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1 دَسَعَهُ, aor. دَسَعَ, (S, TA,) inf. n. دَسْعٌ (S, Mgh, K) and دَسِيعَةٌ, (S, TA,) He impelled it, pushed it, thrust it, or drove it; and particularly so as to remove it from its place; propelled it, repelled it; pushed it, thrust it, or drove it, away, or back. (S, Mgh, K, TA.) b2: Hence, (TA,) دَسَعَ البَعِيرُ بِجِرَّتِهِ, (S, Z, L,) aor. دَسَعَ, (TA,) inf. n. دَسْعٌ (Z, TA) and دُسُوعٌ, (TA,) The camel propelled his cud so as to make it pass forth from his inside to his mouth; (S, TA;) drew it forth from his stomach and cast it into his mouth. (Z, L, TA.) And دَسَعَ فُلَانٌ بَقِيْئِهِ Such a one cast forth his vomit. (TA.) And دَسَعَ alone, (Mgh, TA,) aor. دَسَعَ, (TA,) inf. n. دَسْعٌ, (K,) He vomited: (K, TA:) or he vomited as much as filled his mouth. (Mgh.) And دَسَعَ البَحْرُ بِالعَنْبَرِ The sea collected together the ambergris like foam, or scum, and then cast it aside. (TA.) b3: [Hence, also, (as appears from an explanation of دَسِيعَةٌ, q. v. infrà,)] دَسَعَ, aor. دَسَعَ, (S, TA,) inf. n. دَسْعٌ, (K,) (tropical:) He gave a large gift. (S, K, TA.) It is said in a trad., (S, TA,) that God will ask the son of Adam on the day of resurrection, (TA,) أَلَمْ أَجْعَلْكَ تَرْبَعُ وَ تَدْسَعُ Did I not make thee to take the fourth part of the spoil, and to give largely? (S:) and on his answering “ Yes,” that God will ask, “Then where is [thy] gratitude for that? ” for the doing thus is the act of the chief. (TA.) b4: And دَسَعْتُ القَصْعَةَ, (Ibn-'Abbád,) inf. n. دَسْعٌ, (Ibn-'Abbád, K,) I filled the bowl. (Ibn-'Abbád, 'K. *) b5: and دَسَعَ الجُحْرَ, (TA,) inf. n. دَسْعٌ, (K,) He stopped up the burrow at once (K, TA) with a stopper of rag, or some other thing of the size of the burrow. (TA.) دَسْعَةٌ [inf. n. of un. of 1]. b2: A single act of vomiting. (Mgh, TA.

دَسِيعَةٌ an inf. n. (S, TA.) دَسِيعَةُ ظُلْمٍ A wrongful, or tyrannical, pushing, or thrusting, or the like; for دَسِيعَةٌ مِنْ ظُلْمٍ; occurring in a trad. (TA.) b2: A gift: (S:) a large gift: (S, K:) because given at once, like as a camel's cud is propelled by him with a single impulse. (TA.) You say of a munificent man, (Az, TA,) هُوَ ضَخْمُ الدَّسِيعَةِ (Az, S, TA) He is a large giver; one who gives much. (Az, TA.) b3: Natural disposition: (S, K:) or, as some say, generosity of action: or, as some say, make; or natural constitution. (TA.) b4: The pl. is دَسَائِعُ. (TA.)
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