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1 خَبَنَهُ, aor. خَبِنَ, inf. n. خَبْنٌ (S, Msb, K) and خِبَانٌ (S, K) and خُبَانٌ, (S, ISd,) He folded it, namely, a garment, (S, Msb, K,) &c., (S, K,) in its skirt, (Msb,) and sewed it, (S, K,) in order that it might become shorter; (S, Msb, K;) he contracted it [in its length], and sewed it; (M, TA;) he raised its (a garment's) skirt, or lower part, and sewed it higher up, in order that it might become contracted and shortened, as is done with the garment of a child; (Lth, TA;) [he made a tuck in it, to shorten it;] i. q. ثَبَنَهُ. (S in art. ثبن.) b2: [Hence, (assumed tropical:) He shortened it; namely, a period.] You say, [of a she-camel, or of camels,] خُبِنَ مِنْ طُولِ ظِمْئِهَا, meaning (assumed tropical:) The length of the interval between her, or their, two waterings was shortened. (TA.) b3: Also, (Msb, TA,) aor. خَبُنَ, (Msb,) [or. خَبِنَ,] He hid it, or concealed it; (Msb, TA;) kept it, or preserved it; or stored it; namely, a thing. (TA.) You say, خَبَنَ الطَّعَامَ He hid, or concealed, kept, or preserved, or stored, (S, K,) and prepared, (S,) wheat, or food, for [a time of] dearth, or adversity. (S, K.) b4: يَخْبِنُ الكَذِبَ (assumed tropical:) He prepares falsehood. (K, * TA.) b5: ↓ خَبَنَتْهُ خَبُونُ [as though signifying (assumed tropical:) Death hid him, or perhaps death shortened his existence,] is a phrase like شَعَبَتْهُ شَعُوبُ, meaning he died. (K. [In copies of the K, خَبُونٌ and شَعُوبٌ: but both are imperfectly decl., as fem. proper names of more than three letters.]) 4 اخبن He (a man, TA) hid, or concealed, a thing in the خُبْنَة [q. v.] of his trousers, (K, TA,) next the back: اثبن signifies “ he hid, or concealed, [a thing] in his ثُبْنَة, next the belly. ” (TA.) [See also what next follows.]8 اختبن الشَّىْءَ He took [and carried] the thing beneath the part extending from his armpit to his flank. (Har p. 552.) [See also what next precedes.]

خُبْنٌ The part of a مَزَادَة [or leathern water-bag that is hung on either side of a camel] which is between its خُرْت [or loop at either of its upper corners, whereby it is suspended, (in the CK خُرْب, which may signify the same,)] and its mouth [which is in the middle of the upper part]: (JK, K:) [thus] there are two such parts, [on either side of the mouth,] together called خُبْنَانِ. (JK, TA.) خُبْنَةٌ The doubled upper border of the trousers, (IAth, TA,) next the back, in which one hides, or conceals, [or carries,] a thing; (IAar, TA;) the ثُبْنَة being [similar to it, but] in the waistwrapper, (IAth, TA,) next the belly: (IAar, TA:) or the raised skirt, or lower part, of the garment, in which one carries a thing: pl. خُبَنٌ. (Har p. 427.) And What one carries in the حِضْن [or part between the armpit and the flank, &c.]: (S, K:) or what one carries beneath the armpit, (JK, Msb,) and in the sleeve: (JK:) or what is put, of food, and carried under the armpit or in the sleeve. (Har p. 427.) It is said in a trad. of 'Omar, إِذَا مَرَّ أَحَدُكُمْ بِحَائِطٍ

فَالْيَأْكُلْ مِنْهُ وَلَا يَتَّخِذْ خُبْنَةٌ [When any one of you passes by a garden of palm-trees, let him eat thereof, but not make, or take for himself, a خبنة]. (S, * TA. [See another reading voce ثِبَانٌ.]) خَبَنَتْهُ خَبُونُ: see 1.

خَابِنُ [applied to a she-camel, or to a number of camels,] (assumed tropical:) Whose interval between two water-ings has been shortened. (IAar.) A2: (assumed tropical:) One who prepares falsehood. (JK, * K, * TA.) A3: I. q. شَدِيدٌ [Strong, &c.]. (JK, K.)
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