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1 خَيَفٌ The having one of the eyes blue and the other black: (JK, S, Mgh, Msb, K:) inf. n. of خَيِفٌ, aor. يَخْيَفُ: (JK, Msb: *) said of a horse, (S, Mgh, * Msb, K,) &c., (S, K,) i. e. of any animal. (S, TA.) b2: Also The being wide in the sheath of the penis: (S, K:) in this sense [likewise] inf. n. of خَيِفَ: (S:) said of a camel. (S, K.) b3: And [app. in like manner having for its verb خَيِفَتْ] A she-camel's being such, as is termed خَيْفَآء [i. e. wide in the udder, or in the skin thereof, or only when it is empty of milk, and flaccid]. (S) 2 خيّفت, (JK,) or خيّفت أَوْلَادَهَا, (TA,) (tropical:) She (a woman) brought forth her children different, one from another. (JK, TA.) b2: خُيِّفَ بَيْنَهُمْ, (JK, A, K,) inf. n. تَخْيِيفٌ, (K,) (tropical:) It (a thing, JK, K, or property, A) was divided, or distributed, among them. (JK, A, K.) b3: خُيِّفَتْ عُمُورُ اللِّثَةِ مِنَ الأَسْنَانِ, (JK,) or بَيْنَ الأَسْنَانِ, (K,) (tropical:) The portions of the flesh of the gums between the teeth became separated (JK, K) from the teeth. (JK.) A2: خيّف He (a man, JK) alighted, or descended and stopped or sojourned or abode, in a place; (JK, K;) as also خيّم. (JK.) b2: خيّف عِنْدَ القِتَالِ, (JK,) or عَنِ القِتَالِ, (K,) He receded, drew back, or desisted, (JK, K,) on the occasion of fight, (JK,) or from fight. (K.) 4 اخاف, (JK, S, K,) inf. n. إِخَافَةٌ; (TA;) and أَخْيَفَ; (JK, K;) said of a man, (JK, TA,) or of a party of men, (JK, S,) He, or they, alighted, or descended and stopped or sojourned or abode, in a [tract such as is termed] خَيْف: (JK:) and [particularly] came to the خَيْف of Minè, and there alighted, or descended and stopped &c.; (JK, * S, K;) as also ↓ اختاف. (Yoo, K.) A2: اخاف السَّيْلُ القَوْمَ The torrent made the party, or company of men, to alight, or descend and stop or sojourn or abide, in a [tract such as is termed] خَيْف. (JK, Ibn-'Abbád, K.) 5 تخيّف أَلْوَانًا He (a man, TA) altered so as to become of different colours. (K, TA.) b2: تخيّفت الإِبِلُ The camels took different directions in the place of pasturage (Lh, JK) &c. (Lh.) A2: تخيّفهُ He took by little and little from it; (IAar, JK;) as also تخوّفهُ [q. v.]. (JK.) 8 إِخْتَيَفَ see 4.

خَيْفٌ [sing. of أَخْيَافٌ]. You say, النَّاسُ أَخْيَافٌ (tropical:) Men, or the people, are different, one from another, (JK, S, A, Sgh, Msb, K, *) in their states, or conditions, (JK,) or in their forms, shapes, or semblances; (Sgh;) or of various sorts in natural dispositions, and in forms, shapes, or semblances: (L:) from خَيَفٌ signifying the “ having one of the eyes blue and the other black. ” (S. [See 1.]) And أَخْيَافٌ, (Mgh, Msb,) or إِخْوَةٌ أَخْيَافٌ, (S, K,) (assumed tropical:) Brothers who are sons of one mother but of different fathers: (S, Mgh, Msb, * K:) and in like manner, بَنُو الأَخْيَافِ, if of good authority. (Mgh.) b2: And hence, أَبْيَاتٌ أَخْيَافٌ (tropical:) Verses diversified by having one word thereof composed of dotted letters and another composed of letters not dotted. (Har p. 611 and 612.) b3: Also, the sing., Land, (ISd, TA,) or a place, (Mgh,) of which the stones are of different colours. (ISd, Mgh, TA.) b4: A side, region, quarter, or tract; syn. نَاحِيَةٌ. (K.) b5: The part that slopes down from the rugged portion of a mountain and rises from the channel in which the water flows; (S, K;) whence مَسْجِدُ الخَيْفِ [the mosque of the خيف] in Minè: (S) or an elevated place, like the خيف of Minè: (Mgh:) or the part, of a valley, that rises a little from the channel in which the water flows, and only between two mountains; and hence مسجدالخيف, originally مَسْجِدُ خَيْفِ مِنًى: (Msb:) and any declivity and acclivity at the foot of a mountain: and a white place in the black mountain that is behind Aboo-Kubeys; and hence the name of مسجدالخيف; or this is so called because it is [in] a نَاحِيَة [or side &c.] of Minè; or because it is at the foot of a mountain: (K:) pl. [of pauc.] أَخْيَافٌ (TA) and [of mult.]

