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1 دَغَرَ, aor. دَغَرَ, (K,) inf. n. دَغْرٌ, (S, A, K,) He pushed, thrust, drove, impelled, or repelled. (S, A, K.) This is the primary signification. (S, A.) b2: دَغَرَهُ, aor. as above, He pressed him, or squeezed him, until he died. (K.) b3: دَغَرَتْ حَلْقَ الصَّبِىّ, (TK,) aor. دَغَرَ, (K,) inf. n. دَغْرٌ, (S, K,) She pressed the throat, or fauces, of the child, (K, * TA,) on account of the pain termed العُذْرَةُ, (S, * TA,) and (or that is to say, TA) raised his uvula with her finger, (S, K, TA,) compressing that part on the occasion of the pain's being excited by the blood. (A 'Obeyd, TA.) So in the trad., عَلَامَ تُعَذِّبْنَ أَوْلَادَكُنَّ بِالدَّغْرِ Wherefore do ye torment your children by raising the uvula &c.: (S:) and لَا تُعَذِّبْنَ أَوْلَادَكُنَّ بِالدَّغْرِ Torment ye not your children by pressing the throat, or fauces, &c. (A 'Obeyd, TA.) b4: And دَغَرَتْ وَلَدَهَا, (TK,) aor. and inf. n. as above, (K,) She fed her child ill: and she suckled him without satisfying him, (K,) so that he remained hungry, and applied himself to every one he met, and ate and sucked, and would suck the dug of a ewe or goat: and the like is said of a she-camel with respect to her young one, accord. to Aboo-Sa'eed Es-Sukkaree, who thus explains the latter of the two traditions quoted above; but Az says that the right explanation is that given by A 'Obeyd, as is shown in the traditions [elsewhere]. (TA.) b5: دَغَرَ الشَّىْءَ بِالشَّىْءِ, (TK,) aor. . and inf. n. as above, (K,) He mixed the thing with the thing. (K, * TK.) A2: دَغَرَ عَلَيْهِ, (K,) aor. دَغَرَ, (TA,) inf. n. دَغْرٌ, (K,) and ↓ دَغْرَى, (K, TA,) or the latter is a simple subst., (TA,) He rushed upon him without consideration; (K, TA;) he charged upon him. (TA.) Hence the saying, لَاصَفَّى ↓ دَغْرَى, (S, A, K, *) and ↓ دَغَرَى, and ↓ دَغْرَآءَ, (K,) and دَغْرًا لَا صَفًّا, (S, K,) like عَقْرَى وَحَلْقَى, and عَقْرًا وَحَلْقًا, (S,) i. e., Rush ye upon them without consideration, and oppose them not in regular ranks: (S, * A, * K, * TA:) or mix ye among them, &c. (Kr.) A woman is related to have said to her son, وَلَا صَفَّى ↓ إِذَا رَأَتِ العَيْنُ العَيْنَ فَدَغْرَى

When the eye sees the eye, [or when eye meets eye in war,] then rush thou &c. (TA.) b2: دَغَرَ فِى

البَيْتِ He entered the house: (K:) as though he thrust himself in. (TA.) اِدَّغَرَ: see 8 in art. ثغر.) دَغْرٌ (TA) and ↓ دَغْرَةٌ (S, A, K) The act of snatching a thing unawares; seizing it hastily when its owner is unawares: (S, A, K:) or the springing, or rushing, upon a commodity, to snatch it unawares: or the filling one's hand with a thing and carrying it off. (TA.) Hence the trad. (S, A) of 'Alee, (TA,) ↓ لَاقَطْعَ فِى الدَّغْرَةِ [There shall be no amputation of the hand for snatching a thing unawares: &c.]. (S, A, TA.) دَغْرَةٌ: see the next preceding paragraph, in two places.

دَغْرَى and دَغَرَى and دَغْرَآء: see 1; the first, in three places.

مَدْغَرَةٌ A fierce war, in which the word is دَغْرَى, (K,) or دَغْرًا. (TA.)
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