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4 ادبست الأَرْضُ The land showed its plants or herbage: (K:) or began to show the blackness of its plants or herbage. (AHn, M, S.) 9 ادبسّ, inf. n. اِدْبِسَاسٌ; (S, K;) or ↓ ادباسّ; (M;) He (a horse, S, M, K, and a sheep, or goat, M, and a bird, S) became black: (K:) or [brown; i. e.] of a colour between black and red; (S;) or black tinged, or intermixed, with redness. (M, TA.) [See دُبْسَةٌ and أَدْبَسُ.]11 إِدْبَاْسَّ see 9. ادباسّت الأَرْضُ The blackness of the land became mixed with redness. (M, TA.) دَبْسٌ Anything black. (Lth, A, K.) b2: [Hence, app.,] Much people; as also ↓ دِبْسٌ: (IAar, K:) the former is also common to other things; (M, * TA;) so that you say مَالٌ دَبْسٌ, meaning much property. (TA.) دُبْسٌ: see the next paragraph.

دِبْسٌ (S, M, A, Mgh, Msb, K) and ↓ دُبْسٌ (M) and ↓ دِبِسٌ (K) The expressed juice of fresh ripe dates; (A, Mgh, Msb;) what flows from fresh ripe dates; (S;) the honey of dates; [i. e. the sweet, thick, or inspissated, juice thereof;] (M, K;) the expressed juice of dates, (M,) or of fresh ripe dates not cooked: (AHn, M:) what is called صَقْرٌ in the dial. of the people of ElMedeeneh: said by some to be the honey of fresh ripe dates: by some, what flows, or exudes, from raisins and from fresh grapes: and by some, what flows from the baskets of dates: (TA:) [see also رُبٌّ, in an explanation of which the inspissated juice of any fruit is termed its دِبْس:] also the honey of bees, عَسَلُ النَّحْلُ: so in the copies of the K and in [some of the copies of] the A; a signification not known; but [AHn] EdDeenawaree mentions the word دَبَاسَاتٌ, and explains it as signifying “ domestic bee-hives; ” and by this it is seen that the application of دبس to what bees eject may be correct: or the true reading may be عَسَلُ النَّخْلِ, with خ, as in some copies of the A; and it may be meant as explaining what precedes, meaning the expressed juice of the fruit of the palm-tree, by a kind of trope; though, as such, a useless repetition: but it is said in the O, on the authority of IDrd, that bees' honey is called ↓ دِبِسٌ: (TA:) the vulgar apply the word to [the inspissated juice of fresh ripe grapes, which resembles thick honey: and sometimes to] the honey of raisins. (MF.) A2: See also دَبْسٌ.

دِبِسٌ: see دِبْسٌ, in two places.

دُبْسَةٌ A colour in animals that have hair; (Msb;) [brownness;] or redness tinged, or intermixed, with blackness: (M, Msb:) it is in sheep, or goats, and in horses; (M;) [and in birds: see 9:] accord. to Hoseyn Ibn-' Abd-Allah El-Isbahánee, in his book on strange pigeons, greenness, or a dark, or an ashy, dust-colour, in which are redness and blackness. (TA.) [See also أَدْبَسُ.]

دُبْسِىٌّ A certain bird, (S, K,) of small size, (TA,) of a colour inclining to black, that cooes (يُقَرْقِرُ): (K, TA:) hence said by some to be the male of the يَمَام [or dove]: (TA:) or a species of pigeons: (M:) or a pigeon of a colour between black and red: (Mgh:) or a species of the فَوَاخِت [or collared turtle-doves]: (Msb:) fem. with ة: (Mgh, K:) [pl. دَبَاسِىٌّ:] a rel. n. from طَيْرٌ دُبْسٌ: (S, M, Msb, K: *) [see أَدْبسُ:] or from دِبْس of fresh ripe dates, but made to deviate from the form of the original, like دُهْرِىٌّ and سُهْلِىٌّ: (S:) or it has the form of a rel. n. without being such. (M, TA.) دَباسَاتٌ Domestic bee-hives; خَلَايَا أَهْلِيَّةٌ. (AHn, M.) دَبَّاسٌ [A seller of دِبْس]. (K in art. صقر.) دَبُّوسٌ, (S, K,) by some written دُبُّوسٌ, which is said to be the correct form, (TA,) A mace (K, TA) of iron or other material: (TA:) app. an arabicized word, (S, K, TA,) from [the Persian]

دبوز (TA) [or دَبُوسْ]: pl. دَبَابِيسُ. (S, K.) أَدْبَسُ A bird, (S, A, Msb, * K,) and a horse, (S, M, A, Mgh,) and a sheep, or goat, (M,) or a goat, (A,) [brown; or] of a colour between black and red; (S, A, Mgh, Msb, K;) or of a red colour tinged, or intermixed, with blackness: (M:) or, accord. to Hoseyn Ibn-'Abd-Allah ElIsbahánee, in his book on strange pigeons, of a green colour, or a dark, or an ashy, dust-colour, in which are redness and blackness: (TA:) fem.

دَبْسَآءُ: (A:) pl. دُبْسٌ. (S, A, Msb, K.) أَرْضٌ مُدْبِسَةٌ Land beginning to show the blackness of its plants or herbage. (AHn, S.)
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