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Q. 1 خَذْرَفَ, (K,) inf. n. خَذْرَفَةٌ, (TA,) He hastened, sped, or went quickly. (K.) and خَذْرَفَتْ, said of a [wild] she-ass, She hastened, sped, or went quickly, and threw out her legs. (TA.) And, said of camels, They threw the pebbles with their feet by reason of quickness. (K.) A2: خَذْرَفَهُ He cut off his (a man's) extremities with a sword. (K.) b2: He sharpened it; namely, a sword. (K.) b3: He filled it; namely, a vessel. (Ibn-' Abbád, K.) Q. 2 تَخَذْرَفَ It (a garment, or piece of cloth,) became rent, or pierced with holes. (TA.) A2: تَخَذْرَفَتْهُ النَّوَى [The place which was the object of a journey] caused him to go forth, or depart; (L, K, TA;) as also تَخَذْرَمَتْهُ. (TA.) خَذْرَفَةٌ inf. n. of Q. 1.

A2: Also Roundness of the legs of an animal, or quadruped. (TA.) A3: And A piece of a garment or cloth. (TA.) خِذْرَافٌ A certain plant of the spring, which dries up when it feels the [heat of] summer: (Lth, K:) or a species of the [kind called] حَمْض, (AHn, S, K,) having a small leaf, and rising to the height of a cubit: (AHn:) the latter is said by Az to be the correct explanation: the former he disapproves: (TA:) n. un. with ة. (S.) خُذْرُوفٌ [A kind of whirling plaything;] a thing which a boy turns round by means of a thread, or string, in his hands, causing it to make a sound such as is termed دَوِىّ: (S, K:) or a small piece of wood, or a slit, or split, reed or cane, in the middle of which is cut a notch, and which is then tied with a thread, or string, which being pulled, it turns round, and is heard to make a sound such as is termed حَفِيف: boys play with it; and it is also called خَرَّارَةٌ: (Lth, TA: [in the latter of which, in art. خر, the خرّارة is said to be a piece of wood like the half of a sandal, tied with a thread or string, which, being put in motion, draws along the piece of wood and causes it to make a sound:]) or a small, round, piece of skin, attached to which are two connected threads or strings, which being pulled by a boy, with his fingers, it turns round, causing a sound to be heard such as is termed دَوِىّ: (EM p. 43:) pl. خَذَارِيفُ. (S.) Imra-el-Keys likens to it a swift horse: (S:) and it is applied as an epithet to a horse; (Lth;) meaning Swift in his running, (Lth, K, TA,) or in going. (TA.) And one says, تَرَكَتِ السُّيُوفُ رَأْسَهُ خَذَارِيفَ, meaning (assumed tropical:) The swords made his head to be pieces, each piece like the خذروف. (S, K.) b2: Clay kneaded, and made like sugar, (يُعْمَلُ شَبِيهًا بِالسُّكَّرِ, in the CK يُعْمَلُ منهُ شَبِيهًا بِالسُّكُّرِ, [the latter reading evidently wrong, and the former I think doubtful,]) with which boys play. (K.) b3: The piece of wood that is put [app. as a handle] in the hole of the upper millstone. (TA.) b4: A herd of camels: and one separate therefrom. (K.) b5: Lightning gleaming, or shining brightly, in the clouds, and separate therefrom. (K.) b6: Anything scattered from, or of, a thing. (L, O, K.) b7: The خَذَارِيف of the هَوْدَج are The pieces of wood (سَقَائِف) with which the هودج is made of a square form. (K.) [See also دَامِغَةٌ.]

رَجُلٌ مُتَخَذْرِفٌ A man of good natural disposition. (TA.)
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