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1 خَدَّ الأَرْضَ, aor. خَدُّ, (S,) or خَدَّ فِى الأَرْضِ, (A,) [aor., if accord. to rule, خَدِّ,] inf. n. خَدٌّ, (T,) He furrowed, or trenched, or clave, the ground; (S, L;) he made a furrow, or trench, [or furrows, or trenches,] in the ground. (T, A.) The latter (خدّ فى الارض) is also said of a torrent, meaning It furrowed, or clave, the ground by its course. (L.) b2: خَدَّ, (L,) inf. n. خَدُّ, (L, K,) also signifies He, or it, marked, scored, or impressed, a thing: (L:) and made a mark or marks, or an impression or impressions, upon a thing. (L, K. *) You say, خَدَّ الفَرَسُ الأَرْضَ بِحَوَافِرِهِ The horse marked, or scored, [or furrowed,] the ground with his hoofs. (L.) And خَدَّ الدَّمْعُ فِى خَدِّهِ The tears made marks upon his cheeks. (L.) b3: Also He (a camel) clave a thing with his ناب [or tush]. (L.) b4: And He cut a thing. (IAar.) 2 خَدَّدَ لَحْمُهُ, (as in the S and K,) or خُدِّدَ, (as in one place in the L,) [both of which may be correct, for the verb is said in the K to be both intrans. and trans.,] (tropical:) His flesh became contracted, shrunk, or wrinkled; (S, TA;) as also ↓ تخدّد: (S, A, * K:) or his flesh wasted so that there appeared streaks upon his skin: (TA in art. خب:) or he (a beast) became lean, or lank, or light of flesh, or slender or lank in the belly, so that his flesh became furrowed, or wrinkled: and لَحْمُهُ ↓ تخدّد his flesh became flaccid and quivering, by reason of leanness. (L.) And خدّدهُ (tropical:) It (travel) rendered him lean and wasted: (K:) and so evilness of state or condition. (A, * TA.) 3 خادّهُ (tropical:) He opposed him, being opposed by him: (A:) or he was, or became, angered, or enraged, against him, and opposed him in his deed, or work. (K.) 5 تخدّد It (the ground) became furrowed, or cleft, by a torrent. (L in art. فصد.) b2: See also 2, in two places. b3: تخدّد القَوْمُ (tropical:) The people became divided into distinct bodies, or parties. (L in the present art.) 6 تخادّا (tropical:) They opposed each other. (A, TA.) خَدٌّ, (S, Msb, K, &c.,) of the masc. gender (Lh, K) only, (Lh,) and ↓ خُدَّةٌ, with damm, (K,) but the latter is rare, (TA,) The cheek; the part extending from the circuit of the eye (المَحْجِر [in the CK المِحْجَن]) to the part where the beard grows, on either side of the face: (L, Msb, K:) or from the outer angle of each eye to the extremity of the side of the mouth: or the part bordering upon the nose, on either side: (L, K:) each of the خَدَّانِ, in the face: (S:) pl. of the former خُدُودٌ: (Msb, TA:) it has no other pl. (TA.) b2: The former is also sing. of خُدُودٌ meaning (tropical:) The planks on the right and left of the دَفَّتَانِ [or two boards that lie against the camels' sides] of the [vehicles termed] هَوَادِج (As, A, TA) and غُبُط: (As, TA:) or خَدٌّ signifies the plank (صَفِيحَة) of the هَوْدَج: and the pl. is أَخِدَّةٌ, (K,) [a pl. of pauc., but] contr. to rule, (TA,) and (pl. of mult., TA) خِدَادٌ and خِدَّانٌ. (K.) b3: Also (tropical:) A side, or lateral portion, of a [tract of high and rugged ground such as is termed] قُفّ. (A, TA.) b4: And (tropical:) An assembly, a company, or a congregated body, (K, TA,) of men: (TA:) a rank, or class, of men: (A, L:) and a race, or generation, of men. (L.) You say, رَأَيْتُ خَدًّا مِنَ النَّاسِ (assumed tropical:) I saw a rank, or class, of men. (L.) And قَتَلْنَا, (A,) or قَتَلَهُمْ, (L,) خَدًّا فَخَدًّا, (A, L,) (tropical:) We slew, (A,) or he slew them, (L,) rank after rank, (A, L,) and class after class. (A.) And مَضَىَ خَدٌّ مِنَ النَّاسِ (assumed tropical:) A race, or generation, of men passed away. (L.) A2: A road. (IAar, K.) b2: See also أُخْدُودٌ, in four places.

خُدَّةٌ: see أُخْدُودٌ, in four places: A2: and see also خَدٌّ.

خَدَدٌ: see أُخْدُودٌ.

خِدَادٌ A mark made with a hot iron upon the cheek (S, A, K) of a camel. (A.) أُخْدُودٌ A furrow, trench, or channel, in the ground; (S, A, K;) as also ↓ خَدٌّ (A, K) and ↓ خُدَّةٌ: (K:) a deep trench in the ground; as also ↓ خَدٌّ: applied in the Kur [lxxxv. 4] to a deep trench into which, it being filled with fire, some believers in the true God were cast by some idolaters among whom they dwelt: (TA:) a hole, hollow, cavity, pit, or the like, dug, or excavated; (Msb;) as also ↓ خُدَّةٌ: (S:) pl. أَخَادِيدُ: (A, Msb:) the pl. of ↓ خَدٌّ is خُدُودٌ; (A;) and the pl. of ↓ خُدَّةٌ is خُدَدٌ. (TA.) b2: A rivulet, or streamlet; syn. جَدْوَلٌ; (Msb;) as also ↓ خَدٌّ; (L, K;) of which the pl. [of pauc.] is أَخِدَّةٌ, contr. to rule; and of mult.

خِدَادٌ and خِدَّانٌ. (L.) b3: أَخَادِيدُ and ↓ خَدَدٌ [the latter probably a mistranscription for خُدَدٌ, pl. of ↓ خُدَّةٌ,] The main or middle parts, or open or obvious tracks, (شَرَك,) of a road: (L:) [because furrowed by the feet of beasts and men.] b4: أَخَادِيدُ الأَرْشِيَةِ The furrows, or grooves, of wellropes, in a well; made by drawing them. (L.) b5: أَخَادِيدُ السِّيَاطِ The marks of whips; (K;) the furrows made by whips upon the back. (L.) b6: ضَرْبَةٌ أُخْدُودٌ, (S,) or ضَرْبَةُ أُخْدُودٍ, (so in a copy of the A,) (tropical:) A blow, or stroke, or beating, that furrows the skin. (S, A, * TA.) مِخَدٌّ Each of the tushes, or canine teeth; the two together being termed the مِخَدَّانِ. (L.) مِخَدَّةٌ [A pillow, or cushion]: so called because it is put beneath the cheek: (S, A, Msb:) pl. مَخَادُّ. (A, Msb.) A2: Also An iron implement with which the ground is furrowed, trenched, or cleft. (S, L.) مَخْدُودٌ A camel having the mark called خِدَاد made upon his cheek. (S, A.) مُتَخدِّدٌ (tropical:) A man (L) lean, or emaciated; (S, L;) having little flesh. (L.) And the fem., with ة, (tropical:) A woman fat but wasted in body [so that she is furrowed, or wrinkled]. (L.)
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