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2 دوّى He took his way in the دَوّ [q. v.]. (M, K.) And دوّى فِىالأَرْضِ He went away into the country, or in the land. (T.) Ru-beh uses the phrase دوّى بِهَا as signifying He passed by them; meaning, by them, a male [wild] ass and his she-asses. (T.) And it is said of the دَوِّيَّة that it is thus called لِأَنَّهَا تُدَوِّى صَارَ فِيهَا, i. e. Because it makes away with those who are in it. (T.) A2: See also art. دوى.

دَوٌّ and ↓دَوِّيَّةٌ (T, S, M, K, the latter [erroneously] written in the CK دَوِيَّة) A desert, or waterless desert; syn.مَفَازَةٌ, (S, M,) or فَلَاةٌ; (K;) as also ↓ دَوِّىٌّ (S) and ↓ دَاوِيِّةٌ, (S, M, K,) in which the first و which is quiescent, [in دَوِّيِّةٌ, for دَوْوِيَّةٌ,] is changed into ا because of the fet-hah before it, though this instance is not to be copied as a model, (S,) and ↓دَاوِيَةٌ: (M, K:) or دَوٌّ signifies a wide فَلَاة: (M:) or a level land; likened by Dhu-r-Rummeh to the hand of the purchaser, meaning when he strikes his hand upon that of another in token of the ratification of a bargain: and ↓دَوِّيَّةٌ, a land of which the extremities are far apart, level, and spacious; said to be so called because of the sound termed دَوِىّ that is heard in it; [and if so, these two words (the latter of which is also mentioned in art. دوى) belong to one and the same art.;] or because it makes away with those who are in it; [see 2, above;] and ↓دَاوِيَّةٌ and ↓دَاوِيَةٌ signify the same: (T:) it is also said that دَوٌّ is [in origin] a Pers. word; as though he who traversed the دَوّ said to his companion دَوْدَوْ, meaning “ Hasten: ” (TA:) or, as some say, a certain region, four nights' journey in extent, like a shield, vacant, traversed by means of the stars, in which one feared losing his way, on the way from El-Basrah to Mekkeh, was named الدَّوُّ for this reason, from the Persians' hastening one another while crossing it by saying دَوْدَوْ. (T.) b2: [Hence,] بَنَاتُ الدَّوِّ (assumed tropical:) The wild asses. (T in art. بنى.) دَوِّىٌّ [a rel. n. from دَوٌّ;] One inhabiting a دَوّ. (S.) [Hence the saying,] مَا بِهَا دَوِّىٌّ, (S, K, TA, [in the CK, erroneously, دَوِىٌّ,]) and ↓, دُوِّىٌّ (Sgh, K, TA, [in the CK, erroneously, دُوِىٌّ,]) and ↓دُوْوِىٌّ, as in the M, or ↓دَوَوِىٌّ, as in the K, (TA,) i. e. [There is not in it (meaning بِالدَّارِ in the house)] any one (S, M, K) of those who inhabit the دَوّ: like as one says مَا بِهَا طُورِىٌّ, and دُورِىٌّ. (S.) b2: See دَوٌّ, with which it is also syn. (S.) دُوِّىٌّ and دُوْوِىٌّ or دَوَوِىٌّ: see the next preceding paragraph.

دَوِّيَّةٌّ: see دَوٌّ, in two places.

دَاوِيَةٌ and دَاوِيَّةٌ: see دَوٌّ, in four places.

دَوْدَاةٌ: see art. دود.
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