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دُلْبٌ A kind of tree; (S, and so in some copies of the K;) the tree called the عَيْثَم [or عَيْثَام], (T,) or the غَيْثَان [probably a mistranscription for عَيْثَام]: (M:) or the صِنَّار or صِنَار [i. e. the plane-tree]; (T, M, K, accord. to different copies; in some copies of the K explained as the صنار; in other copies, as a kind of tree, and the صنار;) which is most like to it [referring to the عيثم]; (T;) or which is most likely; (M;) a kind of great tree, (Mgh,) having neither blossom nor fruit, the leaves of which are serrated (M, Mgh) and wide, resembling those of the vine, (M,) called in Persian صِنَار [or rather چَنَارْ]: (Mgh:) in the [Kitáb en-] Nebát, [or Book of Plants, of AHn,] the [tree called] صنار, which is a Persian word that has become current in the language of the Arabs: it grows large and wide: and some say that it is called the عَيْثَام: (TT:) accord. to Ibn-El-Kutbee, it is a great, well-known, tree, the leaves of which resemble those of the خِرْوَع [or palma Christi], except in being smaller, and are bitter in taste, and astringent; having small blossoms: (TA:) [see also De Sacy's “ Abdallatif,” p. 80: and his “ Chrest. Arabs,” sec. ed., p. 394 (173 of the Arabic text) and the notes thereon: the word is a coll. gen. n.:] n. un. with نَوَاقِيس. (S, M, K.) The نَاقُوس [pl. of هُوَ مِنْ أَهْلِ الدُّرْبَةِ بِمُعَالَجَةِ الدُّلْبَةِ, answering to the Christians the purpose of churchbells,] are made of the wood of this tree: whence the saying, هُوَ مِنْ أَهْلِ الدُّرْبَةِ بِمُعَالَجَةِ الدُّلْبَةِ [He is of the people who are accustomed to ply the wood of the plane-tree], meaning he is a Christian. (A.) A2: الدُّلْبُ [or, as in a copy of the T, accord. to the TT, الدَّلْبُ,] A certain race of the blacks, (T, K,) of Es-Sind: [said to be] formed by transposition from الدَّيْبُلُ. (T.) دُلْبَةٌ n. un. of دُلْبٌ [q. v.]. (S, M, K.) A2: And Blackness, (IAar, T, K,) like لُعْسَةٌ [q. v.]. (TA.) دَالِبٌ A coal that will not become extinguished. (K.) دُولَابٌ, (S,) or دَوْلَابٌ, (A, Mgh,) or each of these, (M, Msb, K,) of which the latter is the more chaste, (Msb, K,) an arabicized word, (S, M, A, Msb, K,) from the Persian [دُولْ آبْ dól-áb]; (S, M, Msb;) but some say it is Arabic; (Msb;) [A kind of water-wheel;] a machine that is turned by a horse or the like; (Mgh, Msb;) a thing formed like the نَاعُورَة, with which water is drawn, (M, A, K,) for irrigating land [&c.]: (A:) or, more correctly, the same as the ناعورة; vulgarly called سَاقِيَة: (TA:) [it mainly consists of a vertical wheel, which raises the water in earthern pots, these being attached to cords, and forming a continuous series; a second vertical wheel, fixed to the same axis as the former, with cogs; and a large, horizontal, cogged wheel, which, being turned by a pair of bulls or cows or by a single beast, puts and keeps in motion the two other wheels and the pots:] pl. دَوَالِيبُ; (S, M, A;) for which دَوَالِى occurs in poetry: (M:) [or rather this (occurring at the end of a verse, and with the article ال,) is pl. of دَالِيَةٌ.]

b2: It has also other meanings, not mentioned in the K. (TA.) [Nor are they mentioned in the TA. Among other meanings used in the present day, are the following. b3: A machine: particularly any machine with a rotatory motion. b4: A cupboard. b5: And A machination; an artifice; a trick; or a fraud.]

أَرْضٌ مَدْلَبَةٌ A land containing, (S,) or abounding with, (K,) the kind of trees called دُلْب. (S, K.)
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