and ↓ حَمَأٌ (K) A woman's husband's father; (IF, Msb, K;) and a man's wife's father: (IF, Msb:) or a man's wife's father or wife's brother or wife's paternal uncle: (M, Msb:) or any one of a woman's husband's [male] relations, (S, O, K,) as the brother and the father (S, O) and the paternal uncle; (O, TA;) and of a man's wife's relations: (K:) pl. أَحْمَآءٌ: (S, K:) the fem. is حَمَاْةٌ. (TA.) A2: See also حَمْأَةٌ.

حَمَأٌ: see حَمْءٌ: A2: and see also what next follows.

حَمْأَةٌ (S, Msb, K) and ↓ حَمَأٌ, (S, K,) but accord. to some, the latter is the pl. [or rather quasipl. n.] of the former; and sometimes, by poetic license, it is written ↓ حَمْءٌ; (TA;) Black mud: (S, Msb:) or black fetid mud. (K.) A2: Also, the former, A certain plant, (K,) that grows in Nejd, in the sands, and in plain, or soft, land. (TA.) حَمِئُ العَيْنِ A man of an evil eye, (Fr, K,) who injures with his eye him whom he sees and admires: no verb belonging to it has been heard. (Fr, TA.) A2: حَمِئَةٌ A well (بِئْر) or a spring (عَيْن) foul with black, fetid mud. (TA.)
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