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1 دَاكَهُ, aor. يَدُوكُ, inf. n. دَوْكٌ and مَدَاكٌ, He bruised, brayed, or pounded, it; (S, K;) and did so finely, or pulverized it; (TA;) namely, perfume, (S, TA,) &c. (TA.) Also, inf. n. دَوْكٌ, He bruised it, and ground it, like as does a camel a thing with his breast [when lying upon the ground]. (Z, TA.) b2: And دَاكَهَا, (AA, K,) aor. يَدُوكُ, inf. n. دَوْكٌ; (AA,) He compressed her; namely, a woman; (AA, K;) and so بَاكَهَا. (AA.) And He leaped her; namely, a stallion, the mare: (TA:) and in like manner said of an ass. (IDrd, TA.) b3: And داكهُ, (IDrd, K,) aor. as above, inf. n. دَوْكٌ, (IDrd,) He plunged him (a man) in water or dust. (IDrd, K.) b4: And i. q. أَسَرَّهُ [He made him captive; &c.]. (TA.) A2: داك القَوْمُ The people, or party, fell into a state of confusion (K, TA) in respect of their case, or affair, and went round about [in perplexity]. (TA,) بَاتَ القَوْمُ يَدُوكُونَ, (S,) or النَّاسُ, occurring in a trad., (TA,) inf. n. دَوْكٌ, (S, TA,) means The people passed the night in confusion, and in going round about [in perplexity]: (S:) or in a state of confusion, and commotion, or disturbance, and disagreement. (TA.) b2: And The people, or party, became diseased, or sick. (Abu-r-Rabeea El-Bekráwee, Aboo-Turáb, K.) 6 تداكوا They straitened one another (S, K) in war, or battle, (S,) or in evil, or mischief, (S, K,) and in contention, or altercation. (K.) دَوْكٌ A species of mother-of-pearl-shell, or oyster-shell. (IDrd, TA.) دُوكٌ: see مَدَاكٌ.

دَوْكَةٌ and ↓ دُوكَةٌ Evil, or mischief; and contention, or altercation; (S, K, TA;) and a confused state of affairs: pl. of the former دِوَكٌ and دِيَكٌ, and of the latter دُوَكٌ. (TA.) One says, وَقَعُوافِى دَوْكَةٍ and ↓ دُوكَةٍ [They fell into evil, &c.]. (S, K.) And Ru-beh says, ↓ فَرُبَّمَا نَجَيْتُ مِنْ تِلْكَ الدُّوَكْ [And seldom, or often, I escaped from those evils, &c.] (TA.) دُوكَةٌ; and its pl. دُوَكٌ: see the next preceding paragraph, in three places. b2: Also Disease, or sickness. (Aboo-Turáb, TA.) مَدَاكٌ i. q. صَلَآءَةٌ, (K,) i. e., (TA,) A stone upon which perfume is bruised, brayed, or pounded; (S, TA;) as also ↓ دُوكٌ (TA) and ↓ مِدْوَكٌ: (K:) or this last signifies a stone with which perfume is bruised, brayed, or pounded: (S, TA:) F's making this word and the first to signify the same requires consideration. (TA.) مِدْوَكٌ: see the next preceding paragraph.
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