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1 خَرَزَ, aor خَرِزَ and خَرُزَ, inf. n. خَرْزٌ, He sewed (Msb, K, TA) a skin, or hide, (Msb, TA,) or a boot, &c. (S, A, K.) You say, كَلَامُ فُلَانٍ

كَخَرْزِ الإِمَآءِ [The language of such a one is like the female slaves' sewing of skins]; i. e., [its ornaments, lit.] its pearls, and its cowries, are far apart. (A, TA.) خَرَزٌ [a coll. gen. n.,] a word of well-known meaning, (Msb,) [i.e., Beads;] what are strung: (S:) a thing that is hung [or rather things that are hung] upon the neck, made of coloured stone, red and green: (Har p. 431:) or gems, or similar stones, both good and bad: (JK:) [also factitious gems, and the like: (see فُسَيْفِسَآءُ as explained in the K &c:)] n. un. خَرَزَةٌ: (S, Msb:) the latter signifying [a single bead;] what is strung: (K:) and also, (i.e. the latter,) a gem, or precious stone, (K, TA,) such [for instance] as is set in a ring, whether good or bad: (TA:) pl. of the latter, خَرَزَاتٌ. (TA.) Hence, خَرَزَاتُ المَلِكِ, (S, K,) and المُلْكِ, (S, A,) The gems of the king's crown: when the king had reigned a year, a خَرَزَة was added to his crown, in order that the number of the years of his reign might be known: (S, K:) such is said to have been the case. (S.) You say, أُوتِىَ خَرَزَاتِ المُلْكِ سِتِّينَ حِجَّةً (tropical:) [meaning He reigned sixty years: lit., he received the gems of the crown sixty years]. (A.) b2: خَرَزَةُ العَيْنِ signifies The حَدَقَة [or lens] of the eye. (TA in art. حدق) b3: And خَرَزٌ is also applied to The small shells called وَدَع. (S* and K* and TA in art. ودع.) b4: It also signifies (tropical:) The vertebræ of the back, (S, A, TA,) and of the neck: each one is called خَرَزَةٌ: which latter is also explained as meaning (tropical:) what is between two vertebræ. (TA.) خَرْزَةٌ, with fet-h, A single puncture [or stitchhole, made in sewing a skin or a boot; and so خُرْزَةٌ]; syn. غَرْزَةٌ. (TA.) خُرْزَةٌ i. q. كُتْبَةٌ; (S, K;) A seam, or suture, in a skin, or hide, (KL, PS, TK, *) or in a boot, &c.; (PS;) [app. made by sewing together two edges so that one laps over the other: and app. also a single stitch in such a seam;] what is between two punctures; i. e., every puncture with its thread: (TA:) also, a puncture, or stitch-hole, in a skin [&c.]: (TA voce وَذَابٌ: [its pl. being there said to be syn. with خُرَبٌ, pl. of خُرْبَةٌ: and this last meaning, (for evidences of the correctness of which see أَتْمٌ and أَتُومٌ and خُصْفَةٌ &c.,) common to it and to خَرْزَةٌ, it perhaps bears in exs. here following:]) and any round perforation: (JM:) pl. خُرَزٌ (S, K) [and app. خُرُوزٌ, which see below].

اِجْمَعْ سَيْرَيْنِ فِى خُرْزَةٍ [lit, Conjoin thou two thongs in a single seam, or stick, or puncture,] is a prov., meaning (tropical:) accomplish thou two wants at once. (TA.) And you say to him who seeks to attain two wants together, سَيْرَيْنِ فِى خُرْزَةٍ [lit., Wilt thou conjoin two thongs in a single seam, or stitch, or puncture? the first word being in the accus. case because أَتَجْمَعُ is understood]. (A, TA.) b2: Also (assumed tropical:) The foramen podicis: and (assumed tropical:) the foramen vaginæ. (TA voce خُرْبَةٌ.) خَرَزَةٌ; pl. خَرَزَاتٌ: n. un. of خَرَزٌ [q. v.]. (S, Msb, TA.) خُرُوزُ السَّفِينَةِ [The seams of the ship: خُرُوزٌ being app. a pl. of خُرْزَةٌ, like as خُرُوبٌ is a pl. of خُرْبَةٌ]. (K voce جَمَّةٌ q. v.) خِرَازَةٌ The art, or occupation, of sewing [skins, or hides, or] boots, &c. (A, K.) خَرَّازٌ A sewer of [skins, or hides, or] boots, &c. (S, A.) مِخْرَزٌ [and vulg. ↓ مِخْرَازٌ] The instrument [i. e. the needle, or awl,] with which one sews [skins, or hides, or] boots, &c. (S, K.) مُخَرَّزٌ Any bird, (A, K,) as a pigeon &c., (TA,) having upon its wings marks resembling خَرَز [or beads]. (A, K, TA.) مِخْرَازٌ: see مِخْرَزٌ.
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