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1 خَضِمَ, aor. خَضَمَ; (S, K;) and خَضَمَ, aor. خَضِمَ; (JK, K;) inf. n. خَضْمٌ; (JK, S, K;) He (a man) ate a thing with the whole of the mouth: (As, S:) or he ate, (K,) in a general sense: (TA:) or he ate with the more remote of the teeth: (K:) قَضْمٌ signifies the “ eating with the nearer of the teeth; ” (TA;) [i. e., “with the teeth of the fore part of the mouth: ” or the “ eating with the extremities of the teeth: ” see art. قضم:] or [he ate so that] he filled his mouth with that which he ate: or it relates peculiarly to the thing that is moist, or juicy, as the cucumber, (K,) and the like: (TA:) or he ate in the enjoyment of a plentiful and pleasant life: (JK, TA:) or خَضْمٌ referring to a man is like قَضْمٌ referring to a beast. (TA.) b2: And خَضَمَهُ, aor. خَضِمَ, (JK, K,) inf. n. as above; (TA;) and ↓ اختضمهُ; (JK, K;) He cut it; or cut it off: (K:) or he cut it in pieces. (JK.) b3: خَضَمَ لَهُ مِنْ مَالِهِ, (K,) accord. to IAar, (TA,) signifies He gave him of his property; (K;) [as though he cut off for him a portion thereof;] but Th rejects this, and says that it is هَضَمَ. (TA.) 8 إِخْتَضَمَ see 1. b2: [Hence,] السَّيْفُ يَخْتَضِمُ جَفْنَهُ The sword cuts, and eats, its scabbard, (K,) by reason of its sharpness; mentioned by J as a meaning of يَخْتَضِمُ: [see 8 in art. خصم:] and يَخْتَصِمُ العَظْمَ cuts the bone: and الذِّرَاعَ [the fore arm]. (TA.) b3: And اختضم الطَّرِيقَ He stopped the way, robbing and slaying passengers. (K.) خُضْمٌ: see خُصْمٌ.

خَضْمَةٌ i. q. خَصْمَةٌ, (K,) i. e. A certain bead, or gem, mentioned before. (TA.) خُضَامٌ: see what next follows.

خُضَامَةٌ A thing that is eaten in the manner termed خَضْمٌ; [see 1;] (K;) as also ↓ خُضَامٌ [expressly said to be like غُرَابٌ, otherwise it would seem to be خَضَامٌ, like قَضَامٌ, to which it is opposed,] (TA,) [and ↓ مَخْضَمٌ, as is indicated in the K in art. قضم, opposed to مَقْضَمٌ in that art. (q. v.) in the S and K.]

مَخْضَمٌ: see what next precedes.
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