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1 حَامَ, (S, Msb, K,) حَوْلَ المَآءِ, (S, Msb,) or عَلَى الشَّىْءِ, (K,) aor. يَحُومُ, (S,) inf. n. حَوَمَانٌ (S, Msb, K) and حَوْمٌ, (S, K,) said of a bird, or flying thing, (S, Msb, K,) &c., (S,) It went, [or hovered,] or circled, (S, Msb, K,) round about the water, (S, Msb,) by reason of thirst, (TA,) or round about the thing: (K:) and in like manner حَامَتْ, said of camels. (K, TA.) b2: [Hence,] it is said in a trad., مَنْ حَامَ حَوْلَ الحِمَى يُوشِكَ أَنْ يَقَعَ فِيهِ, meaning (assumed tropical:) He who approaches acts of disobedience is near to falling therein. (Msb.) And you say, هُوَ يَحُومُ حَوْلَ غَرَضٍ لَهُ (tropical:) [He hovers about an object of aim, or desire, that he has]. (TA.) And حام فُلَانٌ عَلَى

الأَمْرِ, inf. n. حَوْمٌ and حِيَامٌ and حُؤُومٌ, (K, TA,) the second with kesr [to the ح, and therefore with ى in the place of و, but written in the CK with fet-h], (TA,) (tropical:) Such a one desired, or sought, the thing. (K, TA.) And حام عَلَى قَرَابَتِهِ (tropical:) He affected, or inclined towards, his relations, like one going round about the water. (TA.) 2 حوّم فِى الأَمْرِ i. q. اِسْتَدَامَ (tropical:) [app. as meaning (assumed tropical:) He paused, and acted with deliberation, or in a patient or leisurely manner, or he waited in expectation, in the affair, or case, like one who hovers about a thing]. (K, TA.) جَيْشُ حَامٍ [lit. The army of Ham, the son of Noah; meaning, because of its blackness,] (tropical:) the night. (TA.) حَوْمٌ A large herd of camels, (S, M, K,) amounting to a thousand: (M, K:) or an indefinite number; (K, * TA;) i. e. many: a quasipl. n.; or, as some say, a pl. (TA.) حُومٌ, applied to wine, (TA,) That circulates [or produces a sensation of circular motion] in the head. (K.) b2: Accord. to As, so applied, it signifies Much in quantity. (TA.) حَوْمَةٌ The main part or portion, (S, K,) of water, (S,) or of the sea, (K,) and of sand, and of a fight, &c.: (S, K:) the part where is most water, of the sea; (Ham p. 329, and TA;) the deepest part thereof: (TA:) and in like manner, of a watering-trough: (Ham ibid., and TA:) or a copious, or deep, part of water: (Lh, TA:) and hence, the vehemence of war or fight: (Ham p. 329:) or a place of fight; because the opposing parties go round about it: (Ham p. 492:) or the most vehement part [or the thickest] of a fight: (K, * TA:) pl. حَوْمَاتٌ. (Ham p. 329.) [See also حَوْبَةٌ, last signification.]

حَامِىٌّ A black, or negro, boy or young man, (S, K,) or slave: (S:) so termed in relation to حام [or Ham, the son of Noah], the father of the blacks, or negroes. (S, K.) حَائِمٌ Thirsty, and going, [or hovering,] or circling, round about the water: (Ham p. 753:) and hence, (Id. p. 317,) whatever is thirsty: (Id. ibid., and K:) [fem. with ة: pl. masc.

حُوَّمٌ:] pl. fem. حَوَائِمُ. (Ham p. 317.) Yousay إِبِلٌ حُوَّمٌ Thirsty camels that go round about the water: (As, TA:) or, as also إِبِلٌ حَوَائِمُ, thirsty camels: (K:) or very thirsty camels. (TA.) And it is said in a trad., respecting the prayer for rain, اَللّٰهُمَّ ارْحَمْ بَهَائِمَنَا الحَائِمَةَ O God, have mercy upon our beasts that are going about the water and not finding any to which they may come to drink. (TA.) You say also هَامَةٌ حَائِمَةٌ A thirsty head: (TA:) or a head of which the brain is thirsty. (T, TA.) b2: Also (tropical:) Desiring, or seeking: pl. حُوَّمٌ, (K, TA,) [in the CK حَوَمٌ, but it is] like سُكَّرٌ. (TA.)
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