خُيُوفٌ. (Mgh, TA.) b6: Also The skin of the udder: (S, K:) or the side of the udder: or the skin of the she-camel's udder: (K:) or a she-camel's udder: or the anterior part of her neck: and the skin of her podex. (JK.) خِيفٌ: see 1 in art. خوف, first sentence.

خَافَةٌ, accord. to Aboo-'Alee belonging to this art.: see art. خوف. (TA.) خَيْفَةٌ A knife, (AA, K,) such as is termed رَمِيض [q. v.]. (AA, TA.) A2: Also, (thus in the K,) or ↓ خِيفَةٌ, (so in the JK, [and app. accord. to Sgh,]) The place of resort a lion: (JK, K:) mentioned in this art. by Ibn-'Abbád; but accord. to Sgh, it may be from الخَوْفُ. (TA.) خِيفَةٌ: see what next precedes: A2: and see also art. خوف.

خَيْفَانٌ Locusts before their wings are fullgrown: (Lth, * K, TA:) [see جَرَادٌ:] or when they have upon them streaks of different colours, white and yellow: (S, K:) or when they have changed from their first black or yellow colour to red: (As, K:) or when yellowness has appeared in their red colour, but some of the redness remains: (AHát, TA:) or [in the CK “ and ”] emaciated red locusts of the brood of the next preceding year: (K:) accord. to Lh, you say جَرَادٌ خَيْفَانٌ, meaning locusts of different colours: (TA:) [but خيفان is generally used as a subst.:] the n. un. is with ة. (S.) b2: Hence the n. un. is applied to a mare, as meaning (assumed tropical:) Brisk, sprightly, active, or agile, and leaping. (S, TA.) b3: [Hence also, app.,] خَيْفَانٌ مِنَ النَّاسِ (assumed tropical:) A multitude of men. (Ibn-'Abbád, K. *) A2: Also A certain plant of the mountains; (Ibn-'Abbád, K;) a certain herb growing in the mountain, having no leaves, rising more than a cubit in height, having a سَنَمَة [or head resembling an ear of corn], which is green in the upper part and white below, with a white awn, or beard. (L.) أَخْيَفُ, applied to a horse, (S, Mgh, Msb,) and a camel, (TA,) and any animal, (S, TA,) Having one of the eyes blue and the other black: (S, Mgh, Msb, TA:) fem. خَيْفَآءُ. (K, TA.) b2: And, applied to a camel, Wide in the sheath of the penis. (S, K.) b3: And the fem., applied to a she-camel, Wide in the udder, (K,) or in the skin thereof, (S, * K,) or only when it is empty of milk, and flaccid: pl. خَيْفَاوَاتٌ; (K;) which is extr., for a pl. like this belongs [regularly] only to a subst., and to an epithet in which the quality of a subst. predominates. (TA.) b4: The pl. of أَخْيَفُ is خِيفٌ and خُوفٌ, (K, TA, [the latter erroneously written in the CK خَوْفٌ,]) with kesr and damm. (TA.) مَخِيفٌ: see art. خوف.

مُخَيَّفٌ [Diversified in colour]; applied by ElKumeyt to a horse of which one part was of the colour termed وَرْد, and the rest جَوْن. (L and TA voce هَضْبٌ.) مِخْيَافٌ A woman who brings forth one year a boy and another year a girl. (JK.)
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