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1 حَنِبَ: see the next paragraph.2 حنّبهُ, inf. n. تَحْنِيبٌ, It (old age, TA) bent him down. (K, * TA.) [See its quasi-pass., 5.]

b2: حنّب أَزَجًا He built firmly a structure of the kind called أَزَج, and made it curved. (K.) b3: تَحْنِيبٌ [as an inf. n. of which the verb, if it have one in any of the following senses, is حُنِّبَ,] also signifies A bending, or curving, and tension [of the sinews] (تَوْتِيرٌ), of the backbone (صُلْب) and fore legs of a horse: (As, S:) or a convexity in the shank (وَظِيف) of each of the fore legs of a horse, (K, * TA,) not being a great curvature, (TA,) and in the backbone (صُلْب): (K:) it is a quality indicative of strength: (Az, TA:) تَجْنِيبٌ (with ج) is [the same] in the hind legs: (As, S, K:) or it [i. e. تحنيب as indicated in the K and by an explanation of مُحَنَّبٌ, but the same explanation is also given to مُجَنَّبٌ,] is width in the space between the hind legs, without what is termed فَجَجٌ [i. e. straddling], or فَحَجٌ [i. e. the having the fore parts of the feet near together and the heels distant, or having the legs wide apart (like فَجَجٌ), or having the thighs or the middles of the legs wide apart]; (so accord. to different copies of the K;) which is a quality approved: (TA:) or a curving in the سَاقَانِ [here app. meaning the hind legs, or rather the hind shanks; see مُحَنَّبٌ]: as also حَنَبٌ [an inf. n. of which the verb, if it have one, is app. ↓ حَنِبَ]: (K:) or a curving of the ribs. (TA.) [See تَجْنِيبٌ: and see also مُحَنَّبٌ.]5 تحنّب He (a man, S) was, or became, crooked, curved, or bent. (S, K.) b2: [And hence,] تحنّب عَلَيْهِ (tropical:) He was, or became, affected with compassion for him. (K, TA.) حَنْبَآءُ: see what follows.

مُحَنَّبٌ An old man bent (K, TA) with age. (TA.) b2: A horse characterized by what is termed تَحْنِيبٌ: (K:) [see 2:]) accord. to A 'Obeyd, wide in the space between the hind legs, without فَجَجٌ, or فَحَجٌ: (so accord. to different copies of the S: [see these terms explained above, conj. 2:]) an epithet of commendation: (S:) accord. to ISh, having curved bones: the mare, he says, is termed ↓ حَنْبَآءُ: and this latter, accord. to As, is an epithet applied to a mare curved in the سَاقَانِ [or shanks] of the fore legs: or, accord. to IAar, in [the shanks of] the hind legs: or, as he says in another place, curved in the ساق [here app. meaning the hind shank]. (TA.) [See also مُجَنَّبٌ.]
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