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2 دَنَّرَ, (T, M, K,) inf. n. تَدْنِيرٌ; (K;) and ↓ تدنّر; (A;) (tropical:) It (a man's face) glistened (T, M, A, K) like a دِينَار. (TA.) b2: دُنِّرَ He (a man, TA) had many دَنَانِير [pl. of دِينَار]. (K.) b3: See also the pass. part. n., below.5 تَدَنَّرَ see 2.

دُنَيْنِيرٌ: see the next paragraph.

دِينَارٌ, an arabicized word, (M, K,) from the Persian [دِينَارْ], (M,) or from دِينْ آرْ, meaning “ the law brought it ” [into being or circulation]: (Er-Rághib:) some say, (TA,) its original is دِنَّارٌ; one of its ن being changed into ى (S, Msb, K,) to render it more easy to be pronounced, (Msb,) or that it may not be confounded with inf. ns., such as كِذَّابٌ; (S, K;) and hence its pl. is دَنَانِيرُ, (M, Msb,) and its dim. ↓ دُنَيْنِيرٌ: (M:) this is the opinion generally obtaining: others say that it is of the measure فِيعَالٌ; but this opinion is contradicted by the absence of the ى in [the second syllable of] the pl.; for were it so, its pl. would be like دَيَامِيسُ, pl. of دِيمَاسٌ: (Msb:) [it is the name of A certain gold coin;] its weight is seventy-one barley-corns and a half, nearly, reckoning the دَانِق as eight grains of wheat and two fifths; but if it be said that the دانق is eight grains of wheat, then the دينار is sixty-eight grains of wheat and four sevenths: it is the same as the مَثْقَال. (Msb.) شَرَابٌ دِينَارِىٌّ A kind of wine or beverage, so called in relation to Ibn-Deenár el-Hakeem, or because like the دينار in its redness. (TA.) مُدَنَّرٌ, applied to a دِينَار, (M, K,) and to gold, (TA,) Coined. (M, K, TA.) b2: Also A man having many دَنَانِير [pl. of دِينَار]. (M, K.) b3: Also (tropical:) A horse having specks, or small spots, exceeding what are termed بَرَشٌ: (AO, T, S, M, K:) or having black and white spots like دَنَانِير: (Mgh:) or having a spotting (↓ تَدْنِير) of black intermixed with whiteness predominating over blackness: (TA:) and of a white colour predominating over blackness, with a round blackness intermixed with the former colour upon his back and rump: (M:) or of a white hue intermixed with red, (أَصْهَبُ,) marked with round black spots. (A.) b4: Also (tropical:) A garment, or piece of cloth, with marks, or figures, like دَنَانِير. (A.)
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