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1 خَزَلَهُ, (Msb, K,) aor. خَزُلَ, (Msb,) or خَزِلَ, (K,) inf. n. خَزْلٌ, (Msb,) He cut it off. (Msb, K.) [See also 8.] b2: خَزَلَهُ عَنْ حَاجَتِهِ, aor. خَزِلَ, (assumed tropical:) He impeded, hindered, prevented, or withheld, him from attaining the object of his want. (K, * TA.) A2: خَزِلَ, aor. خَزَلَ, (JK, K,) inf. n. خَزَلٌ, (JK,) He had a fracture in his back. (JK, K.) b2: Also, (TK,) inf. n. as above; (K;) and ↓ تخزّل and ↓ انخزل; He walked in a heavy, or sluggish, manner: (K:) or, as in the 'Eyn, with a looseness of the joints. (TA.) 5 تَخَزَّلَ see 1. b2: [Hence,] تخزّل السَّحَابُ The clouds appeared as though they were retreating, by reason of the heaviness, or sluggishness, of their motion. (M, K, * TA.) 7 انخزل It became cut off. (S, Msb.) b2: [Hence,] انخزل فِى كَلَامِهِ (assumed tropical:) He became cut short, or stopped, in his speech. (IDrd, K.) b3: انخزل عَنْ جَوَابِى He cared not for my answer, or reply. (M, K.) b4: See also 1.8 اختزلهُ He cut it off for himself. (S, * Msb, K. *) One says, اختزل المَالَ He cut off for himself the property. (TA.) And اختزلهُ عَنِ القَوْمِ He cut him off from the people, or party. (S.) b2: And hence, اِخْتَزَلْتُ الوَدِيعَةَ (assumed tropical:) I was unfaithful in respect of the trust, or deposit; even if meaning I refused to restore it: because the doing so is a cutting off, for one's self, of the property of the owner. (Msb.) b3: Accord. to Sb and the K, الاِخْتِزَالُ is also syn. with الحَذْفُ [The cutting off a thing; or cutting it so as to lessen it at its extremity; &c.]: but ISd says, I know not this on the authority of any other than Sb. (TA.) A2: الختزال also signifies The being alone (K, TA) in opinion; with none to share therein. (TA.) A3: And اختزل, He (a man) became lame; or walked lamely. (TA.) خَزْلٌ: see what next follows.

خَزْلَةٌ: see what next follows.

خُزْلَةٌ, (JK, K,) or, as in the M, ↓ خَزْلَةٌ and ↓ خَزْلٌ, (TA,) A fracture in the back. (JK, M, K.) خُزَلَةٌ One who impedes, hinders, prevents, or withholds, another from that which he desires to do. (Az, K, * TA.) خَيْزَلٌ: see خَوْزلَى.

خَوْزَلَةٌ i. q. إِعْيَآءٌ [Fatigue: or a fatiguing]. (TA.) خَوْزَلَى and ↓ خَيْزَلَى A certain mode of walking, with a looseness of the joints; like خَوْزَرَى and خَيْزَرَى: (S:) or a heavy, or sluggish, manner of walking; as also ↓ خَيْزَلٌ: (K:) the dual of خَوْزَلَى [to which that of خَيْزَلَى is similar] is خَوْزَلَانِ. (IAmb, TA in art. قهقر.) Accord. to the T, one says, ↓ هُوَ يَمْشِى الخَيْزْلَى and الخَوْزَلَى, meaning He walks with an elegant, and a proud and self-conceited, gait, with an affected inclining of the body from side to side: or as though thorns pricked his feet. (TA.) خَيْزَلَى: see what next precedes, in two places.

أَخْزَلُ Having a fracture in his back; as also ↓ مَخْزُولٌ: (O, K:) or having a fracture in the middle of his back; as also الظَّهْرِ ↓ مَخْزُولُ. (Lth, TA.) b2: And A camel whose hump has entirely gone away: (K:) so says Lth; but Az thinks that this may be a mistranscription for أَجْزَلُ; or خ and ج may be interchangeable in this case. (TA.) b3: Also Lame. (AA, TA.) مَخْزُولٌ: see what next precedes, in two places.
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