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1 دَمَجَ, [aor., accord. to a rule of the K, دَمُجَ,] inf. n. دُمُوجٌ; (S, A, K;) and ↓ اندمج (S, A, Msb, K) and ↓ اِدَّمَجَ, as also اِدْرَمَّجَ; (S, K;) It (a thing, S, A) entered, and became firm, فِى شَىْءٍ in a thing: (S, K:) or it became firm and consolidated: (A:) or it entered, and became concealed, in a thing: (A'Obeyd, S, Msb:) and the first and second, he (a wild animal) entered into his covert among trees: (A, TA:) and in like manner, the first, a man into his house or tent; as also ↓ دمّج. (L.) b2: [Hence,] دَمَجَ بَعْضُهُ فِى بَعْضٍ (tropical:) [It became intricate]; said of darkness. (A, TA.) b3: And دَمَجَ أَمْرُهُمْ (tropical:) Their affair, or case, was, or became, right, just, or sound, and consistent. (A, TA.) b4: And دَمَجَتِ الأَرْنَبُ, (M, K,) aor. دَمُجَ, inf. n. as above, (TA,) The hare went quickly, with short steps: (M, K: *) and in like manner دَمَجَ is said of a camel. (M.) A2: See also 4.2 دَمَّجَ see 1.3 دامجهُ, (A, L,) inf. n. دِمَاجٌ, (L,) (tropical:) He agreed with him, [and he aided him, (see 6,)]

عَلَيْهِ [against him, or respecting it, or to do it]. (L, A.) b2: And (assumed tropical:) [He soothed, coaxed, wheedled, or cajoled, him, as though concealing enmity: for its inf. n.] مُدَامَجَةٌ is like مُدَاجَاةٌ. (S.) 4 ادمج He wrapped a thing in a garment, or piece of cloth. (S, K. [Said in the TA to be tropical: but for this there is no reason that I can see.]) b2: He rolled up tightly a طُومَار [or scroll]; syn. شَدَّ إِدْرَاجَهُ. (A, TA.) b3: He twisted: or he twisted well a rope: or he twisted it firmly, making it slender. (TA.) And ادمجت, said of a female comber and dresser of hair, (A, L,) She rolled, or made round, (أَدْرَجَت,) and made smooth, the locks of a woman's hair: (A:) or she plaited such locks; as also ↓ دَمَجَتْ, inf. n. دَمْجٌ. (L.) b4: (assumed tropical:) He, or it, made a horse lean, lank, or light of flesh, or slender, or lank in the belly. (TA.) إِدْمَاجٌ [as inf. n. of أُدْمِجَ, not of أَدْمَجَ,] signifies (assumed tropical:) The being slender in the waist, or middle. (KL.) [See also 7.] b5: ادمج كَلَامَهُ (tropical:) He disposed his words in a closely-connected order: (A:) or he made his speech vague. (Msb.) 5 تدمّج فِى ثيَابِهِ (tropical:) He wrapped himself in his clothes, in consequence of his feeling the cold. (A.) 6 تدامجوا (tropical:) They agreed together: (A:) [they conspired together:] they leagued together, (A,) and aided one another. (S, A, K. *) You say, تدامجوا عَلَيْهِ (tropical:) They aided one another, (S,) or leagued together, and aided one another, (A, TA,) against him. (S, A, TA.) 7 اندمج: see 1. b2: Also, said of a horse, (tropical:) He was, or became, lean, lank, or light of flesh, or slender, or lank in the belly. (A, TA.) 8 اِدَّمَجَ: see 1.

دَمْجٌ A plaited, or braided, lock of hair. (L, K. *) دِمْجٌ A [friend, or companion, such as is termed] خِدْن; and an equal. (K.) صُلْحٌ دُمَاجٌ (S, A, K) and ↓ دِمَاجٌ (A, K) (tropical:) A peace, or reconciliation, that is secret, or concealed: (K, TA:) or as though secret, or concealed; from مُدَامَجَةٌ [inf. n. of 3]: (S:) or firmly established: (A, K:) or complete, and firmly established: (Az, S:) or that is not made with any malicious intention. (AA.) and أَمْرٌ دُمَاجٌ (assumed tropical:) A right, or just, affair or case. (TA.) The saying of a poet, cited by IAar, يُحَاوِلْنَ صَرْمًا أَوْ دُمَاجًا عَلَى الخَنَى

[which may app. be correctly rendered Do they (referring to women) seek to affect a severing of the tie of union, or a confirming thereof notwithstanding the calamities of fortune?] is explained as meaning, they make a show of union outwardly sound but inwardly unsound; from أَدْمَجَ الحَبْلَ signifying “he twisted firmly the rope.” (TA.) دِمَاجٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

دُمُوجٌ inf. n. of 1. (S, A, K.) b2: Also Smoothness; or the being smooth: in this sense extr., inasmuch as it [is an inf. n. that] has no unaugmented triliteral-radical verb belonging to it. (L.) دُمَّجٌ: see مُدْمَجٌ.

لَيْلٌ دَامِجٌ (tropical:) Dark night: (S, K, * TA:) or night of intricate darkness. (A.) مُدْمَجٌ, applied to a man, (assumed tropical:) Well knit together, like a rope firmly twisted; as also ↓ مَنْدَمِجٌ: and in like manner, مُدْمَجَاتُ الخَلْقِ, applied to women, (assumed tropical:) of a frame well knit together; and so ↓ دُمَّجٌ, of which ISd found no singular. (L.) And accord. to Lth, ↓ مُدَمَّجٌ, applied to the back, and to a limb, or member, means (assumed tropical:) [Well compacted, or rounded, and smooth;] as though made round and smooth (أُدْرِجَتْ وَ مُلِّسَتْ) as when the female comber and dresser of hair plaits the locks of a woman's hair: (TA:) [or this may be a mistranscription for مُدْمَجٌ; for it is said that] مُدْمَجٌ signifies round and smooth; syn. مُدَمْلَجٌ; (K;) or مُدْرَجٌ مَعَ مَلَاسَتِهِ: (S:) and, applied to a back, made smooth. (L.) b2: Also (assumed tropical:) An arrow that is used in the game called المَيْسِر. (S, K.) El-Hárith Ibn-Hillizeh says, أَلْفَيْتَنَا لِلضَّيْفِ خَيْرَ عِمَارَةٍ

إلَّا يَكُنْ لَبَنٌ فَعَطْفٌ المُدْمَجِ [Thou hast found us to be, for the guest, the best tribe: if there is not any milk, then is the shuffling of the gaming arrow]: meaning, if there is not any milk, we shuffle the gaming arrow for [the purpose of deciding who shall supply] the camel to be slaughtered, and we slaughter it for the guest. (S.) مُدَمَّجٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.

مِدْمَاجَةٌ A turban; syn. عِمَامَةٌ; (AHeyth, K;) a rare instance of the addition of ة to the measure مِفْعَالٌ: or it seems to be an epithet applied to a turban, meaning firmly wound. (AHeyth.) مُنْدَمِجٌ: see مُدْمَجٌ. b2: Also Round, or rounded; as an epithet applied to a نَصْل [i. e. the head of an arrow or of a spear &c.] (S.)
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