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1 حَادَ عَنْهُ, (S, A, Msb, K,) aor. يَحِيدُ, inf. n. حُيُودٌ and حَيْدَةٌ (S, Msb, K) and حَيْدٌ and حَيَدَانٌ and مَحِيدٌ (K) and حَيْدُودَةٌ, (S, K,) which last is originally حَيَدُودَةٌ, with the ى movent; this letter being afterwards made quiescent; for there is not in the language any word of the measure فَعْلُولٌ, except صَعْفُوقٌ; (S; [see the remarks on شَيْخُوخَةٌ, voce شَاخَ;]) He declined, or turned aside or away, from it; (S, A, K;) removed, went away, or went far away, from it; (Msb;) namely, a road, (S,) or a thing: (Msb:) he shunned, or avoided, it, from fear, or from disdain. (Az, L.) [See also 3.] You say, مَا لَكَ مَحِيدٌ عَنْ ذٰلِكَ There is not, for thee, any avoiding that. (L.) And حَادَتِ الدَّابَّةُ The beast became scared, or shied, and quitted the middle of the road. (L.) b2: حاد بِهِ, and ↓ احادهُ, He removed, took away, or took far away, him, or it; [عَنْ شَىْءٍ from a thing;] similar to ذَهَبَ بِهِ and أَذْهَبَهُ. (Msb.) 2 قَدَّ السَّيْرَ فَحَيَّدَهُ He cut, or cut lengthwise, the thong, or strip of skin or leather, and made it to have parts projecting beyond the rest. (L, K.) 3 حايدهُ, inf. n. مُحَايَدَةٌ and حِيَادٌ, He went, or turned, aside from, or away from, or he avoided, or he went, or removed, to a distance from, him, or it: (S, L, K:) [see also 1:] or, accord. to the A, he inclined upon, or against, him, or it. (TA.) 4 أَحْيَدَ see 1.

حَيْدٌ A rising, or protuberant, or prominent, part of a side of a thing: (L, K:) so of the head; (Lth, L;) as also ↓ حَيْدَةٌ: (A:) a knot, knob, or protuberance, of a stick or branch; [as also ↓ حَيْدَةٌ: (AHn, TA voce بَلْطٌ, q. v.:)] a part of a strap, or thong, projecting beyond the rest: (L:) any rib, (L, K,) or other bone, (L,) that curves much [and is therefore prominent]: (L, K:) [see an ex. voce حَابٍ, in art. حبو:] a knot in the horn of a mountain-goat; (A, * L, K;) or this is termed ↓ حَيْدَةٌ: (S, L:) a twisted part of a horn: a twisted internodal portion of a horn: (L:) any prominence in a horn, and in a mountain, (S, L, K,) &c.: (S, L:) a prominent and curved part of a mountain: (T:) a projecting portion, or ledge, of a mountain, resembling a wing: (S, M, L, K:) pl. (of the former word, S) أَحْيَادٌ [a pl. of pauc.] and (of both words, S) حُيُودٌ and (of the latter, S) حِيَدٌ: (S, K:) the حُيُود of a camel are such parts as the hips, or haunches, and thighs. (L.) You say جَبَلٌ ذُو حُيُودٍ and أَحْيَادٍ, meaning A mountain having projecting edges in its lower parts, not in its upper parts. (S.) And قَعَدْتُ تَحْتَ حَيْدِ الجَبَلِ I sat beneath the part of the mountain that projected like a wing. (A.) حَيْدَةٌ: see حَيْدٌ, in three places. b2: Also The rugged part of a road. (A.) b3: An evil look, (A, K,) with a turning aside. (A.) You say, مَا نَظَرَ إِلَىَّ إِلَّا الحَيْدَةَ, (A,) or إِلَّا نَظَرَ الحَيْدَةِ, (TA,) He looked not towards me save with an evil look, with a turning aside. (A, TA.) حَيَدَى The manner of walking of a proud and self-conceited person. (K.) b2: حِمَارٌ حَيَدَى (S, K) and ↓ حَيِّدٌ, (K,) each occurring in a verse of [Umeiyeh the son of] Aboo-'Áïdh El-Hudhalee accord. to different relations thereof, (L, [see جَمَّازٌ,]) An ass that turns aside from, or shies at, his shadow, by reason of his briskness, liveliness, or sprightliness: (S, K:) or that is wont often to turn aside from things, or to shy at them. (S.) حَيَدَى is also applied as an epithet to a she-ass. (IAar.) It is [said to be] the only masc. epithet of the measure فَعَلَى, (S, K,) except دَلَظَى a man “ who thrusts vehemently,” (IJ,) and وَقَرَى [but this is written in the K وَقَرِىٌّ] “ a pastor of a وَقِير, or flock of sheep,” and قَفَطَى vir “ multum coiens,” and جَمَزَى a “ quick ” ass. (MF.) But probably حَيِّدٌ is the only correct word of the two above mentioned. (L.) [Or حِمَارٌ حَيَدَى is for حِمَارٌ ذُو حَيَدَى: see جَمَزَى, voce جَمَّازٌ.]

حَيْدَانٌ Pebbles that become thrown aside from the legs of a beast as he goes along. (S, K.) حَيِّدٌ: see حَيَدَى.

حَيَادِ, like قَطَامِ, (L,) indecl., with kesr for its termination, [and of the fem. gender,] occurs in the phrase (TA) حِيدِى حَيَادِ, similar to فِيحِى فَيَاحِ, (S, L, K,) meaning Turn thou aside, or away, [from me:] (A, L:) said by one when the time for fighting is come, (L,) and by one fleeing. (Ibn-Abi-l-Hadeed.) حَيُودٌ [That declines, or goes away, much, or frequently]: an intensive epithet, applied by 'Alee to worldly prosperity (الدُّنْيَا). (L.) مَحِيدٌ an inf. n. of حَادَ. (K.) b2: [It may also be used, agreeably with analogy, as a noun of place, signifying A place to which one turns aside or away; to which one removes, goes away, or goes far away.]
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