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1 دَبِقَ بِهِ, (JK, K,) aor. دَبَقَ, (K,) inf. n. دَبَقٌ, (TA,) [lit. He, or it, stuck to it: and hence,] (assumed tropical:) he was, or became, attached, addicted, given, or devoted, to it, (namely, a thing, JK,) so that he did not quit it. (JK, K.) b2: دَبِقَ فِى مَعِيشَتِهِ is explained by Lh only as signifying لَزِقَ [app. meaning (assumed tropical:) He stuck fast, or perhaps he clave to one course, in respect of his means of subsistence: see also مُدَبَّقٌ]. (TA.) A2: دَبَقَهُ He stuck it, or made it to adhere. (TA. [See 4.]) b2: See also what next follows.2 دبّقهُ, inf. n. تَدْبِيقٌ, (Lth, JK, K,) He caught it with دِبْق [or bird-lime]; (Lth, K;) namely, a bird: (JK:) and so ↓ دَبَقَهُ, aor. دَبُقَ, inf. n. دَبْقٌ. (TA.) 4 ادبقهُ He made it to stick, or adhere. (K. [See also 1.]) You say, ادبقهُ اللّٰهُ بِهِ (assumed tropical:) God made him, or may God make him, to stick to it; or, it to him. (JK, TA.) b2: مَا أَدْبَقَهُ (assumed tropical:) How great is his attachment, addictedness, or devotedness! (JK, TA.) 5 تدبّق It (a thing) was, or became, sticky, glutinous, viscous, or ropy. (TA.) b2: It (a bird) was, or became, caught by means of دِبْق [or birdlime]; (K, TA;) i. e. it stuck, or adhered. (TA.) [See also دَبِقَ.]) دِبْقٌ (Lth, IDrd, S, K, &c.) and ↓ دَابُوقٌ (Fr, K) and ↓ دَبُوقَآءُ (K) [Bird-lime: and the viscum, or mistletoe; and its berries, of which bird-lime is mostly prepared: the first of these words has these applications in the present day:] a kind of glue, (IDrd, K,) well known, (IDrd,) or a sticky, glutinous, or viscous, thing, like glue, (Fr, S, TA,) with which birds are caught; (Fr, IDrd, S, K, TA;) in one dial. called طِبْقٌ: (IDrd:) Lth says, it is the fruit, or produce, of a tree, having in its interior a substance like glue, that sticks to the wing of the bird: the hakeem Dáwood says, [in a passage which is imperfect in the TA,] it is found upon the tree in like manner as lichen (الشَّيْبَة), but is a berry, like the chick-pea (حِمَّص) in roundness; . . . . the best thereof is the smooth, soft, with much moisture, inclining, in its exterior, to greenness, and it is mostly found upon the oak; when it is cooked with honey and دِبْس [or the expressed juice of fresh ripe dates, &c.], . . . . and drawn out into longish strings, and put upon trees, the birds become caught by it. (TA.) دَبِقٌ part. n. of دَبِقَ, Sticky, glutinous, or viscous: so in modern Arabic.]

دَبُوقَآءُ: see دِبْقٌ. b2: Also Anything sticky, glutinous, viscous, or ropy; that draws out with a sticky, glutinous, viscous, or ropy, continuity of parts. (IDrd, K, * TA.) b3: And Human ordure; (JK, S, K;) because of its sticky, or ropy, quality. (JK.) دَابُوقٌ: see دِبْقٌ.

عَيْشٌ مُدَبَّقٌ (assumed tropical:) [Means of subsistence] not complete. (TA.)
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