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1 حَالَ, aor. يَحِيلُ, inf. n. حُيُولٌ It became altered, or changed: (K:) a dial. var. of حال, aor. يَحُولُ, inf. n. حُؤُولٌ. (TA.) b2: حال المَآءُ, aor. as above, The water remained, or stagnated, and collected; or remained long, and became altered; or became yellow and altered; in the bottom of a valley. (TA.) 4 مَا أَحْيَلَهُ a dial. var. of ما أَحْوَلَهُ. (Fr, S.) See 4 (last sentence) in art. حول.5 تحيّل: see 8 in art. حول.

حَيْلِ حَيْلِ A cry with which goats are chidden. (K.) حَيْلٌ Water that remains, or stagnates, and collects, or that remains long, and becomes altered, or that becomes yellow and altered, in the bottom of a valley: pl. [of pauc.] أَحْيَالٌ and [of mult.]

حُيُولٌ. (K.) A2: Also a subst. from الاِحْتِيَالُ; (S, K;) and so ↓ حِيلَةٌ, with kesr; (S;) or ↓ حَيْلَةٌ [perhaps a mistake for حِيلَةٌ]; (K;) and ↓ مَحَالَةٌ, and ↓ مَحَالٌ. (AZ, S.) [See حِيلَةٌ in art. حول.) b2: Strength, power, might, or force; syn. قُوَّةٌ; as also حَوْلٌ; (TA;) of which it is a dial. var. (S, Msb.) So in the saying, لَا حَيْلَ وَلَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِاللّٰهِ. (S, * Msb, TA. [See حَوْلٌ.]) So, too, in the phrase, in a form of prayer, اَللّٰهُمَّ ذَا الحَيْلِ الشَّدِيدِ [O God, Possessor of great might]: perverted by the relaters of traditions into ذا الحَبْلِ, with ب. (TA.) If it be a contraction of حَيّلٌ, originally حَيْوِلٌ, its proper place is art. حول: otherwise, this is its proper place. (TA.) حَيْلَةٌ A large number of goats: (S:) or a herd of goats: and a flock of sheep. (K.) b2: Stones rolled down from the side of a mountain to its bottom until they become many: (K:) or an overhanging mass of rock that falls down from the head of a mountain to its bottom. (Abu-l-Mekárim, O.) A2: See also حَيْلٌ.

حِيلَةٌ: see حَيْلٌ, above; and see art. حول.

حِيَلِىٌّ: see its syn. حُوَّلٌ, in art. حول.

حَيْلُولَةٌ an inf. n. of حَالَ, [aor. يَحُولُ,] (Mgh and Msb in art. حول,) like كَيْنُونَةٌ [&c.]. (Mgh in that art. [See 1 in that art.]) حِيَالٌ; and حِيَالَهُ and بِحِيَالِهِ: and عَلَى حِيَالِهِ: see art. حول.

حَيِّلٌ: see 4 in art. حول, in the latter half of the paragraph.

حَيَّالٌ: see its syn. حُوَّلٌ, in art. حول.

أَحْيَلُ: see art. حول.

مَحَالٌ: see حَيْلٌ, above; and see حِيلَةٌ in مَحَالَةٌ: art. حول.
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