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1 ذَرَحَ الطَّعَامَ: see 2.

A2: ذَرَحَ الشَّىْءَ فِى الرِّيحِ He winnowed the thing; syn. ذَرَّاهُ. (Kr, K.) 2 ذرّح الطَّعَامَ, (S, K,) inf. n. تَذْرِيحٌ; (S;) and ↓ ذَرَحَهُ, aor. ذَرِحَ; (K;) He put ذَرَارِيح [or cantharides] into the food. (S, K.) b2: ذرّحه فِى المَآءِ, inf. n. as above, He put a small quantity of it, namely, saffron, &c., into the water. (S.) b3: And ذرّح, [or ذرّح لَبَنَهُ, (see ذَرَاحٌ, below,)] He poured water into his milk, in order that it might become much in quantity. (TA.) b4: تَذْرِيحٌ also signifies The smearing with clay a new [water-vessel of skin such as is called] إِدَاوَاة, in order that its odour may become good. (AA, K. *) ذَرَحٌ A certain tree, of which camels' saddles are made. (K, TA.) [Forskål mentions, in his “ Flora Aeg. Ar.,” p. xcvi. a fabrile wood of an uncertain kind, of which spears, or lances, are made, called درح (thus with the unpointed د), brought from the region of San'à.]

ذُرَحٌ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

ذَرَاحٌ, applied to milk, i. q. صَيَاحٌ, (AA, K,) i. e. Mixed with water; as also ↓ مُذَرَّحٌ: (TA:) or the latter, milk, and honey, mixed with a larger quantity of water. (K.) ذُرَاحٌ and أِبُو ذُرَاحٍ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

ذَرُوحٌ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

ذَرِيحٌ [a coll. gen. n.] i. q. هِضَابٌ [i. e. Hills; or mountains spreading over the surface of the ground; &c.]: n. un. with ة. (S, K.) ذَرِيحَةٌ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

أَحْمَرُ ذَرِيحِىٌّ Intensely red; (S, A;) i. e. (TA) i. q. أُرْجُوَانٌ. (K, TA.) A2: إِبِلٌ ذَرِيحِيَّاتٌ A certain race of camels, so called in relation to a stallion named ذَرِيحٌ. (S, K. *) ذُرَّحٌ: see what next follows.

ذَرَّاحٌ: see what next follows.

ذُرَّاحٌ and ↓ ذُرُّوحٌ, (S, A, K,) the latter (respecting which see below) anomalous in form, (TA,) and ↓ ذَرُّوحٌ, (K,) agreeably with analogy, (TA,) and ↓ ذِرَّيحٌ (K) and ↓ ذَرَّاحٌ (Fr) and ↓ ذَرُوحٌ and ↓ ذُرَاحٌ (K) and ↓ ذُرَحٌ (IO) and ↓ ذُرَّحٌ (K) and ↓ ذُرُّوحَةٌ and ↓ ذِرَّيحَةٌ (ISd) and ↓ ذَرِيحَةٌ and ↓ ذُرْنُوحٌ (K) and ↓ ذَرْنُوحٌ, accord. to some, (TA,) and ↓ ذُرْنُوحَةٌ (ISd) and ↓ ذُرَحْرَحٌ and ↓ ذُرُحْرُحٌ, and ↓ the second letter [in the latter of these two forms, or in both,] is sometimes doubled by teshdeed, (K,) and sometimes the second ر is meksoorah, and the termination ة is also added thereto, (ISd,) and ↓ أَبُو ذرحرحٍ and ↓ ابو ذَرْيَاحٍ and ↓ ابو ذُرَاحٍ, and ↓ ابو ذرحرحةَ imperfectly decl., (Kr,) [The cantharis, or Spanish fly;] a kind of insect of a red colour, (S, A, K,) spotted, or speckled, with black, which flies, (S, K,) and is of a poisonous nature; (S, K;) a kind of insect larger than the common fly, variegated with red and black and yellow, having a pair of wings with which it flies, and of a deadly poisonous nature: when they desire to allay the heat of its poison, they mix it with lentils, and so mixed it becomes a remedy for him who has been bitten by a mad dog: (IO:) Ibn-Ed-Dahhán the Lexicologist says that the ذرّوح is a kind of fly variegated with yellow and white; and what is called فَرْخَةُ الدَّيْلَمِ: by certain of the acute physicians it is described as حَيَوَانٌ دُودِىٌّ, app. meaning a worm-like animal, of the size of the finger, and of a conical shape, the head of which is at the thickest part of it: and IDrst says that it is a flying insect, resembling the زُنْبُور [or hornet], and of a deadly poisonous nature. (TA.) It is observed in the S, with reference to ذُرُّوحٌ, that, in the opinion of Sb, لَيْسَ فِى الكَلَامِ فُعَّوْلٌ بِوَاحِدَةٌ; meaning, there is not in the language a subst. (as distinguished from an epithet) of the measure فُعَّوْلٌ; (marg. note in a copy of the S;) or his meaning is, [there is not a word of this measure] with damm alone; (MF;) or with a single dammeh, that is, to the ف; but with dammeh to the ف and to the ع: (IB:) and it is added in the S, that he (Sb) used to say سَبُّوحٌ and قَدُّوسٌ: Sb, however, also mentions the forms سُبُّوحٌ and قُدُّوسٌ. (MF.) The pl. is ذَرَايِحُ: (S, K:) in the L, ذُرَّاحٌ is also said to be a pl.: and Kr mentions ذَرَارِحُ; but AHát says that this last is only used in poetry. (TA.) Sb says that the sing. of ذَرَارِيحُ is ذُرَحْرَحٌ, (or, in other words, that one of the [insects called] ذراريح is [called]

ذرحرح,) which is of the measure فُعَلْعَلٌ, and of which the dim. is ↓ ذُرَيْرِحٌ, formed by throwing out the first ذُريْرِحٌ; [not ح, as it would be by rule, making it of the measure ذُرَيْحِرٌ, and its curtailed original فُعَيْلِعٌ;] for there is not in the language a word of the measure فعلع, except فعلع, (S,) which is the proper name of a man. (MF.) AHát cites a verse in which حَدْرَدٌ occurs as pl. of ذَرَانِحُ; but the correct reading is ذرنوح. (MF.) ذَرَارِحُ and ذَرُّوحٌ and ذُرُّوحٌ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

ذِرِّيحٌ and ذِرِّيحَةٌ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

ذُرْنُوحٌ and ذَرْنُوحٌ and ذُرْنُوحَةٌ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

أَبُو ذَرْيَاحٍ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

ذُرَحْرَحٌ and ذُرُحْرُحٌ and ذرّحرح and أَبُو ذرحرحٍ and أَبُو ذرحرحةَ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

ذُرَيْرِحٌ dim. of ذُرَحْرَحٌ: see ذُرَّاحٌ.

مُذَّرَحٌ: see ذَرَاحٌ.

طَعَامٌ مَذْرُوحٌ Food into which cantharides (ذَرَارِيح) have been put. (TA.)
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