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1 خُقْ خُقْ [imperative of خَاقَ] Ornament thy young woman, or female slave, with the earring. (K. [See خَوْقٌ.]) A2: خَاقَهَا He (a man, TA) made with her (a woman, TA) the sound termed حَاقِ بَاقِ [during the act of نِكَاح]. (K.) A3: خاق الشَّىْءَ He took away the thing, and extirpated it, or removed it utterly. (TA.) 2 خوّقهُ, (K,) inf. n. تَخْوِيقٌ, (TA,) He made it wide; (K;) namely, an earring. (TA.) 4 اخاق He (a man, TA) went away into, or in, the country, or land. (Sgh, K.) 5 تخوّق It (an earring, TA) was, or became, wide, or widened. (K.) [See also 7.] b2: تخوّق عَنْهُ He went, retired, or withdrew himself, far away from him, or it. (K, * TA.) And He left, quitted, or forsook, it; namely, a course that he desired, or meant, to pursue. (TA.) 7 انخاقت المَفَازَةُ The desert was wide within. (JK, K, * TA.) [See also 5.]

خَاقٌ The length of a desert. (JK, TA.) A2: الخَاقِ بَاقِ, (S, K,) or خَاقِ بَاقِ, (IB, TA,) or the latter also, without ال, (K, accord. to the TA, [but not in the CK nor in my MS. copy of the K,) The sound of the ذَكَر in the flesh of the interior of the فَرْج; (IAar, K, * TA;) or the sound of the فَرْج on the occasion of the act of نِكَاح. (IB, TA.) b2: And hence, (IB, TA,) or because of its خَوَق, i. e. width, (S, K, *) The فَرْج [or vulva, itself]. (S, IB, K.) الخَاقِ بَاقِ is indecl., with kesr for its termination, (S,) like الخَازِ بَازِ. (S, K.) خَوْقٌ [in the L خُوق, which is evidently a mistranscription; and in one copy of the S, in one place, written خَوْقَة;] A ring (S, L, TA) of gold and of silver: (L, TA:) or, accord. to Th, a ring [that is worn] in the ear: he does not say of gold nor of silver: (TA:) or the ring of the [kind of earring called] قُرْط and of the [kind called] شَنْف. (Lth, K.) خَوَقٌ Width (S, K) of a desert, and of a well, and of a vulva: (S:) or, of a desert, width of the interior: (JK:) or length, and breadth of expanse, and width of the interior: and of a well, depth and width. (TA.) A2: And The mange, or scab, in camels: (El-Umawee, S, K:) or [a disease] like the mange or scab. (TA.) أَخْوَقُ [Wide; or wide in the interior; or farextending: fem. خَوْقَآءُ: pl. خُوقٌ]. You say خَرْقٌ أَخْرَقُ (JK, K, TA, [in the CK جَوْفٌ, and in my MS. copy of the K خَوْقٌ,]) A wide [desert such as is termed] خَرْق: (K:) or a خَرْق wide in the interior. (JK.) And مَفَازَةٌ خَوْقَآءُ (JK, S, K) and ↓ مُنْخَاقَةٌ (JK, K) A wide desert: (S, K:) or a desert wide in the interior: (JK:) and the former, also, a desert in which is no water. (TA.) And بَلَدٌ أَخْوَقٌ A wide, far-extending region or country. (TA.) And بِئْرٌ خَوْقَآءُ (S, K) and ↓ مُنْخَاقَةٌ (K) A wide well: (S, K:) or رَكِيَّةٌ خَوْقَاءُ a deep and wide well. (JK, TA.) b2: And the fem., خَوْقَآءُ, applied to a woman, Having no partition between her vulva and her anus: or having her vagina and rectum united: or wide in the vulva: (TA:) or tall and slender. (JK, TA.) b3: And, so applied, Foolish, or stupid: (ISh, JK, K:) pl. خُوقٌ. (ISh, K.) b4: And the masc., (applied to a man, JK,) Blind of one eye; or one-eyed: (JK, K:) pl. as above. (JK.) A2: Also, applied to a camel, Mangy, or scabby: (S, K:) or having what resembles the mange or scab: (TA:) fem. as above. (S, K.) مُخَوَّقٌ An earring having a large خَوْق [or ring]. (IAar.) مَفَازَةٌ مُنْخَاقَةٌ and بِئْرٌ مُنْخَاقَةٌ: see أَخْوَقُ.
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