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Q. 1 خَرْطَمَهُ, (K,) inf. n. خَرْطَمَةٌ, (TK,) He hit, or struck, his خُرْطُوم [or nose, &c.]: or he twisted it. (K.) Q. 3 اِخْرَنْطَمَ He (a man, TA) elevated his nose: (K:) or twisted it, and was silent, in his anger: (TA:) and was proud and angry, (K, TA,) raising his head. (TA.) خُرْطُمٌ and خُرْطُمٌّ: see خُرْطُومٌ.

خُرْطُمَانٌ Long, or tall: (JK, K:) or longnosed. (TA.) And A man having a large nose. (IKh, IB.) خُرْطُومٌ The nose, (AZ, JK, S, Msb, K,) [properly,] accord. to Th, of a beast of prey: (TA:) or the fore part thereof: (K:) or a large, or an elevated, nose: (MA:) or the part upon which a man contracts, or closes, the حَنَكَانِ [or upper and lower portions of the mouth]: as also ↓ خُرْطُمٌ; (K;) sometimes, by poetic license, written ↓ خُرْطُمٌّ: (TA:) or it signifies also the part upon which contracts, or closes, the front of the حَنَكَانِ: (JK:) [and a snout: often used in this sense; and so, in describing the fish termed كَوْسَج, in the S and K:] and the proboscis of an elephant; and, as being likened thereto, of (??) flea: (Th, TA:) pl. خَرَاطِيمُ. (Msb.) سَنَسِمُهُ عَلَى الخُرْطُومِ, in the Kur [lxviii. 16], means (tropical:) [We will brand him] upon the nose; the nose of a man being thus termed metaphorically: (ISd, TA:) or it is like the phrase جَدَعْتُ أَنْفَهُ; and means (assumed tropical:) we will stigmatize him with indelible disgrace; the term خرطوم, which signifies the “ proboscis ” of an elephant, being applied to his nose because it is regarded as unseemly: (Er-Rághib, TA:) or it means (assumed tropical:) [we will brand him] upon the face. (Fr, Th, TA.) b2: [Hence, (assumed tropical:) A spout. You say] الابْرِيقُ انَآءٌ لَهُ خُرْطُومٌ (assumed tropical:) [The ابريق is a vessel having a spout]. (Mgh in art. برق, and Bd and Jel in lvi. 18.) b3: [Hence also, (assumed tropical:) The pointed toe of a boot and the like: pl. as above: see خِفَافٌ مُخَرْطَيَةٌ, below. b4: And app. (assumed tropical:) The point of a sword: whence,] ذُو الخُرْطُومِ the name of a certain sword. (K.)] b5: [Hence, also,] خَرَاطِيمُ القَوْمِ (tropical:) The chiefs of the people or party; (JK, S, K, TA;) those who are made the foremost of the people or party, in affairs, (JK, TA,) and in the military forces. (JK.) A2: Also Wine: (JK, S:) or wine that quickly intoxicates: (K:) and the juice that first flows from the grapes, before they are trodden. (K.) خُرَاطِمٌ A woman advanced in age. (M, K.) مُخَرْطَمٌ (assumed tropical:) Elongated like a snout or nose; and so, app., ↓ مُخْرَنْطِمٌ: see a verse cited voce مَتَاوِجُ.

Hence,] خِفَافٌ مُخَرْطَمَةٌ [in the sing. خُفٌّ مُخَرْطَمٌ (occurring in the K in art فقع)] i. q. ذَاتُ

↓ خَرَاطِيمَ; i. e. (assumed tropical:) [Boots] having their fore parts pointed. (TA.) مُخْرنْطِمٌ: see the next preceding paragraph. b2: Also Angry and proud, with his head raised: (S:) or angry when his nose is twisted. (JK.) [See اِنْبَاعَ, in art. بوع.]
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