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1 خَدَبَهُ, (S, K,) aor. خَدُبَ, inf. n. خَدْبٌ, (TA,) He smote him with a sword: (S, K:) or he cut him: (AZ:) or he smote him with a sword, cutting the flesh, without cutting the bone: (T, K:) or he smote him on the head, (JK, K, * TA,) and the like, (JK, TA,) with a sword. (JK.) b2: خَدْبٌ signifies also The act of rending, or cutting open, the skin and the flesh together, (JK, S, TA.) with the canine tooth. (JK, TA.) b3: And The act of biting. (K.) You say, خَدَبَتْهُ الحَيَّةُ The serpent bit him. (S.) b4: and The act of lying, or saying what is untrue. (K.) You say, خَدَبَ He lied. (JK, S.) b5: And The act of milking much. (K.) 5 تخدّب He went a middling pace. (As, K.) خَدَبٌ Stupidity; (JK;) i. q. هَوَجٌ [which means the same; or tallness combined with stupidity; &c.]: (S, K:) and [simply] tallness, or length; (S, * K, TA;) as also ↓ خُدْبَةٌ. (TA.) One says, كَانَ بِنَعَامَةَ خَدَبٌ There was, in Na'ámeh, هَوَج [i. e. stupidity, &c.]: (S, TA:) Na'ámeh being the surname of Beyhes, (TA,) who became the subject of a prov. respecting the taking of blood-revenge: (K in art. بهس:) Beyhes El-Fezáree, surnamed En-Na'ámeh, [or simply Na'ámeh,] was one of seven brothers, who were slain [in a case of blood-revenge], except himself; he being left because of his stupidity; for which he became proverbial. (TA in art. بهس.) One says also, فِى لِسَانِهِ [He is long-tongued; lit.] in his tongue is length. (S.) b2: Also The act of making haste. (KL.) خَدِبٌ Cutting; or sharp: (IAar, K:) applied to a sword, and a spear-head, and a dog-tooth. (IAar.) A2: See also أَخْدَبُ, in three places.

خُدْبَةٌ: see خَدَبٌ.

وَقَعُوا فِى وَادِى خَدِبَاتٍ [They fell into the valley of Khadibát]: a prov., applied to a man who falls into perdition; or to one who misses the object of his aim, or pursuit: (As, K: *) see, respecting it, [جَذَبَات, in] art. جذب. (TA.) خَدِبٌّ An old man. (A, K.) Great, big, or bulky; (S, A, K;) applied to a man, (S,) or to an ostrich, &c.; (K;) fem. with ة, applied to a girl: (S:) great, and thick or coarse or rude [in make]: (TA:) big in the sides: (Ham p. 439:) big and strong; applied to an old man: (JK:) a man, and a camel, perfect and strong in make: (A:) a camel strong and hardy (A, K, TA) and big. (TA.) خَادِبَةٌ, (JK, TA,) or شَجَّةٌ خَادِبَةٌ, (TA,) A severe wound breaking the head. (JK, TA.) خَيْدَبٌ, (S, K,) or ↓ خَيْدَبَةٌ, (JK,) A conspicuous road: (JK, S, K:) so says Esh-Sheybánee. (S.) b2: And the latter, A way of acting or conduct: so in the saying, فُلَانٌ عَلَى خَيْدَبَةٍ

صَالِحَةٍ [Such a one is following a good, righteous, or just, way of acting or conduct]. (TA.) b3: Opinion, judgment, or counsel: (K:) so in the saying, تَرَكْتُهُ وَخَيْدَبَتَهُ [I forsook him and his counsel]. (TA.) b4: One's first, or original, affair, concern, or business: (AZ, JK, S, K:) so in the saying, أَقْبِلْ عَلَى خَيْدَبَتِكَ [Apply thyself to thy first, or thine original, affair, &c.] (AZ, JK, S.) خَيْدَبَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

أَخْدَبُ (S, K) and ↓ خَدِبٌ (JK) and ↓ مُتَخَدِّبٌ (S, K,) applied to a man, (JK, S,) Stupid; (JK;) characterized by هَوَج [i. e. stupidity, or tallness combined with stupidity, &c.]; (S, K;) and [simply] by tallness: (K: [in which أَخْدَبُ is said to be syn. with طَوِيلٌ:]) fem. [of the first], applied to a woman, خَدْبَآءُ: (S:) and the first, one who cannot restrain himself, by reason of stupidity: (TA:) and the same, (K,) or ↓ خَدِبٌ, (JK,) one who goes his own way, at random, or heedlessly, without any certain aim or object, or without consideration, not obeying a guide to the right course, (JK, K, TA,) by reason of ignorance, (JK,) or from boldness. (TA.) b2: Also [the fem.] خَدْبَآMُ, applied to any [she-] animal, That is wont to wound, and kill, and seize its prey and break its neck. (IAar.) And حَرْبَةٌ خَدْبَآءُ and ↓ خَدِبَةٌ [A dart, or javelin,] that inflicts a wide wound. (K.) And طَعْنَةٌ خَدْبَآءُ, (S,) and ضَرْبَةٌ خَدْبَآءُ, (K,) [A thrust, and a blow,] with which the جَوْف [or belly, &c.,] is assaulted: (S, K:) or the former, a wide thrust or wound with a spear or the like: and the latter, a continuous and long act of beating. (TA.) b3: And دِرْعٌ خَدْبَآءُ A coat of mail that is smooth, or pliable, (لَيِّنَةٌ, JK, S, K,) and (so in the JK, but in the K “ or ” ) wide. (JK, K.) مُتَخَدِّبٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.
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