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1 خَتَلَهُ, (S, M, K, &c.,) aor. خَتِلَ (M, Sgh, K) and خَتُلَ, (M, K,) inf. n. خَتْلٌ and خَتَلَانٌ, (K,) i. q. خَدَعَهُ, or خَادَعَهُ; (so accord. to different copies of the S;) and ↓ خاتلهُ signifies the same: (S:) or the former, i. q. خَدَعَهُ (Mgh, K, TA) [i. e.] He deceived, deluded, beguiled, circumvented, or outwitted, him, (KL, PS,) unawares: (TA:) and ↓ خاتلهُ, (K,) inf. n. مُخَاتَلَةٌ, (TA,) i. q. خَادَعَهُ [which means the same as خَدَعَهُ; or he practised with him mutual deceit, delusion, &c.; or he strove, endeavoured, or desired, to deceive, delude, beguile, circumvent, or outwit, him]; (K, TA;) and رَاوَغَهُ [which means he endeavoured to turn him, or to entice him to turn, to, or from, a thing, &c.]. (TA.) b2: خَتْلُ الصَّائِدِ means The sportsman's going along by little and little, stealthily, lest he should make a sound to be heard. (JM.) And خَتَلَ الصَّيْدَ, (K,) inf. n. خَتْلٌ, (TA,) said of a wolf, He concealed himself to seize the prey. (K.) 3 خَاْتَلَ see 1, in two places.6 تَخَاتُلٌ i. q. تَخَادُعٌ [as meaning The deceiving one another; thus explained in the KL: and app. also as meaning the pretending deceit, &c.; or the pretending to be deceived, &c.: accord. to the PS, the being deceived; but for this I know not any other authority]. (S.) You say, تخاتلوا, meaning تخادعوا [They deceived, deluded, beguiled, circumvented, or outwitted, one another]. (K.) And تخاتل عَنْ غَفْلَةٍ [app. meaning He pretended deceit &c., or pretended to be deceived &c., unawares]. (TA.) 8 اختتل He (a man, TA) listened to the secret of a party of men. (T, K, * TA.) El-Aashà

says, وَ لَا تَرَاهَا لِسِرِّ الجَارِ تَخْتَتِلُ [Nor wilt thou see her listen to the secret of the neighbour]. (TA.) خِتْلٌ A place of retreat, or concealment. (K.) And Any similar place in which one listens to hear secrets [&c.]. (TA.) The form of a hare, or burrow of a rabbit. (K.) خَتُولٌ: see خَاتِلٌ and خَتَّالٌ.

خَتَّالٌ i. q. خَدَّاعٌ [i. e. One who deceives, deludes, beguiles, circumvents, or outwits, much, or often; very deceitful &c.; as also ↓ خَتُولٌ, like خَدُوعٌ]. (TA.) خَاتِلٌ and [in an intensive sense] ↓ خَتُولٌ [like خَتَّالٌ, q. v.,] Deceiving, deluding, beguiling, circumventing, or outwitting. (K, TA.) خَوْتَلٌ Elegant; polite; acute, or sharp, or quick, in intellect; clever, ingenious, skilful, knowing, or intelligent: (K, * TA:) thought by ISd to be, perhaps, from الخَتْلُ signifying “the act of deceiving” &c. (TA.) خَوْتَلَى A stealthy walk or gait: (O, K, TA:) or a walking on one side. (T, TA.) Hence the saying, هُوَ يَخْلِجُنِى بِعَيْنِهِ وَ يَمْشِى لِى الخَوْتَلَى

[He makes a sign to me with his eye, and walks to me stealthily, or sideways]. (TA.) أَخْتَلُ [More, and most, deceitful, deluding, guileful, &c.]. You say أَخْتَلُ مِنْ ذِئْبٍ More deceitful, &c., than the wolf. (Mgh.)
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