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1 دَرِدَ, (M, Mgh, L,) aor. دَرَدَ, (S,) inf. n. دَرَدٌ, (S, * M, Mgh, L, K, *) He was, or became, toothless; (S, L;) he lost his teeth. (M, Mgh, L, K.) It is said in a trad., أُمِرْتُ بِالسِّوَاكِ حَتَّى خِفْتُ لَأَدْرَدَنَّ (S, Mgh *) I was commanded to make use of the tooth-stick until I feared, meaning I thought, or opined, that I should assuredly become toothless: for the Arabs use ظَنَّ in the same manner as a verb signifying an oath, and give it the same kind of complement, saying, ظَنَنْتُ لَعَبْدُ اللّٰهُ خَيْرٌ مِنْكَ: (S:) or, accord. to one relation, the words of this trad. are لَزِمْتُ السِّوَاكَ حَتَّى

خَشِيتُ أَنْ يَدْرَدَنِى [a mistranscription for ↓ يُدْرِدَنِى, from أَدْرَدَ, i. e. I kept to the use of the toothstick until I feared that it would deprive me of my teeth, or render me toothless]: (L:) or, accord. to another relation, ↓ خَشِيتُ أَنْ أُدْرِدَ

أَسْنَانِى [I feared that I should make my teeth to fall out]; but this [verb, Mtr says,] I have not heard. (Mgh.) 4 أَدْرَدَ see above, in two places.

دَرَدٌ inf. n. of دَرِدَ. (S, * M, &c.) b2: And I. q.

حَرَدٌ [but in what sense is not said: see what next follows]. (M, TA.) دَرِدٌ, as an epithet applied to a man, I. q. حَرِدٌ [but in what sense is not said]. (M, TA.) دِرْدِمٌ: see أَدْرَدُ, in two places.

دُرْدِىٌّ The dregs, feces, lees, or sediment, or what remains at the bottom, of olive-oil, (S, K,) and of other things, (S,) or of [the beverage called] نَبِيذ, (A,) and of any fluid, such as beverages, or wines, and oils. (L.) b2: Also A ferment that is put into, and left in, expressed juice and [the beverage called] نَبِيذ, in order that it may ferment. (L.) [See خَمِيرٌ.]

دُرَيْدٌ an abbreviated dim. of أَدْرَدُ. (S, K.) أَدْرَدُ A toothless man; (S, M, A, Mgh;) as also ↓ دِرْدِمٌ, with an augmentative م: (M:) fem. of the former دَرْدَآءٌ: (S, M:) and pl. دُرْدٌ. (A.) b2: نَاقَةٌ دَرْدَآءُ, (S, M, K,) and ↓ دِرْدِمٌ, with an augmentative م, (S, K,) as in the instance of دِلْقِمٌ syn. with دَلْقَآءُ, and of دِقْعِمٌ syn. with دَقْعَآءٌ, (S,) A she-camel advanced in years: (S, K:) or having her teeth [worn, or consumed,] down to the sockets, (M, K,) by reason of old age. (M, TA.) A2: الدَّرْدَآءُ the name of A certain corps, or troop of horse, (كَتِيبَة, [in some copies of the S and K كَثِيبَة,]) that belonged to the Arabs. (A 'Obeyd, S, K, TA.)
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