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1 حَنَذَ, aor. حَنِذَ, inf. n. حَنْذٌ (S, L, K, &c.) and تَحْنَاذٌ, [which latter is an intensive form,] He roasted a kid, &c.: (M, L:) or he roasted flesh-meat with heated stones, (T, A, L,) [in a hole dug in the ground, (see حَنِيذٌ,)] in order to cook it thoroughly: (A:) or he roasted a sheep or goat, and put upon it heated stones to cook it thoroughly: (S, L, K:) or he roasted flesh-meat by covering it over in fire, or burying it therein: (AZ, L:) or he roasted it so that it dripped: (M:) or he roasted it without overdoing it [so that the moisture dripped from it]: or he scalded a kid &c., so as to remove its hair. (L.) [See also حَنِيذٌ; and see 4.] b2: حَنَذَتْهُ الشَّمْسَ, (A, L, K,) aor. حَنِذَ, inf. n. حَنْذٌ, (L,) (tropical:) The sun burned him, (A, L, K,) namely, a traveller, and pained his brain. (K.) b3: حَنَذَ الفَرَسَ, (S, A, L, K,) aor. حَنِذَ, (S, L, K,) inf. n. حَنْذٌ (S, L) and حِنَاذٌ, (A, L,) (tropical:) He urged on the horse, (A, K,) and made him to run a heat or two heats, (S, L, K,) and then threw upon him coverings, (S, A, L, K,) one above another, (L,) to the number of five or six, (T, L,) in the sun, (S, K,) in order that he might sweat, (T, S, A, L, K,) to reduce his fat, and prevent his breathing hard. (T, L.) To a horse to which this is done you apply the epithets ↓ حَنِيذٌ and ↓ مَحْنُوذٌ. (S, A, L, K.) If the horse do not sweat, you say of him, كَبَا. (S, L.) b4: حَنَذَ لَهُ: see 4.4 احنذ He cooked flesh-meat thoroughly. (L.) b2: [See also 1] b3: Also, inf. n. إِحْنَاذٌ, (tropical:) He put much mixture [of water] into the beverage or wine (شَرَاب): or, as some say, the contr., i. e. he put little thereof: (K, TA:) accord. to Fr, (L,) i. q. أَعْرَقَ and أَخْفَسَ: (T, L:) AHeyth disallows its being syn. with these two verbs: (L:) but in the M it is said that لَهُ ↓ حَنَدَ, aor. حَنِذَ, means (assumed tropical:) he made the water for him little, and the beverage, or wine, much; as also اخفس: (L, TA:) accord. to Fr, إِذَا سَقَيْتُ فَأَحْنِذْ meansأَخْفِسْ, i. e. (assumed tropical:) [when thou givest to drink,] make the water little, and the نَبِيذ much; (T, L, TA;) or this phrase means عَرِّقْ شَرَابَكَ, i. e. pour into thy beverage, or wine, a little water: (S, L:) in the A it is said that إِذَا سَقَيْتُهُ فَأَحْنِذْ لَهُ means (tropical:) [when thou givest him to drink,] give him to drink pure [wine] that shall burn his inside. (TA.) 10 استحنذ (tropical:) He lay upon his side in the sun, (K, TA,) and threw clothes over him there, (TA,) in order that he might sweat. (K, TA.) Yousay, اِسْتَحْنَذْتُ فِى الشَّمْسِ (tropical:) I endeavoured to make myself sweat by throwing clothes over me in the sun. (A.) حَنْذٌ: see حَنِيذٌ.

A2: Also (assumed tropical:) The intenseness, or violence, and burning, of heat. (S, L.) حُنْذَةٌ (assumed tropical:) Intense, or violent, heat. (K.) حِنْذِيذٌ (assumed tropical:) A man (TA) that sweats much. (K, TA.) حَنَاذِ, like قَطَامِ, [a proper name, indecl., with kesr for its termination,] (assumed tropical:) The sun. (K.) حِنَاذٌ (assumed tropical:) Heat: so in the phrase ↓ حِنَاذٌ مِحْنَذٌ (assumed tropical:) Burning heat. (L.) حَنِيذٌ Roasted flesh-meat; as also ↓ مَحْنُوذٌ and ↓ حَنْذٌ, which last is an inf. n. used as an epithet: (L:) or roasted with heated stones, (T, A, L,) in order to be cooked thoroughly: (A:) or a sheep or goat roasted, and having heated stones put upon it to cook it thoroughly; (S, L, K;) as also ↓ مَحْنُوذٌ; (TA;) which Ibn-'Arafeh explains as meaning roasted by means of heated stones put upon it, so thoroughly as to fall off from the bones: or حَنِيذٌ, he says, signifies roasted by means of hot stones so as to drip: (L:) or hot, roasted, flesh-meat, of which the moisture drips: (Sh, L, K: *) this is said by Az to be the best explanation that has been given of it: (TA:) or roasted flesh-meat not overdone: (L:) or roasted by being buried in the fire: (AZ, L:) or [roasted flesh-meat] for which one has dug a hole in the ground in which it is then covered over [with fire or heated stones], agreeably with a wellknown practice of the Arabs of the desert: (Fr, L:) or roasted in a hole dug in the ground, heated stones being put upon it. (Har p. 20.) [See also مَرْمُوضٌ.] b2: See also 1. b3: Also (assumed tropical:) Heated water: (K:) or hot water. (Sh, T, L.) b4: (assumed tropical:) A kind of oil. (K.) b5: (assumed tropical:) A perfumed preparation of خِطْمِىّ [or marsh-mallows] and the like, for washing the head. (K, * TA.) شَرَابٌ مُحْنَذٌ (assumed tropical:) Beverage, or wine, mixed with much water. (IAar, TA.) [But see 4.]

مِحْنَذٌ: see حِنَاذٌ.

مَحْنُوذٌ: see حَنِيذٌ, in two places: b2: and see also 1.
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