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1 دَاثَ, aor. يَدِيثُ, inf. n. دَيْثٌ, It (a thing) was, or became, soft, or supple; and easy: whence the term دَيُّوثٌ. (Msb.) b2: [And hence,] داث, aor. as above, inf. n. دِيَاثَةٌ, (assumed tropical:) He was, or became, [a wittol, or tame cuckold; or] without jealousy, and regardless of shame: so in the Nawádir of Aboo-'Alee Zekereeyà Ibn-Hároon Ibn-Zekereeyà

El-Hejeree: (TA:) and ↓ تَدَيُّثٌ signifies (assumed tropical:) the acting the part, or performing the office, [of a دَيُّوث, or wittol; or] of a pimp to one's own wife. (T, K.) 2 ديّثهُ, [inf. n. تَدْيِيثٌ,] He softened, or suppled, it; and made it easy. (Msb.) You say also, دَيَّثَتْهُ الَمَطَارِقُ The instruments called مطارق softened, or suppled, it; namely, a thing. (M.) b2: (tropical:) He made it (a road) even, smooth, or easy to walk or ride upon. (M, TA.) b3: (assumed tropical:) He smoothed it; namely, an affair. (M.) b4: (assumed tropical:) He broke, or trained, him, namely, a camel, in some measure [so as to subdue his refractoriness]. (M.) b5: and in like manner, [He prepared it in some measure; namely,] a skin in the tan, or tanning-liquid: and a spear in the ثِقَاف [or straitening-instrument]. (M.) b6: (assumed tropical:) He subdued him; or rendered him submissive, (S, M, K,) and gentle; namely, a man. (M.) دُيَّثَ بِالصَّغَارِ occurs in a trad. as meaning (assumed tropical:) ذُلِّلَ [i. e. He was subdued, or rendered submissive, by abasement, or by tyranny, oppression, or injury]. (TA.) b7: And (assumed tropical:) It (time, or fortune,) tried him, or proved him, and rendered him experienced, and submissive. (M.) 5 تَدَيَّثَ see 1.

دِيَاثَةٌ (assumed tropical:) The act, or conduct, of the دَيُّوث [or wittol, &c.]. (Msb.) [See also دَاثَ, of which, in the sense assigned to it in the second sentence in this art., it is said to be the inf. n.]

A2: It is also said to signify A distortion in the tongue: so in the Nh: or, as some say, the word in this sense is دِثَاثَةٌ. (TA.) دَيُّوثٌ, (written by some دَيُوثٌ, without tesh-deed, which is strange, TA,) a word of wellknown meaning, (K,) (assumed tropical:) [A wittol, or tame cuckold;] one to whose wife another man comes with his [the husband's] knowledge: (Th, M:) or one to whose wife other men go in so that he sees them; as though he had softened, or suppled, [or tamed,] himself to endure this: (M:) or one who is not jealous of him who goes in to his wife: (Mgh:) or a pimp to his own wife: (T:) or one who is not jealous of his wife: (T, Msb:) or i. q. قُنْذُعٌ; i. e. one who has no jealousy: (S:) or a submissive, compliant, man, without jealousy: (A:) said to be an arabicized word from the Syriac: or from مُدِيَّثٌ as an epithet applied to a camel, explained below; and if so, tropical: (TA:) or from دَاثَ [q. v.]. (Msb.) مُدَيَّثٌ (assumed tropical:) A camel broken, or trained, so that his refractoriness is subdued: (T:) or (tropical:) broken, or trained, but not thoroughly. (A.) b2: (tropical:) A road beaten, or trodden, (S, A, TA,) and made even, or easy to walk or ride upon: (S, TA:) or that has been travelled until it has become plain, or conspicuous. (T, TA.)
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