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1 دَفِىَ, [aor. يَدْفَى,] inf. n. دَفًا, He, or it, was, or became, such as is termed أَدْفَى, in any of the senses of this epithet. (M.) [See also 4.]

A2: دَفَوْتُ الجَرِيحَ, (S, K, TA, [in the CK, erroneously, دَفَيْتُ,]) aor. أَدْفُوهُ, inf. n. دَفْوٌ; (S, TA;) and ↓ دَافَيْتُهُ and ↓ أَدْفَيْتُهُ; (A'Obeyd, S, K;) I despatched the wounded man; i. e. hastened and completed his slaughter; or made his slaughter sure, or certain: (A'Obeyd, S, K:) and so دَافَأْتُهُ and أَدْفَأْتُهُ (TA) [and دَافَقْتُهُ &c.: see 3 in art. دف]. Accord. to Ibn-Abi-l-Hadeed, دَفَى, [or rather دَفَا,] sometimes pronounced with ء, [دَفَأَ,] signifies He slew, in the dial. of Kináneh. (TA.) 3 دَاْفَوَ see 1.4 أَدْفَوَ see 1.

A2: It is related in a trad. that a captive was brought to the Prophet, (S, TA,) shivering by reason of cold, (TA,) and he said to some persons, اِذْهَبُوا بِهِ فَأَدْفُوهُ, meaning [Take ye him away and] clothe him so as to protect him from the cold; (S, TA;) for أَدْفِئُوهُ; because the pronunciation of ء was not of the dial. of Kureysh; but they thought that he meant slaughter; (TA;) and they took him away and slew him: therefore he paid the fine for his blood. (S, TA.) As is said in the K, أَدْفَيْتُ is a dial. var. of أَدْفَأْتُ. (TA.) A3: ادفى said of a gazelle, His horns were, or became, so long as almost to reach his hinder part. (T, K.) [See also دَفِىَ.]6 التَّدَافِى i. q. التَّدَارُكُ [app. in relation to a camel's pace, or manner of going, as meaning The continuing uninterruptedly]: (K:) and التَّدَاوُلُ [denoting alternation of any kind]: (S, K:) [accord. to the TA, this means, here, what next follows; and the same seems to be indicated in the S:] and a camel's going along with an inclining from side to side (أَنْ يَسِيرَ سَيْرًا مُتَجَافِيًا): (K:) you say, تَدَافَى البَعِيرُ, meaning سَارَ سَيْرًا مُتَجَافِيًا [The camel went along with an inclining from side to side]. (S.) [See also the second of the verses cited in the first paragraph of art. دف: from the explanation of which by ISd, it appears that تَدَافَى is perhaps originally تَدَافَّ.]8 اِدَّفَيْتُ a dial. var. of اِدَّفَأْتُ. (Lth, T in art. دفأ.) 10 اِسْتَدْفَيْتُ a dial. var. of اِسْتَدْفَأْتُ. (Lth, T in art. دَفأ, and K in the present art.) دَفًا inf. n. of دَفِىَ [q. v.]. (M.) A bending, or curving. (T, S.) You say, of a man, فِيهِ دَفًا In him is a bending, or curving: and this is said of Ed-Dejjál. (T.) [See also دَفَأٌ.] b2: Also, in a mountain-goat, The having very long horns, extending towards his ears. (S.) دَافِى, used [for the sake of rhyme] by Ru-beh for دَافِفُ: see دَافٌّ, in art. دف.

أَدْفَى, applied to a man, (T, S, M, K,) Humpbacked: (T, S:) or who walks with an inclining on one side: or, as some say, i. q. أَجْنَأُ [q. v.]: or having contracted shoulders: (M:) or bending, or curving. (K.) [See also أَدْفَأُ.] Its fem., in all its senses, is دَفْوَآءُ. (M.) b2: Applied to a camel, Long in the neck, and protuberant in the back, whose head nearly touches his hump: (M:) and the fem., applied to a she-camel, (K,) or to an excellent she-camel, (Lth, T, S,) long in the neck; (Lth, T, S, K;) that, when she goes along, almost puts her head upon the back of her hump, and is long in the back. (Lth, T.) b3: Applied to a ram, Whose horn extends towards his ear: (T:) or, applied to a mountain-goat, (S, M,) and to a domestic goat, (M,) whose horns are very long, extending towards his ears; (S;) or whose horns are so long that they turn down backwards upon his ears: (M:) and [in like manner] the fem. is applied to a she-goat; (S;) meaning, accord. to AZ, whose horns turn down to the extremity of each of her عِلْبَاوَانِ [dual of عِلْبَآءٌ, q. v.]. (T.) b4: Applied to a bird, Long in the wing: (S:) or long in the wings and tail: (M:) or long in the wings, having the ends of the primary feathers even with the end of the tail. ('Eyn.) And the fem., applied to an eagle (عُقَاب), Crook-billed: (K:) or so applied because that bird is crook-billed. (S.) b5: and the fem., applied to an ear [of a beast], Approaching the other ear so that the extremities of the two almost touch each other, bending down towards the forehead, not standing erect, but strong: as some say, applied to the ear of a horse only: or, as Th says, only meaning inclining. (M.) b6: Also, the fem., accord. to A'Obeyd, Having wide bones. (M.) b7: شَجَرَةٌ دَفْوَآءُ A great tree: (S:) or a great, shady tree; and it may be, inclining: (T:) or a shady tree, having many branches: (IAth, TA:) or, as some say, an inclining tree: (TA:) occurring in a trad., describing a certain tree that was worshipped. (T, S.) إِبِلٌ مُدْفَاةٌ: see مُدْفَأَةٌ, in art. دفأ.
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