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1 خَطِلَتِ الأُذُنُ, aor. خَطَلَ, (Msb,) inf. n. خَطَلٌ, (S, Msb,) The ear was, or became, flaccid, flabby, or pendulous. (S, * Msb.) [In like manner, also,] خَطَلٌ in flesh signifies The being flaccid, flabby, or pendulous. (KL.) And in a man, and a horse or a bow, (فَرَس or قَوْس, accord. to different copies of the K, the former being the reading in the TA,) and a spear, (K,) and the like, (TA,) The being tall, or long, and shaky, or quivering. (K.) b2: خَطَلٌ, as an inf. n. [of خَطِلَ], also signifies The being unsteady, or restless. (KL.) b3: And خَطِلَ, aor. خَطَلَ, (K,) inf. n. خَطَلٌ, (JK, K,) He was, or became, light, and quick. (JK, K. [In the former it seems to be implied that it is said of a stupid man.]) b4: And خَطِلَ, (JK, K,) or خَطِلَ فِى كَلَامِهِ, (S,) aor. خَطَلَ, (K,) inf. n. خَطَلٌ, (JK, S, K,) He was foul, and obscene, in his speech; (JK, S;) as also ↓ اخطل, (JK,) or اخطل فى كلامه: (S, TA:) or he was corrupt in his speech, and loquacious: (K:) or خَطِلَ, aor. and inf. n. as above, he erred, or was wrong, in his speech; as also ↓ اخطل; and in his opinion, or judgment. (Msb.) [See also خَطَلٌ below.]4 أَخْطَلَ see 1, in two places.5 تخطّل فِى مِشْيَتِهِ He twisted himself in his gait, and walked with an elegant and a proud and self-conceited gait, with an affected inclining of the body from side to side. (K. [See also خَطَلٌ, an inf. n. of which the verb (خَطِلَ) is not mentioned as having this meaning.]) خَطَلٌ inf. n. of 1 [q. v.]. (S, Msb, &c.) b2: A twisting of one's self, and walking with an elegant and a proud and self-conceited gait, with an affected inclining of the body from side to side (K. [See 5.]) b3: Corrupt speech: or loquacity: (TA:) or corrupt and conflicting speech: (S, O:) or corrupt speech with loquacity. (K.) In a woman, Foul, or obscene, speech; and conduct that induces doubt, or suspicion, or evil opinion. (K.) خَطِلٌ Long and quivering; applied to a spear. (S, TA.) b2: And simply Long: so in the phrase, رَجُلٌ خَطِلُ القَوَائِمِ [A man having long legs]. (TA.) b3: And, applied to a garment, That drags upon the ground by reason of its length. (T, O, K.) b4: Also, applied to a garment, (JK, K,) and a بَدَن [app. here meaning a short coat of mail], (K,) Rough and thick: (JK, K:) pl. أَخْطَالٌ. (TA.) b5: Also Stupid, or foolish, (K, TA,) and hasty. (TA.) b6: Light and quick; (JK, K;) applied to a stupid, or foolish person; (JK;) and ↓ أَخْطَلُ signifies the same. (K.) b7: A fighting man (JK) quick in thrusting or piercing. (JK, K.) b8: (tropical:) One who gives, or bestows, quickly; (S;) or so خَطِلُ اليَدَيْنِ; (JK;) or so خَطِلُ اليَدَيْنِ بِالمَعْرُوفِ: (K, TA:) a tropical phrase. (TA.) And خَطِلُ اليَدَيْنِ A man having rough arms or hands. (K.) b9: Also Corrupt in speech, and loquacious; and so ↓ أَخْطَلُ: (K:) or erring, or wrong, in speech, and in opinion, or judgment. (Msb.) b10: An arrow (JK, K) that goes to the right and left; (JK;) that does not take a direct course towards the butt. (K.) A2: The cord of the sportsman [who catches, or snares, game therewith]. (K.) b2: And The border, or extremity, of a [tent of the kind called] فُسْطَاط: (K:) pl. as above: so in the O. (TA.) خَطَّالَةٌ A woman very foul, or obscene, in speech: (JK, * K:) or whose conduct induces doubt, or suspicion, or evil opinion: (K:) so in the M and O. (TA.) أَخْطَلُ Having [flaccid, or flabby, or pendulous, or] long, and flaccid or flabby or pendulous, ears: (Mgh:) خَطْلَآءُ [is its fem., and therefore signifies the same; or this], applied to a ewe or she-goat, (JK, K,) signifies having broad ears; (K;) or having very broad ears; (JK, TA;) or long-eared: (Ham p. 741:) pl. خُطُلٌ (K) and خُطْلٌ. (TA.) You say ثَلَّةٌ خُطُلٌ (S) or خُطْلٌ (TA) A flock of sheep, or goats, having flaccid, or flabby, or pendulous, ears: and the same epithet is applied to dogs: (S, TA:) all dogs of the chase have such ears. (TA.) And أُذُنٌ خَطْلَآءُ A flaccid, or flabby, or pendulous, ear: (S, Msb, K:) or a long ear, that shakes about: (TA:) or a very broad ear. (JK.) b2: Also, the fem., A woman thick, coarse, or rude, (T, K,) of make: (T, TA:) or, as some say, (TA,) long in the breasts. (K, TA.) b3: See also خَطِلٌ, in two places. b4: رَجُلٌ أَخْطَلُ اللِّسَانِ A man having a wagging tongue; able in speech. (TA.) b5: بَعِيرٌ

أَخْطَلُ القَوَئِمِ A camel that does not put his legs in their proper places. (JK.) b6: دَهْرٌ

أَخْطَلُ A time, or fortune, that brings calamities. (JK.)
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